How To Produce Wine Waste Organic Fertilizer

The organic fertilizer produced with distiller’s grain bran contains a large amount of lactic acid bacteria, yeast and other complex flora, and is an ideal organic fertilizer starter. Available nutrients and beneficial microbial populations.

Distiller’s grain bran has high organic matter content and low nutrient content. If you want to ferment it into a qualified organic fertilizer, it is recommended to ferment it with materials with high nutrient content such as manure or cake. In addition, distiller’s grains must pass through professional distiller’s grains organic fertilizer production equipment to produce organic fertilizers after aerobic fermentation.

Wine waste organic fertilizer making system for sale
Wine waste organic fertilizer making system for sale

Processing distiller’s grains into commercial organic fertilizers requires two steps: the early fermentation and processing part and the deep processing and granulation part. Fermentation turning machine, organic fertilizer pulverizer, drum screening machine, horizontal mixer, disc granulator, rotary dryer, cooling machine, screening machine, coating machine, packaging machine, conveyor and other equipment are required. Go here for organic fertilizer making equipment

Distiller’s grain organic fertilizer production  line configuration:

Related equipment used in organic fertilizer production
Related equipment used in organic fertilizer production
  • A complete organic fertilizer making line of wine waste: chicken manure dehydrator, fermentation turning machine, semi-wet material pulverizer, horizontal mixer, granulator, dryer, cooler, drum screening machine, coating machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor, etc.
  • low cost plan for organic fertilizer making from distiller’s grain: semi-wet material pulverizer, horizontal mixer, granulator, dryer, cooler, drum screening machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor, etc.
  • Simplest organic fertilizer preparation system: semi-wet material pulverizer, horizontal mixer, granulator/drum screener, packaging equipment.

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How To Buy Quality Organic Fertilizer Machine

When purchasing organic fertilizer equipment, we need on-site inspection. Only after on-site inspection can you choose the correct organic fertilizer equipment through your own observation. You can judge the quality of organic fertilizer equipment from the surface observation of the equipment, from the sound law in operation, and from the trial-processed product organic fertilizer. Another point is the rationality of the process. The following contents are for your reference.

  • Look at the finished products processed by the organic equipment: the two products of organic fertilizer processing, powdered organic fertilizer and granular organic fertilizer, both have particle size standards, and the size of the particle size is within the different range, indicating that the organic fertilizer equipment is relatively reliable.
  • Look at the surface treatment of the equipment: the appearance of the organic fertilizer equipment, the fineness of the surface treatment, the treatment of welding, the treatment of riveting, etc. From the outside, the appearance of the junction is tight and meshed. Click here to know more about organic fertilizer machine
  • Listen to the sound during the operation of the organic fertilizer equipment: the organic fertilizer production equipment can be tested during the inspection stage. The judgment of the sound during the test is whether it is natural, continuous and regular. There are natural laws, and the reliability of the equipment is relatively high.
Pan granulator organic fertilizer production line
Pan granulator organic fertilizer production line
  • Identify whether the organic fertilizer processing technology is reasonable: the quality of the process has a great impact on the quality of the product.
  • Smell the smell of the processing workshop to distinguish the environmental protection performance: During the preparation of organic fertilizer by the equipment, after passing through the dust collector, there is basically no strange smell in the room, such as the pungent smell such as dust produced by granulation, which indicates that the environmental protection is good.

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How to eliminate bad smell when making organic fertilizer?

The use of biological fermentation deodorization bacteria

In the process of turning, fermenting and decaying of organic materials such as livestock manure, biological fermentation deodorizing bacteria can decompose and transform odor substances in the whole process. Using this kind of product, the odor can be eliminated in about 48 hours. Long term use of biological fermentation deodorization bacteria can significantly reduce or disappear the odor of organic fertilizer production enterprises.

Most of the deodorizing bacteria are mesophilic microorganisms, and a small number are medium and high temperature microorganisms. Once the temperature exceeds 60 ℃, all deodorizing microorganisms will lose their activity, and the remaining high-temperature microorganisms have almost no deodorization effect, but at this time, some active enzymes also play a role in odor substances. Therefore, the temperature of livestock manure fermentation with deodorizing bacteria is not too high.

Sealed fermentation, processing workshop and installation of deodorization device

Sealed fermentation and processing workshop can prevent odor overflow. A plurality of air intake fans are installed on one side of the fermentation and processing workshop to let the outside fresh air enter the workshop, while a plurality of exhaust fans are installed on the other side of the fermentation and processing workshop.

Each exhaust fan is connected with an exhaust pipe, and the gas discharged from the workshop is led into the solid or liquid biological filter through the pipeline. The active biological deodorization bacteria are introduced into the solid or liquid biological filter ahead of time. The odor in the workshop is controlled.

Sealed transportation or production away from residential areas

Organic fertilizer granulator production enterprises must consider many aspects before building a plant, and try to build it far away from residential areas or industrial areas.

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Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer Making Plant

The chicken dung fertilizer making plant is a most loved creation line for makers of natural manures at this stage, which is brought about by the way that natural compost delivered by the chicken dung fertilizer making plant is simpler to sell. I will show a portion of the upsides of chicken compost organic fertilizer as a kind of perspective underneath.

Focal points of natural compost created by chicken dung fertilizer making plant:

1. Chicken manure natural compost created by chicken manure organic fertilizer production line doesn’t contain any synthetic segments.

2.The principle substance in the chicken compost natural manure created by chicken dung fertilizer making plant is natural issue, and the chicken manure natural compost builds the natural issue content in the dirt.

3.The chicken dung fertilizer delivered by chicken dung fertilizer making plant can likewise cause the microorganisms in the dirt to duplicate, particularly numerous gainful microorganisms, for example, nitrogen-fixing microscopic organisms, ammoniated microbes, cellulose manufactured microscopic organisms and different supplements.

4.The chicken dung fertilizer created by chicken manure managing plant has the benefits of free soil, improved soil fruitfulness, advancement of yield development, improvement of organic product quality, long compost proficiency and no contamination.

The few points of interest of the organic fertilizer created by chicken dung fertilizer making plant are the reasons why chicken compost natural manure can be so mainstream. I trust that the above synopsis can give you a more profound comprehension of this issue.

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Pan Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator Installation And Using

The pan granulator is fortified with a majority of brilliant steel plates, which are sturdy and never twisted. The thickened, weighted, and strong base plan wipes out the requirement for anchor jolts for smooth activity. The fundamental stuff of the granulator is extinguished by high recurrence and the administration life is multiplied. The pan granulator has the attributes of uniform granulation, high granulation rate, stable activity, solid hardware and long help life. It is an ideal hardware for clients to pick.

The extent of the pan granulator
Pan granulator is appropriate for different non-stick materials in powder, material or little pieces, for example, pummeled coal, concrete, clinker, limestone, shale, coal gangue, earth, and so forth powder, granular or little square materials.

Plate granulators can be broadly utilized in gold handling plants, coal mining plants and compound, framework and motorized foundry workshops. The machine has basic structure, helpful change and unrivaled execution. The plate granulator is appropriate for materials with a molecule size of not in excess of 50 mm, and isn’t reasonable for passing on materials with high thickness, difficult to stream, and materials with especially great ease.

Pan granulator establishment
The plate tilt point is client movable and the change range is between 35°and 55°. Underneath we will clarify in detail the establishment steps and utilization of the pan granulator.
1. The plate granulator is introduced on the ground establishment, and the lopsidedness isn’t mutiple/1000. Subsequent to fixing the hardware on the establishment, fix the anchor nut.
2, after the pan granulator is fixed, before use, the stuff unit, the bearing lodging and all pivoting parts are loaded up with greasing up oil, and the force is tried for preliminary activity.
3. Prior to opening the plate granulator, check the environmental factors of the machine and the turntable ahead of time, regardless of whether there is any unfamiliar issue obstructing the activity around, whether the associating jolt is tight, and drive after all typical activity.
4. Following one hour of test activity, check whether the temperature of the engine, reducer and lodging is ordinary (engine, reducer and lodging temperature ought not surpass 70°).

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Chicken Manure Granulating, Drying and Packing

In the event that you need to make granulated compost , you have to build the natural manure granulator, smasher, screening machine, dryer, cooler, fertilizer packing equipment, belt transports and other hardware.

Totally aged disintegrated chicken compost by transport into the smasher crushing, the fineness of 80 work material represented over 65%, through the transport line into the natural crude material stockroom, after electronic estimation with other crude materials (NPK) into the crude materials crusher for the auxiliary pulverizing and blending, squashing and blending the material through the belt transport into the drum granulator.

medium scale organic fertilizer production plan
medium scale organic fertilizer production plan

On account of adding water and steam, the crude material temperature is raised, the material itself viscous is energized, under the capacity of ceaseless rolling, the material step by step folding into a ball, at last outpouring at the back, pellets send feed into plate pelletizer by the belt transport, at the huge circle fertilizer pelletizer point, long Within the granulation territory, the particles are constantly lifted to a tallness where the particles consistently move off under the activity of gravity. The quality of the particles is additionally reinforced and the presence of the granules is more adjusted.

As the particles in the circle granulator slowly increment, Overflow pelletizing plate,send into the dryer through belt transport, hot quality of hot air oven instigated to dryer ,which contact with natural manure particles and its Moisture is immediately changed out, a lot of fume is brought into the residue collector,after eliminate residue and water washing treatment,release to the air.

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Advantages of Organic Fertilizer Granulating Machine

Natural compost is a sort of manure that can give natural supplements to plants,providing supplements and compost and improve soil.It is normally prepared from different animals,plants ans their squanders utilizing biological,chemicl or actual methods to take out hurtful substances.

The supplements contained in natural compost by and large should be deteriorated and changed by microorganisms to be retained and used by plants.The natural manure granulator are generally utilized on the planet and the manure granulator machine and the manure creation line are likewise evolved withe the utilizing of the oragnic compost granulator. Using the natural manure granulator will deliver numerous advantages.So what job does natural manure use in the plant?

1.Promote development and increment production.Application of natural manure can improve soil mankind and increment the quantity of benefical microorganisms in the soil,which can help plants adjusts to nutrients,help plants assimilate supplements and advance supplement development of organic product trees.

2.Provide nutrients.Organic composts contain different supplements important for crop,which are delivered by the deterioration and change of microorganisms and become supplements that plants can absorb.It can give nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium minor components for natural product trees.

3.Improve the soil.The use of natural compost can advance the dirt supplement and increment the dirt natural issue content.The natural issue is decayed by the activity of microorganisms to deliver acids,which can advance the enduring of minerals and encourage the arrival of supplements.

The upsides of the natural compost actually have many,and we simply share more in this article.The prodcuing of the natural manure granulator and the compost machine utilizing will improve the creating productive and the manure machine will create with the utilizing of the natural manure granulator.

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