Rotary Drum Granulator For Compound Fertilizer Making

Compound fertilizers have always been popular in the fertilizer market due to their large content and fast fertilizer effects. The fertilizer drum granulator is an important equipment for the production of compound fertilizer granules. Then how does rotary drum pellet making machine prepare compound fertilizer? You can find the answer from this post.

The working principle of drum granulator

Drum granulator in the pelleting process of compound fertilizer particles: the core is the small particles with a diameter of Ф1-2mm in the raw materials and returned materials, under the temperature and steam conditions of 60-65°C, with the help of the raw materials’ own viscosity and mechanical The interaction of forces will continue to roll and form soft particles of Ф2-5mm. When drying, with the evaporation of water, the particles will gradually solidify and form hard particles. This is the whole working process of rotary drum granulation.

How to improve pellet quality in rotary drum granulation

There are some tips for better rotary drum fertilizer granulation.

When granulating, the material should make an elliptical movement in the granulator or dryer. The material should occupy 1/6 of the cross-sectional area of the cylinder. Through the movement, the materials will rub against each other to produce stickiness, large absorption and small adhesion, and adhesion. into balls. The material should be smooth in motion, and should not be subjected to excessive impact or forced into a ball, otherwise the particle size will be uneven.

The way to improve the roundness of fertilizer pellets is to let the material roll and rub more before the particles are solidified. During the rolling, the surface of the particles is ground to remove the edges and corners, to fill in the gaps, and the more the roll is, the more round it is. Soft particles should not rise and fall vertically in the cylinder of drum pelletizer, otherwise it is easy to cause deformation of the particles and cause the particles to be out of round. Click here for more about rotary drum granulation.

Fertilizer granules produced by rotary drum granulator
Fertilizer granules produced by rotary drum granulator

In the process of processing compound fertilizers, drum granulators should use low temperature and large air volume to minimize the temperature difference between the drying head and tail. Tail temperature is the focus of control, generally controlled at 45-65°C, urea dosage is 3-9%, tail temperature is controlled at about 65°C; urea dosage is 10-20%, tail temperature is controlled at about 60°C; urea dosage is 21 -38%, the tail temperature is controlled at about 55°C, to prevent the urea from being too high in temperature to melt and produce too much liquid phase, resulting in large particles or sludge. If ammonium chloride is used as the nitrogen source, the tail temperature can be controlled at about 65-80°C, and the drying tail temperature should be formulated and adjusted according to the output size and the actual situation of the equipment. The drying temperature is not fixed. It should be determined mainly by referring to the air volume of the system, the production formula and the drying conditions of the dried materials. The organic coordination of the moisture, temperature and drying temperature of the materials in the granulator is the key. If you are interested in this fertilizer processing machine, you can visit for more details.

Double roller granulator for compound fertilizer production line

Twin roll granulator is famous in the fertilizer production industry for dry granulation. It requires the moisture content of the material to be less than 5%. In addition, the roller press granulator is suitable for the production of special compound fertilizers of high, medium and low concern, such as the production of diammonium phosphate, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and urea fertilizers.

6 t/h fertilizer production line for making bio fertilizer granules
the design of biofertilizer making plant

Therefore, the double-roll extrusion granulator is the key equipment of the npk production line. Also, you can change the shape of the fertilizer by assembling different rollers. Reasonable design, low energy consumption, perfectly meet your requirements for compound fertilizer granulation process.

In general, a twin roll granulator includes 4 main components.

• The frame part is an integral structure made of high-quality carbon steel plate. All other parts need to be assembled in the rack section. Also, there are holes around the machine. Easy to unload and transport.
• The transmission part refers to the motor drive pulley, V-belt and reducer. This part mainly provides force when the double-roller granulator is working.
• The extrusion granulation part is the key part of the drum granulator. In a complete twin roll granulator there are two rolls which compress the powdered material into large pieces.

• The crushing and separation part is to crush the extruded large flakes into uniform particles. The off-spec fertilizer granules are then separated and need to be returned to the granulation section.
Why choose a twin-roller granulator to produce granular fertilizer?
•Widely applicable to various raw materials. You can not only use twin roll processing machines on npk fertilizer production lines. But it is very applicable in pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgy, coal, feed and other industries.

• Reduced investment. Extrusion granulators make fertilizer granules at room temperature. So you don’t buy fertilizer dryers and coolers.
• No waste pollution discharge. Our drum granulator uses electricity as the main power. Therefore, the pollution to the environment will be reduced.
• High granulation rate. The ball forming rate of the double-roll granulator is over 90%.

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Are you looking to an NPK Fertilizer Production Line

Buying an NPK fertilizer production line will help you improve and optimize your NPK production processes. It will also decrease your production costs to save lots of you more money in the long run. However, you must purchase the most effective NPK fertilizer production line.

Here are the things you must know prior to buying an NPK fertilizer production line:

  1. Quality

You should know the quality of the NPK fertilizer making line before buying it. It is actually helpful to invest in a high-quality NPK fertilizer production line. It could keep going longer. And is particularly cheap to keep. It can, therefore, serve your business for many years and minimize your production costs.

Usually do not buy poor-quality NPK fertilizer production lines. They are costly to maintain to enable them to enhance your maintenance costs. They could, therefore, increase your production costs and expense you additional money eventually. Do not rely on them to make NPK fertilizer.

  1. Price

Nowadays, you can easily find affordable NPK fertilizer production lines. Simply because there are many companies and manufacturers from which to choose. Will not just pick the cheapest companies and manufacturers. Check their history prior to making your selection. Be sure these people have a good history.

If you are searching for affordable manufacturers, you may want to choose overseas manufacturers. Overseas manufacturers can access cheap labor and raw materials. So, they are able to produce high quality NPK fertilizer preparation lines. Then, sell them at reasonable prices. Go here for ecnomical NPK fertilizer making line

Small scale NPK fertilizer making line drawing
Small scale NPK fertilizer making line drawing
  1. Maintenance Cost

You need to understand the constant maintenance cost of the NPK fertilizer production line before purchasing it. When you are spending an excessive amount of money to maintain your NPK fertilizer production line, it could lower profits. Actually, you might lose more money in the long term.

Ask the seller to share with you the fee for maintaining their NPK fertilizer production lines. If you fail to manage to maintain them, do not purchase them. Proper maintenance can extend the lifespan of the NPK fertilizer production line. So, ensure you are able to afford to maintain it. Here many people told me that SX NPK fertilizer equipment is easy to maitain.

  1. The Producer

You have to know the reputation, experience, as well as the position of the manufacturer. Reputable and experienced manufacturers are the most useful. They normally have great customer support. They are reliable. They have got cheap prices. And they also offer a warranty.

However, some manufacturers are unreliable and get poor customer satisfaction. Do not select them. The truth is, they may not honor their warranty. Selecting the best manufacturer can provide you with assurance. The company can even handle repairs and maintenance to save lots of you additional money .

Low investment NPK fertilizer plant design
Low investment NPK fertilizer plant design
  1. The Warranty

All machines have a warranty. The purpose of the warranty is usually to protect people from losing money on the wrong companies and manufacturers. This is why nearly all companies and manufacturers provide warranties. Unfortunately, some do not honor their warranty.

You need to know when the manufacturer honors their warranty. Make sure you read and understand their warranty before purchasing their NPK fertilizer production line. The warranty can help you save money. You can also compare multiple warranties to get the company which fits your requirements.

These are typically what you must know before you buy your NPK fertilizer production line. Spend some time and do proper research prior to making your choice. Or you need more help, you can check

How To Make BB Fertilizer

Compared with organic fertilizer equipment, BB fertilizer production equipment is relatively simple, so BB fertilizer has the advantage of small investment, and because of its flexible formula, it is very suitable for the needs of soil testing formula fertilizer that is being promoted in my country. It is a very suitable my country’s national conditions of fertilizer. In developed countries, the proportion of BB fertilizer accounts for more than half of the total fertilizer consumption. In terms of use, soil census provides scientific information for soil testing and formula fertilization, and the rational allocation of BB fertilizer can reduce the blindness of fertilizer and fertilizer use, and ensure that agricultural production can still maintain crop yields despite the reduction in fertilizer use. , so as to reduce the production cost of agriculture and prevent the waste of resources and the pollution of chemical fertilizers caused by excessive fertilization.

BB fertilizer production line
BB fertilizer production line

In the bulk blending fertilizer production process, though adjusting the ingredients and proportions of the formula, a variety of products can be produced by BB fertilizer equipment, so BB fertilizer has also become a choice for balanced fertilization. Click here for BB fertilizer equipment.

BB fertilizer manufacturing process:
Microcomputer control→continuous and simultaneous batching of belt scales→large batches of continuous mixing and continuous discharging→automatic packaging→finished products.

BB fertilizer production line composition:
Microcomputer control system → batching speed regulating belt scale → belt conveyor → screw conveying mixer → bucket elevator → automatic quantitative packaging scale → belt conveying and sealing machine;

BB fertilizer mixer for sale
BB fertilizer mixer for sale

Features of bb fertilizer production equipment:

1. There are many kinds of ingredients. Applicable to 3~12 kinds of materials;

2. High degree of automation. The whole batching, mixing and packaging production process is controlled by computer system;

3. Large production capacity. High batching accuracy, fast speed, 8~40 tons per hour;

4. Accurate measurement. It can print reports at any time and check the accuracy of instantaneous ingredients to ensure the accuracy of ingredients, mixing and packaging.

5. Mix evenly. Cage-type stirring, uniform mixing, reliable operation, preventing stratification in the production process.

6. Reasonable design. Individually designed for your venue with a reasonable footprint and compact structure.

7. The formula is easy to adjust. Microcomputer control, fertilizer formula can be changed and adjusted at any time

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