Chicken Manure Granulating, Drying and Packing

In the event that you need to make granulated compost , you have to build the natural manure granulator, smasher, screening machine, dryer, cooler, fertilizer packing equipment, belt transports and other hardware.

Totally aged disintegrated chicken compost by transport into the smasher crushing, the fineness of 80 work material represented over 65%, through the transport line into the natural crude material stockroom, after electronic estimation with other crude materials (NPK) into the crude materials crusher for the auxiliary pulverizing and blending, squashing and blending the material through the belt transport into the drum granulator.

medium scale organic fertilizer production plan
medium scale organic fertilizer production plan

On account of adding water and steam, the crude material temperature is raised, the material itself viscous is energized, under the capacity of ceaseless rolling, the material step by step folding into a ball, at last outpouring at the back, pellets send feed into plate pelletizer by the belt transport, at the huge circle fertilizer pelletizer point, long Within the granulation territory, the particles are constantly lifted to a tallness where the particles consistently move off under the activity of gravity. The quality of the particles is additionally reinforced and the presence of the granules is more adjusted.

As the particles in the circle granulator slowly increment, Overflow pelletizing plate,send into the dryer through belt transport, hot quality of hot air oven instigated to dryer ,which contact with natural manure particles and its Moisture is immediately changed out, a lot of fume is brought into the residue collector,after eliminate residue and water washing treatment,release to the air.

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