Why Organic Fertilizer Making Factory is so Popular in Recent Years?

As the world gives increasingly more consideration to the issue of organic contamination, individuals are progressively disposed to earth agreeable organic fertilizers for the selection of composts, and the utilization of organic fertilizers has become a pattern. Thusly, an ever increasing number of makers of composts have joined the positions of delivering organic fertilizers. The organic compost creation line is a fundamental hardware for the creation of organic fertilizers.

medium scale organic fertilizer production plan
medium scale organic fertilizer production plan

The organic fertilizer delivered by the organic compost creation line doesn’t contain any synthetic parts, and just contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic issue, amino acids, proteins and such. The advancement of horticultural energy preservation depends on organic fertilizer and organic compost creation gear.

The current creature cultivation hydroponics is additionally a significant piece of horticultural turn of events. The advancement of hydroponics is indivisible from planting, planting feed for hydroponics, and giving adequate organic compost to cultivating. Bio-organic fertilizer gear plans to improve the rustic biological climate and advance the advancement of environmental horticulture.

Taking the reusing and far reaching usage of waste as the beginning stage, in light of market activity and government oversight, the chicken compost gear is decreased, reused and improved. Reasonable, ease rule, overwhelmingly advance the mix of planting and reproducing.

organic compost creation lines/organic fertilizer creation plants can utilize all organic waste, for example, domesticated animals and poultry excrement, agrarian waste, civil waste, food squander, sewage slime, modern organic waste, and so on organic compost creation plant can deliver organic fertilizer granules; Capacity: 1-50 tons/hour organic compost fabricating measure; Application: organic fertilizer creation hardware, little scope organic compost creation.

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Advantages of Pig Manure Fertilizer to Plants

Process of making pig manure fertilizer: Dewatering the fresh pig dung; Composting to eliminate useless materials; Granulating the composted pig manures; Packing the final fertilizer products.

Use of Pig Manure Fertilizer to Plants

1.It is a decent decision to utilize pig excrement compost for gardens. It helps store dampness and gives supplements to plants development.

2.Many harvests need the natural manure. The compost can expand bug and illness obstruction of plants.

3.Pig excrement can be a decent compost for plants. In any case, because of the danger of microbes that cause food borne sickness in people, specialists don’t prescribe the utilization of pig fertilizer to prepare vegetable nurseries.

Benefits of Animal Manures

1.Manure is wealthy in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and natural issue, which is acceptable crude material for natural manure.

2.There is a life form and catalysts in pig develop compost. It can upgrade the natural movement and enzymatic action of land, increment supplements in soil land improve soil pH esteem. Along these lines, it is appropriate for plants.

3.Pig develop manure from our natural compost plant line can decrease ecological contamination. It is innocuous for human and creatures, which is green and ecological benevolent compost.

4.Beneficial microbes produce countless metabolites during the time spent development and proliferation, which advances the change and disintegration of natural issue.

It can give an assortment of supplements and disturbing substances for crops legitimately or in a roundabout way, which is the advancement and guideline for plant development.

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Chicken Manure Granulating, Drying and Packing

In the event that you need to make granulated compost , you have to build the natural manure granulator, smasher, screening machine, dryer, cooler, fertilizer packing equipment, belt transports and other hardware.

Totally aged disintegrated chicken compost by transport into the smasher crushing, the fineness of 80 work material represented over 65%, through the transport line into the natural crude material stockroom, after electronic estimation with other crude materials (NPK) into the crude materials crusher for the auxiliary pulverizing and blending, squashing and blending the material through the belt transport into the drum granulator.

medium scale organic fertilizer production plan
medium scale organic fertilizer production plan

On account of adding water and steam, the crude material temperature is raised, the material itself viscous is energized, under the capacity of ceaseless rolling, the material step by step folding into a ball, at last outpouring at the back, pellets send feed into plate pelletizer by the belt transport, at the huge circle fertilizer pelletizer point, long Within the granulation territory, the particles are constantly lifted to a tallness where the particles consistently move off under the activity of gravity. The quality of the particles is additionally reinforced and the presence of the granules is more adjusted.

As the particles in the circle granulator slowly increment, Overflow pelletizing plate,send into the dryer through belt transport, hot quality of hot air oven instigated to dryer ,which contact with natural manure particles and its Moisture is immediately changed out, a lot of fume is brought into the residue collector,after eliminate residue and water washing treatment,release to the air.

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Advantages of Organic Fertilizer Granulating Machine

Natural compost is a sort of manure that can give natural supplements to plants,providing supplements and compost and improve soil.It is normally prepared from different animals,plants ans their squanders utilizing biological,chemicl or actual methods to take out hurtful substances.

The supplements contained in natural compost by and large should be deteriorated and changed by microorganisms to be retained and used by plants.The natural manure granulator are generally utilized on the planet and the manure granulator machine and the manure creation line are likewise evolved withe the utilizing of the oragnic compost granulator. Using the natural manure granulator will deliver numerous advantages.So what job does natural manure use in the plant?

1.Promote development and increment production.Application of natural manure can improve soil mankind and increment the quantity of benefical microorganisms in the soil,which can help plants adjusts to nutrients,help plants assimilate supplements and advance supplement development of organic product trees.

2.Provide nutrients.Organic composts contain different supplements important for crop,which are delivered by the deterioration and change of microorganisms and become supplements that plants can absorb.It can give nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium minor components for natural product trees.

3.Improve the soil.The use of natural compost can advance the dirt supplement and increment the dirt natural issue content.The natural issue is decayed by the activity of microorganisms to deliver acids,which can advance the enduring of minerals and encourage the arrival of supplements.

The upsides of the natural compost actually have many,and we simply share more in this article.The prodcuing of the natural manure granulator and the compost machine utilizing will improve the creating productive and the manure machine will create with the utilizing of the natural manure granulator.

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New Design Organic Fertilizer Granulator

A.Installation and Debugging

  1. Installation: Users can manufacture establishments as indicated by the fundamental drawings of the chose models gave by the organization. The establishments can be made of cement or steel structures. Establishment of gear ought to be done under the direction of professionals. Most engines and reducers are introduced on a similar rack before they leave the industrial facility. When introducing, clients should focus on the way that the taking care of end of the machine is 3-5 cm higher than the releasing end. Elastic or wood boards are utilized to decrease the vibration between the rack and the base surface.organic fertilizer wet granulating machine
  2. Troubleshooting: prior to testing, the stuff oil of the reducer is set up, and afterward the force gracefully is associated.

1) The machine ought to be begun without load. It is carefully illegal to open the belt material to evade harm.

2) Check whether all jolts are fixed prior to beginning.

3) Check whether the oil in the bearing seat and reducer is set up;

4) Start the engine and check whether the pivot heading is right. In the event that it pivots the other way, it should stop and change right away.

B.Test Machine and Production

  1. Since this machine is a wet grinding gear, the dampness substance of crude materials ought to be estimated and changed prior to beginning. As indicated by the various materials, the water necessity is somewhere in the range of 20% and 40%.
  2. Preliminary creation is to utilize materials with lower water substance to pulverize in a preliminary machine (as of now, the granulation pace of the delivered particles is fairly low, which is typical). After creation of 200-300 kg, the dampness substance of crude materials can be changed by the granulation quality. For the most part, too enormous pellets need to decrease the dampness substance of crude materials, too little pellets or powder show up, at that point the water substance of crude materials should be expanded.
  3. The consistency of feed and dampness substance of crude materials ought to be ensured in typical creation.

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How to make chicken manure get quickly decompost?

We all know that chicken excrement is natural compost, however straight forwardly use has certain damage to crops, we should stand by after disintegrate to play its dietary benefit of yields. At that point how quick chicken fertilizer treating the soil? What are the strategies for chicken excrement immediately disintegrated?(Learn more about making chicken manure compost)

Dried chicken fertilizer maturation

Spread dried chicken fertilizer on the ground(outdoor cement or land can be)long strips and as indicated by 35% of the heaviness of chicken excrement watering.

Per ton chicken compost need to disperse the immediately disintegrated of 1kg(due to the modest quantity of fast decoction hard to spread, the rice grain or wheat can be added to make premix materials), in addition to 15kg of calcium phosphate (antiperspirant), in addition to grass powder or grass carbon 100kg. At that point the fertilizer is turned over twice, stacked into a load of about 1m in height、1.5-2m in width and the length is limitless, and a few openings punched in the highest point of the pile.

Aging in the mid year and fall seasons, it will be broadcasted one time (1-2 hours)in the morning and night, if the climate is clear, you can strip off the film on the night of the primary day and cover in the following morning. Stack retting 3 after 4 days, reactor temperature can ascend to 60-70 ℃.

Wet chicken excrement aging

1.Lay a layer of straw powder on the ground (for instance: rice wheat, nut shell powder).Then spread wet chicken fertilizer on top, sprinkle 0.1% urea in the treating the soil, as sprinkle 15kg of calcium phosphate per ton of straw powder and sprinkle 0.2% immediately disintegrated into to make premix materials.

Turn the manure twice, stack 1.5-2m width and 1m high, with a limitless length of store and utilize the stick to open the air opening, cover the plastic sheet to keep dampness, warmth and compost. Other administration is equivalent to dried chicken compost maturation, give exceptional consideration to ventilation.

Lay a layer of straw on the ground first, at that point put the dried chicken excrement on top, each layer should be uniformly showered a high fruitfulness of arrangement with a sprayer.

The part of straw: first, change the dampness of the manure pile, second is additionally a decent natural compost after made.

Flip around the manure twice, heap it into heaps, and utilize the stick to open the air opening, cover the film to secure the dampness, warmth and compost. Other administration is equivalent to the dried chicken compost aging, then again, actually exceptional consideration ought to be paid to ventilation.

Regardless of whether it is dry chicken compost or new chicken excrement, if because of the course of action of stubble heap stack reactor maturation, it very well may be uniformly sprinkled into the seat, at that point equitably splashing again high fruitfulness of arrangement, at that point turn over soil and firmly nursery, yet in addition to accomplish a decent created impact.

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What are the auxiliary equipment when making fertilizers?

1. Quantitative feeder
Also known as automatic feeder, silo scale, common belt feeder, screw feeder, disc feeder.
In the processing stage of organic fertilizer, it is necessary to mix the fermentation materials into the silo by forklift truck. The fermentation material is evenly fed into the chain crusher by feeder, and then processed step by step. Thus, it is unnecessary to manually add raw materials to the next processing equipment through shovel, thereby improving the automation level.

2. Mixer
It is generally divided into flat mixing (pre mixing) machine and horizontal mixer.
In the production of organic fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer and organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, in order to improve the quality of fertilizer after fermentation, the corresponding standard fertilizer is made according to the relevant standards, sometimes the compound functional microorganism, inorganic fertilizer or other additives are added. This equipment plays the role of mixing evenly.
Production capacity: 1.0 ~ 10.0 T / h; power: 4.0 ~ 18.5 kW.

3. Pulverizer
Crushing of organic materials after pre fermentation, or crushing of organic materials screened by screening machine

4. Screening machine
Drum screening machine is a common equipment used in the production of organic fertilizer or biological fertilizer shaking and compound fertilizer. It is mainly used for the powder particles of semi-finished products, finished products and returned materials. It can also realize the classification of finished products, so that the finished products are sorted. Common is mainly drum screening machine, there are also manufacturers use sliding screen, vibrating screen. Its functions are as follows: (1) non sieved fermented materials; (2) separated and crushed fermentation materials; (3) separated and compounded powdered organic materials; (4) separated and granulated organic fertilizer. The production capacity is generally 1.0-6.0 T / h; the power of screening machine in organic fertilizer production is generally 3.0-7.0 kW.

5. Belt conveyor
Participate in the production process of organic fertilizer transport processing, a group of production money often need more than one conveyor.
Production capacity: 1.0 ~ 10.0 T / h; power: 1.5 ~ 15 kW; belt width: 0.3 ~ 15 m.
In the production of organic fertilizer, the belt conveyor is generally about 0.6 meters in width and about 3 kilowatts in power. The minimum length is 8 meters.

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Maintenance of organic fertilizer equipment

1. Pay attention to whether all parts of organic fertilizer equipment work normally

2. If the bearing oil temperature rises, the organic fertilizer equipment should be stopped immediately and the cause should be eliminated

3. The installed hub is easy to loosen and must be checked frequently

4. If there is impact sound when the rotating gear is running, the organic fertilizer equipment should be stopped immediately for inspection and elimination

5. Pay attention to check the wear degree of the easily worn parts and replace the worn parts at any time

6. Dust and other substances should be removed from the underframe of the movable device, so as to prevent the movable bearing from moving on the underframe when the organic fertilizer equipment encounters the materials that can not be broken, resulting in serious accidents.

7. The bearing of bearing crusher bears all the load of the machine, so good lubrication has a great relationship with bearing life, which directly affects the service life and operation rate of organic fertilizer equipment. Therefore, the lubricating oil injected must be clean and the sealing must be good.

8. When the turning machine is shut down after work, the fan should be shut down first and the drum should run for 2-3 minutes for desliming. Then do a good job in the maintenance of the turning machine, brush away the iron dust, lubricate and refuel, and cut off the power supply.

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How to increase the output of disc granulator?

First, do a good job in thermal insulation. Due to the climate and environment, the transmission parts of the organic fertilizer granulator will start slowly or fail to start due to freezing, which requires that the workplace of the organic fertilizer granulator or the organic fertilizer granulator itself must have certain insulation measures. The raw materials used in the organic fertilizer granulator should also be antifreeze treated. The moisture content of organic fertilizer raw materials is low, so antifreeze treatment is also very important for the use of organic fertilizer granulator in winter.


Second, use special lubricating oil. Low temperature and skillful use frequency will make the lubricating oil may encounter freezing retention, which will affect the lubricating oil supply of the organic fertilizer granulator. Timely adding lubricating oil to the organic fertilizer granulator can maintain better use effect.

Third, reasonable maintenance. At the end of each work, the organic fertilizer granulator must be inspected and maintained, mainly focusing on the transmission part, lubrication part and cleaning of residual materials. Maintenance is the basis for the use of organic fertilizer granulator in winter.

And timely replace the failure parts of the organic fertilizer granulator, avoid the operation of the organic fertilizer granulator with disease, reduce the production and use costs caused by machine failure, and reasonable maintenance also needs to be completed on a regular basis to ensure the maintenance and attention of each component, so as to make the organic fertilizer granulator present better effect.

As long as we pay attention to the use and maintenance points of organic fertilizer granulator and take corresponding measures, we can guarantee the quality of organic fertilizer granulator, and better serve the production and production of organic fertilizer granules, so as to maximize the benefits of organic fertilizer granulator, drum granulator, disc granulator, organic fertilizer granulator and fertilizer granulation equipment.

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