Top Advantages Of Using Pig Manure As Fertilizer

Pigs produce a lot of manure thus it just makes sense to complete something useful from it. When you purchase a fertilizer production line that you can do something useful together with the manure and in many cases sell it off so you can make a ton of money. For the low investment, you possibly can make a lot of money by turning that waste into something you can sell for top dollar.

Production line is affordable and they also come in a variety of sizes so there is certainly something to fit every degree of management of pig waste. Whether you want a small line or a large one, you will discover just what you require to help you begin to make fertilizer straight away.

The fertilizer that this production line makes is high quality and this will assist you to care for all of your current fertilizing needs. These new compost techniques turn waste into something you can sell by turning them into fertilizer. The process is easy and affordable.

Windorw type composting machine for sale
commerical compost turner for organic fertilizer

Once you have made the fertilizer you may sell it for a number of money and enjoy raking inside the profit. The appliance takes the fertilizer and ferments it. It takes about monthly for your pig waste to become fertilized so you should be patient in this manufacturing process of organic manure.

The waste should be turned over periodically so you need a quality waste turner to have this job accomplished for you. Purchasing a compost making unit can help you make your fertilizer you will need faster so this is something that you definitely want to think about when you find yourself acquiring the equipment. You need to ensure you have all of the needed extras when you find yourself purchasing a organic fertilizer production technology therefore you don’t possess problems.

Hydraulic compost turner for sale
Commercial compost turner for organic fertilizer

Turning across the compost consistently helps make the process go considerably faster and you also won’t ought to spend a lot of time waiting. Turning the compost and manure speeds up the process so much faster to get the fertilizer produced quickly.

Once the compost is prepared it will have to be crushed thus it turns into fertilizer. The crusher is the last step and then you will be prepared to sell your compost. The crusher comes in a number of models. You can select from small models and larger models depending on what your expections are. You desire to be sure that you pick the best model for your organic manure making business.

The manufacturer can assist you pick the best model for your needs and they can be sure that the model is right for your small business. Always work together with the manufacturer so that you have peace of mind knowing you will get the hottest deal for your personal business. The manufacturer can assist you with presales and aftersales service.

You will get quality the aid of them and they will make sure that you get all you need. Pig manure makes great fertilizer and you will make a ton of money by using it. A fertilizer line is a great moneymaker for virtually any business.

How To Make Organic Fertilizer From Pig Manure?

Pig manure production process of organic fertilizer equipment


(1) Pulverization: After fermentation and storage for 1 day, pulverize, and dry, pulverize and sieve the fermented organic material with a compost manure crusher .


(2) Compounding and mixing: In the process of organic bio fertilizer making process, according to different soil conditions and different crops, inorganic nutrients and minerals with concentrated organic matter and trace elements are added, so that the fertilizer contains nutrients required for the growth of various plants. Elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, manganese, zinc, copper, etc. According to the formula, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and fermented materials are mixed by computer in proportion, and then sent to the granulator for granulation. The formulations of organic and inorganic raw materials are mixed according to different series of products. Mix well in a fertilizer blending machine. If the ratio is 12%, about 12 tons.

Mixing machine fo organic fertilizer prodcution
organic blending machine for sale

(3) Granulation: Due to the production of biological fertilizers, organic matter is the main ingredient, with a lot of cellulose, poor forming conditions, and the addition of live bacterial groups with fertilizer-making function, and the production process is not suitable for contact with high temperatures. It is not suitable to use disc granulation and drum granulation in terms of material making methods, because these two processes require high grinding fineness of raw materials and high granulation moisture. Generally, the moisture content should reach about 30%. The load is large, the loss of effective bacteria is also large, and the ball formation rate is low (about 60% to 70%), the dust in the production process is large, and the operating environment is very poor.

Therefore, for the production of organic biological fertilizers, the dry granulation process for fertilizer should be used. The production is relatively good, the environmental extrusion has low requirements for raw material crushing, high forming rate (above 95%), low water content of the particles after opening, and low drying load, which can reduce the loss of effective bacteria, small dust, and operating environment. better. The compound fertilizer raw material adopts extrusion granulation. The raw materials enter the granulator, add an appropriate amount of water or steam, and bond to granulate. After granulation, the materials are sent to the dryer through the belt conveyor machine for drying. The particle diameter is 3.0-4.0mm, and the granulation rate is greater than 70%.


(4) Drying: In the production process of biological fertilizers, not only the water content of the formed granules generally exceeds the index, and low-temperature drying is required, but also after the organic raw materials are fermented, the water content is about 30% to 40%. The moisture content of the particles is generally between 15% and 20%, and the fertilizer quality index requires that the moisture content is less than 14%, and it needs to be dried. Therefore, the fertilizer drying process is an indispensable and important process in the production process of biological fertilizers, which directly affects the output, quality and energy consumption. It is very important to choose the model and specification of the dryer reasonably and control the process conditions.

6 t/h fertilizer production line for making bio fertilizer granules
the design of biofertilizer making plant

In order to avoid the death of effective live bacteria due to excessive temperature during the drying process, the drying temperature of the material should not be higher than 60°C (generally 50°C). The difference is generally not more than 130 ° C, it is best to control the temperature of the hot air in sections, which can improve the thermal efficiency and avoid the death of effective live bacteria.

According to these characteristics, it is more appropriate to choose a drum dryer machine, which is suitable for low temperature and low moisture drying, and can control the temperature of hot air entering in sections to ensure that the material temperature is not higher than the specified temperature during the entire drying process. It can also add a natural air cooling section, so that the material can be cooled immediately after drying, which has a multi-purpose function. It is very suitable for the drying of granular biological fertilizers with good air permeability. Affected by any damage, the residence time and feeding speed can be adjusted to achieve the best drying effect in your fertilizer manufacturing plant. Since most of the hot air can be recycled and the thermal efficiency is high, the heat source can be the steam provided by the biogas boiler.


There is a secondary granulation zone at the front of the dryer, and the material can be granulated in this zone. Then, the material is lifted up by the lifting plate to be fully dried. The humid hot air is extracted from the tail of the dryer through the pipeline through the exhaust fan, and enters the sedimentation chamber for sedimentation. It is pumped out and recycled by the water pump. After the secondary dust reduction treatment, the exhaust gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney.


(6) Cooling: The dried material is sent to the rotary drum cooler through the belt conveyor for cooling. The cooling process is mainly to use the fan to send the natural air into the cooler through the pipeline to cool the material. The wind direction in the cooler is countercurrent. The exhaust gas pumped into the settling chamber through the fan and pipeline is treated like the drying exhaust gas and discharged into the atmosphere.


The cooled material enters the sieve, the large particle material is crushed and then enters the return belt together with the sieved powder to be transported to the granulator for re-granulation, and the finished product enters the automatic weighing and filling machine for packaging.


What Can An Organic Fertilizer Granulator Do For The Plant?

If you are able to transform organic fertilizer into pellets for the business, you can save a large amount of money. Many large farming operations will purchase enormous quantities of fertilizer for farms, yet this is often extremely costly to do on a continual basis. That’s why it is essential to consider obtaining your personal organic fertilizer granulator. When you have use of a substantial amount of compost, that could then be converted into fertilizer, this can be done yourself daily. To manage how you will fertilize the soil for the crops, it will save you money, and likely enhance the yield of your own crops every year.

How Can These Increase Your Business?

The principle purpose of a standard animal pellet making machine is usually to utilize biodegradable materials, all of these must be organic, and combined them together into fertilizer pellets. You may sell these, or you can store them for future use. Initially, you will need to use them for your crops. It’s a convenient way to avoid having to purchase this fertilizer granule making machine using their company companies that could mark it up considerably. You can combine many materials that will give you fertilizer for example potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen based fertilizer which can help your crops grow even faster.

organic fertilizer production line for sale
The design of fertilizer roduction line

How To Get These On The Market

Overseas businesses in countries like India and China are noted for producing organic fertilizer round ball granulator that really low price points. Your capability to economize will be maximized when working with businesses. You can even trust they are providing you with top quality merchandise. And this is what they specialize in, and they also should be able to ship it to you personally regardless of your physical location. If you wish to find one of these companies, this can be done rapidly. However, you need to first understand what owning one of those is capable of doing for your personal business of making organic granules at farms.

What Can Using An Organic Fertilizer Granulator Do For Your Business

Your small business can suddenly become considerably more profitable in the event you own one of these brilliant granulator machine for organic fertilizer. The opportunity to make the granules of fertilizer using existing organic materials might be of great benefit for any company. Your whole plant may benefit simply with the saving money. You may generate more revenue from better crops and also conserving money on the fee for fertilizer. It’s a win-win scenario for anyone involved when you invested one of these brilliant advanced granulator systems. More businesses than in the past are investing these helpful organic manure granulator.

The dis pelletizer on organic fetilizer production line
The design of organic fertilizer production line

Unless you own your own personal organic manure granulation machine, you may soon discover why they are so helpful. You can include this for your existing machines at the plant, and begin to see a confident alternation in your small business and profits. If you are able to acquire this from your well-known business in this industry, they could help you save money and help your small business grow. It’s well worth the cost to make for any farming operation that requires access to constant supplies of organic fertilizers at the smallest possible price point.

You can understand the organic fertilizer production method at a glance!

The key factor in the production of organic fertilizers: fermentation

It sounds like the process of organic fertilizer manufacture is very complicated, in fact, to put it bluntly, the main thing is the fermentation of raw materials, as long as the raw materials are completely fermented and decomposed, that is qualified organic fertilizer, what powdered organic fertilizer, what granular organic fertilizer, that is to increase the added value of the product, in fact, after fermentation of organic fertilizer can be used. However, having said that, if you want organic fertilizer to have higher quality and higher profits, it is very necessary to deep process in the later stage.

Key factors for raw material fermentation:

1. Adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio of raw materials to (25~30:1). You may ask, is this a god horse thing? This is what you read in the book, in fact, it is saying: add 30% to 40% of the straw to the raw materials of chicken manure, and add 30% of the chicken manure to the cow manure to ferment. Look, so the raw material ratio of organic fertilizer is just a fixed bill of materials, and you just don’t have a list.

Windrow type composting machine for sale
commercial machine for composting

2. Adjust the moisture of raw materials to 55% to 65%. This is another god horse thing, do I still have to get the water out and weigh it and then calculate it? Good headache! In fact, according to our method of fertilizer manufacturing process , grasp a handful of raw materials, finger seam water but do not outflow, look, it is so simple.

3, the ambient temperature is required to be more than 10 ° C, this does not need to be discussed, ah, everyone understands.

4. How to choose the right organic fertilizer production equipment? However, the organic fertilizer raw material ratio is too much, there are too many strain products, and the flowers are gradually charming, in fact, it is not bad, and it can be used to make a similar one.

Then, just wait, and the fragrant organic fertilizer will quietly produce after a few days.

Oh, after talking for half a day, I didn’t seem to mention the equipment, mistakes. After all, in order to change money early, we still need to use the aerobic fermentation process, that is, to fully combine the raw materials with the air during the process of making compost manure to speed up the reproduction of microbial bacteria.

Organic fertilizer production process:

1. Crush the fermented raw materials into a uniform powder.

2. If there are ingredients, use a mixer to mix the materials.

The production line of organic fertilizer
Organic fertilizer production line for sale

3. Use the organic fertilizer pellet mill to make the powdery material into granules.

4. Use drying equipment to dry the moisture in the particles.

5. Use cooling equipment to quickly cool down and set the shape of the particles.

6. Use screening equipment to screen out unqualified particles.

7. Qualified particles are coated with film process, and this process is traded off according to demand.

8, the use of automatic packaging machine packaging into bags.


Significance Of Choosing The Right Production Line For Creating Fetilizer From Animal Manure

Are you experiencing entry to horse, pig, or chicken manure? Would you like to put in place an organization making organic fertilizer with this manure? Organic fertilizer is in huge demand and it can be made from a variety of raw materials including various kinds of manual from cattle, goat, chicken, or some other animals.

Doing the work manually is just extremely hard since it takes lots of effort. This is why serious companies invest in a production line made to produce animal manure fertilizer  by means of pellets or powder from different kinds of animal manure. You will find several types of production lines for making organic fertilizer from animal manure. The real difference between various types of production lines is within their design and the caliber of materials employed for making various components.

When it comes to deciding on a production line, there are particular parameters that ought to be carefully considered for the best value for your money. Usually do not find the first production line you come across. Also, claims made around the manufacturer’s website concerning the machine’s efficiency or production capacity or any other parameters should be taken using a grain of salt. You need to do your own personal research in order to make sure that you will be not buying something that will raise the operational costs and put you in a disadvantage.

The process of composting animal manure
animal manure composting machine for sale

Besides the main parameters like processing capacity of animal manure fertilizer production line, kind of the development line, its design, and excellence of materials employed for making the development line, a vital thing you need to consider will be the reputation of the company. Product quality is everything. You can’t use a successful business if you want to regularly stop production because of the low quality of machinery utilized in the production process of making animal manure fertilizer.

Bad quality machinery stops working frequently. Frequent breakdown not just hurts production but additionally adds to the production cost and someone has to pay for those repairs.

With regards to checking the standing of a specific company, start by searching their name online. It should assist you to discover a variety of reviews from real clients who have plenty of experience while using equipment for animal manure fertilizer. Whilst you might be unable to find reviews on popular review websites but there are numerous forums and groups on popular social networking platforms where users in the marketplace converge and discuss various things. Actually, it is actually easier for you to become an element of these communities as you can get a great deal of useful tips from experienced users during these communities.

While you are checking the standing of an organization, don’t forget to inquire about regarding their after-sales service. Most companies are great at making sales but don’t really care regarding their customers as soon as the sale continues to be completed. You do not are interested to buy from this sort of company.

Rotary drum granulating machine for animal manure fertilizer
Animal manure fertilizer making machine for sale

You might need the help of their engineers for regular servicing and maintenance. Also, you will need replacement parts once in a while. In case the company lacks strong after-sales support, you could have to spend a greater than expected price for replacement parts.

Overall, various production lines are available for sale to make organic fertilizer from animal manure. However, not all the development line is of similar quality. You should get one only after checking the reputation of the brand along with their after-sales support to create a powerful foundation to your business.

Top Three Compost Turners For Organic Fertilizer Production

Producing fertilizer from organic sources is very important for proper crop production. Without entry to a great deal of this material would not easy to keep up with the food needs world. Most farmers appreciate this, and they can use various equipment to make fertilizer with an ongoing basis. One of several fastest approaches to use manure to generate compost is to use a compost turner. Listed below are the most notable three compost turners which can help you produce organic fertilizer.

The 3 Top Compost Turners

Whenever you produce organic compost pile, it’s crucial that you use among the top three compost turners in the marketplace. This will include people who are powered by hydraulics, standard motors, as well as vertical fermentation tanks. The mix of such three varieties of devices will have the ability to keep up with production levels. It doesn’t matter how big or small your farming operation is.

Hydraulic Crawler Compost Turners

One of the easiest ways to create a huge number of tons of compost is to line your fields with manure. These lines may be several feet wide, as well as several feet deep in case you have entry to one of these brilliant machines. They are large apparatuses that can have already been a section when a driver will have full control of the program. It can be driven directly within the lines of manure, turning it regularly, to generate the cattle manure compost. You can utilize either the crawler, and that is a very efficient composting machine. You can even use an FPC crawler to accomplish similar results.

Wheel Type Compost Turners

These are typically positioned inside the building. They are able to move by positioning wheels on either side of your concrete platform. The compost will probably be turned applying this trough-type fermentation equipment. You could make adjustments concerning the height and depth in the compost pile that you will be utilizing. It is crucial that you may have deep troughs already in position. In most cases, the width of your compost turner cannot be augmented. However, you can easily obtain one who is at least 30 m in width, having a depth of up to 3 m that will assist you produce large quantities with this material.

Vertical Fermentation Tanks

These tanks are very unique in how they are designed. One of several benefits is the fact that awful odors typically associated with composting any material do not exist if you do not happen to be in close proximity. It is an automatic system that can monitor the temperature, oxygen supply, and overall turning on this material. These are generally much more expensive due to the hands-off nature of such units. As soon as they are loaded with manure, the task will likely be done on autopilot.


These top three compost turning machines will help any business that would like to achieve high amounts of success. When you have not found one of those before, you may not realize these are very simple to use. You may not understand that organic fertilizer fermentation tanks were even available when you have always used a hydraulic compost turner instead. That’s why it’s important to think about all your options, and theoretically obtain all of these apparatuses so that you can produce the maximum quantity of fertilizer for your personal business.

How To Choose The Best Commercial Composting Equipment

Commercial composting allows you to make large amounts of fertilizer. This equipment helps to make the composting process fast and far more easy. You may make a ton of money quickly when you make the fertilizer as well as the tools are affordable in order to make lots of compost fast. Quality compost is crucial when you want to make high-quality fertilizer.

Compost can be done from many types of manure. The most prevalent is cow dung and chicken dung. You can get the dung for affordable and also free. Many farmers will donate the dung for free and you could also purchase it for the cost effective price if you wish to.

The compost is great for making animal manure fertilizer. The fertilizer is commonly used in agricultural operations to help make the crops and soil stronger and healthier. Dung makes perfect fertilizer since it is filled with nutrients and cheap and plentiful. It is possible to discover it.

Groove type composting machine for sale
Commercial composting machine for organic fertilizer plant

The device is additionally great for environmental surroundings mainly because it takes the dung out from the environment and from the waste dumps. Cows and chickens produce a lot of dung so converting it into fertilizer is a good thing for your environment.

The production line works by getting the dung and turning it into compost. The dung has to be dried first and after that it can be together with organic materials like grass and leaves. The compost is then left to ferment. When you let it ferment naturally normally it takes weeks for that fermentation process to get completed, but if you utilize the compost turner you may have finished compost in as little as 2 weeks.

Hydraulic composting machine for sale
Commercial composting machine to turn large-size compost piles

The compost turning machine will turn the compost over regularly which makes it ferment faster therefore the compost will be ready to become fertilizer faster. You need to make sure that you make use of these machines mainly because they accelerate the production process a great deal. This means that you can expect to earn more income.

Once the compost continues to be made it could be transformed into fertilizer having a granulation machine. This machine will turn the compost into pellets. The development line offers you a reasonable way to make large quantities of fertilizer. The machines make pellets of numerous sizes and they also could be polished.

If you would like produce considerable amounts of compost you require the correct commercial composting equipment. These machines are affordable and may be customized for commercial productions of the size. If you would like expand your organization making a lot of fertilizer you must purchase this equipment in order to produce all the fertilizer you need.

Making high-quality fertilizer is not difficult when you select the fertilizer production line. It can be affordable in fact it is made from the best materials. The machines don’t need a lot of maintenance and you get after-sales service that may last the life span of your machine. This line allows you to produce all the fertilizer you will need and it won’t cost lots of money to operate either.

Pig Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Process

The pig manure organic fertilizer producing line is a series of production equipment that uses pig manure as raw material to ferment and process high-tech equipment to make organic fertilizer. Pig manure organic fertilizer production line adopts advanced production technology to provide 1-100 tons/hour organic fertilizer production line.

The pig manure of the pig farm contains 15% organic matter, low total nutrient content, 0.5 to 0.6% nitrogen, 0.45 to 0.5% phosphorus, and 0.35 to 0.45% potassium (specifically subject to local pig manure testing results). Pig manure has a finer texture and a more complex composition. It contains protein, fat, organic acids, cellulose, hemicellulose and inorganic salts. Pig manure contains more nitrogen and the ratio of carbon to nitrogen is small (14:1). It is generally easily decomposed by microorganisms and releases nutrients that can be absorbed and utilized by crops. It is a good farm manure and a good quality for fertilizing and improving soil. Organic fertilizer resources. However, most pig farms use water to flush the manure to clean the manure, which makes the production of pig manure accompanied by a large amount of sewage. Therefore, it is necessary to separate its solid and liquid, and the manure can be composted. The manure is fermented, and the aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms contained in the external bacterial agent are used to decompose the organic matter in the pig manure that is not easy to be directly used by the crop into small molecular substances. (Inorganic salts and minerals), and achieve the purpose of deodorizing, killing insect eggs and killing diseases during the fermentation of pig manure. The materials obtained in the final fermentation are fully decomposed, and when used as fertilizer, there will be no burning phenomenon, which is safe used as fertilizer.

Double Roller Press Granulation Production Line

Product advantages of pig manure organic fertilizer production line

1) Roller press granulator machine: The equipment adopts advanced production technology and the granules are uniform

2) Tumble dryer machine: adopts counter-current cooling method with high efficiency

3) 20 years of production and processing experience, precise processing equipment, professional installation and maintenance team

Working principle of pig manure organic fertilizer production line

①Fermentation of raw materials—②Automatic batching of raw materials with computer belt scales—-③Crushing and mixing—–④Disc granulation, drum granulation—–⑤Drying machine to dry organic fertilizer granules —⑥The cooler cools the organic fertilizer particles—–⑦The sieving machine screens out the qualified organic fertilizer particles—–⑧The coating machine coating particles are smoother—-⑨Packing scale automatic filling Organic fertilizer particles—⑩Sealing

How Is Pig Manure Fermented into Organic Fertilizer?

With the development of economy and technology, animal husbandry has gradually changed from family operation to farm operation. A farm has tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of livestock. Large-scale breeding can centrally manage livestock, reduce breeding costs, and improve meat quality. However, although the number of livestock has increased significantly, there is also the problem of waste pollution. If these manures are not properly treated, it will affect the surrounding geological structure.

Windrow turner for animal manure composting

Today I want to introduce how pig manure is fermented into organic fertilizer? The steps for preparing organic fertilizer from pig manure are: mixing raw materials and auxiliary materials, adjusting the C/N ratio and water content, adding EM microbial agent to fully mix, then composting decay heat, fully reacting, crushing, screening, adding trace elements, and finally packaging. Let us understand the specific steps and methods.

First, you need tools and materials:

Fermentation material: healthy and fresh pig manure. Tool: fertilizer blender. Plastic container or cement tank, plastic film, grinder, shovel. Fermentation strain: starter. Ingredients: Recipe 1: 1000 kg of dry manure, 3-5 kg of biological starter for livestock and poultry manure. Formula 2: 700 kg of wet manure, 300 kg of wheat bran or rice bran or straw powder, 3-5 kg of biological leavening agent.

Organic manure composting site

The specific operation process is as follows:

  1. Prepare 1000 kg of fermentation raw materials in proportion and use them as fermentation raw materials;
  2. Pour 3-5kg of biological starter into 350kg of water to dilute and stir evenly. The dilution water is preferably well water or river water. If it is tap water, please leave it for 24 hours before using it;
  3. If there is a blender: mix the feces for 2 minutes, then pour the fermentation broth diluent, and stir for 6 minutes. Without stirrer: Use a spatula to stir the mixture from one point to several points. First, add a small amount of fermentation broth dilution liquid to a small amount of fermentation raw materials and stir evenly until there are no lumps, then add a small amount of fermentation raw materials to the remaining fermentation raw materials and stir until there are no lumps. (Note: Increase or decrease the amount of dilution water according to the degree of dryness and wetness of the fermentation raw materials. The amount of water used in the diluted fermentation broth should be about 35% of the fermentation raw materials. When mixed into a ball, it is best to hold it in your hand. If you see Water but no dripping water. Note: more water tends to become sour, and less fermentation is impermeable. If the fermentation raw materials are wet, reduce the amount of dilution water.)
  4. Put the mixed fermentation raw materials into a plastic container or cement tank, and finally fill it tightly. After venting the air, seal it with a plastic film. They must be completely sealed. The suitable temperature is 25-35℃, and the fermentation is 5-10 days (generally 5 days in summer, 7 days in spring and autumn, and 10 days in winter). Pay attention to control the temperature and time until there is no peculiar smell. If the pig manure organic fertilizer contains alcohol, the fermentation will be successful.
Compost fertilizers

The benefits of using pig manure organic fertilizer:

  1. In the process of pig manure fermentation, it can effectively kill the parasitic eggs and pathogenic bacteria in pig manure to prevent damage to crops.
  2. Since the fermented pig manure is fully decomposed, the phenomenon of burning roots and seedlings is eliminated, and it is safer.
  3. The fermentation process also decomposes the high molecular weight organic matter contained in pig manure into inorganic salts and minerals, which can be directly used by crops and produce bacterial metabolites to enrich the nutrients of pig manure. More importantly, the fermentation process is also a biological deodorization process. Fermented pig manure has no peculiar smell and is more environmentally friendly.