Groove Type Compost Machine For Small Scale Fertilizer Fermentation

The small fermentation equipment turner is a mechanical equipment developed and produced based on dynamic composting. The early composting process was static composting, which was often converted into anaerobic fermentation due to insufficient oxygen supply, which would produce a large amount of odors such as hydrogen sulfide, and have Explosion risk, later in the middle of the last century, the German BACKHUS (Bakus) company developed a mechanical device to improve the oxygen supply and material shape in aerobic fermentation compost, called the fertilizer turning machine.

Windrow compost turner for small scale fermentation
Windrow compost turner for small scale fermentation

Groove type compost turner is an ideal small scale compost turner, which is often called the guide rail turner. It can be used to ferment and turn over organic wastes such as livestock and poultry manure, sludge garbage, sugar mill filter mud, slag cake and straw sawdust, etc. It is widely used in fermentation and dehydration of organic fertilizer plants, compound fertilizer plants, sludge waste plants,  horticultural farms,etc. Click here for details

Features of small fermentation equipment turning machine-groove type turning machine equipment:

1. It is suitable for aerobic fermentation and can be used with solar fermentation chamber, fermentation groove and transfer moving vehicle;

2. It can realize the function of one machine with multiple slots when used together with the mobile vehicle;

Groove type compost turner for sale
Groove type compost turner for sale

3. The matching fermentation trench can discharge materials continuously or in batches;

4. High efficiency, stable operation, sturdy and durable, evenly flipping;

5. Centralized control of the control cabinet, which can realize manual or automatic control functions;

6. Equipped with soft starter, low impact load when starting;

7. Equipped with gear-shifting hydraulic lifting system;

8. The teeth are sturdy and durable, and have the function of breaking and mixing materials.

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How To Buy Suitable Equipment for Organic Fertilizer Making

1. Look at the appearance of the organic fertilizer equipment
Although it is said that buying a fertilizer organic machine is not like buying clothes, fashion, generosity, and beauty are the first things, but an equipment with a poor appearance is also hard to be loved by the owner. It can also prove that the manufacturer does not care much about the external image of the machine. The influence it brings to itself must not be a manufacturer that makes people feel at ease to buy products. Therefore, the appearance must be seen, and it must be in line with the wishes of the buyer as a whole! SX organic fertilizer making machine has a good-looking appearance

The design of 3 t/h organic fertilizer production line for sale
The design of 3 t/h organic fertilizer production line for sale

2. Look at the assembly of organic fertilizer equipment
Whether the material of the equipment of the organic fertilizer production line is the steel structure, whether the welding joints are uniform and smooth, and whether there is any cutting corners. Leaky bolt phenomenon? Small problems are most easily ignored by people, and often lead to bad consequences! The best choice for the feed roller transmission shaft is the universal joint, because of its compact structure, flexible operation, and convenient disassembly and assembly. There is one last point: how is the performance of organic fertilizer? Because the number of equipment in the organic fertilizer production line is different, the size of the particles produced should be uniform, so this must be clarified! Click here for details
3. Look at the safety equipment of organic fertilizer equipment
When purchasing machines for organic fertilizer making , you must think about safety issues, and safety issues cannot be ignored! The organic fertilizer production line must be designed with a safety device, the circuit selection must meet the national standards, and the power of the whole machine must be adequate and reasonable. It is best to expand the capacity. In addition to circuit safety issues, the safety issues in use should not be underestimated. Professional instruction manuals of organic fertilizer machines must be provided, and special personnel must guide the use. The safety of the organic fertilizer machine operation should be equipped with protective devices and emergency stop switches in case of unexpected accidents.

Quality certificate of SX organic fertilizer machine
Quality certificate of SX organic fertilizer machine

4. Look at the supporting power and mobility of organic fertilizer equipment
The current organic fertilizer production line has a variety of supporting power. When buying a machine, you should ask clearly. It is best to choose those organic fertilizer production lines with various supporting power, because for those areas that lack power, it is much more convenient to have a variety of supporting power. . Another is, whether you need to move the machine, or fix it to a reasonable operating space, you can negotiate with the manufacturer when you buy the machine!
The above organic fertilizer equipment purchasing skills, I hope to help you.

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Cost of small chicken manure organic fertilizer production line

Small chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment has low price and low production cost. Since the raw materials of organic fertilizer are self-produced and sold by farmers, they do not worry about the source, so it is based on local materials, which is an factor of low cost chicken manure fertilizer making. And small chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment, because the output is suitable for small production, the equipment price is relatively low, and the hardware equipment investment is less. It is usually recommended to use SX series chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment. This series has fermentation technology and granulation technology, which is suitable for small chicken manure processing organic fertilizer projects, so its overall cost is not high. The quality of organic fertilizer products has not been affected, and its profit margin is very affordable relative to investment. Click here for small chicken manure composting machine

Chicken manure fertilizer processing line
Chicken manure fertilizer processing line

In terms of price, the price of small chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment is usually between 50,000 and 150,000 yuan, and the overall price is relatively low. Compared with the equipment investment of medium and large-scale organic fertilizer equipment, which can easily reach hundreds of thousands or millions, the price of small chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment is obviously very low. The price gap from 50,000 to 150,000 yuan is due to the different needs of each user, the configuration of different needs is different, and the process is not the same.

Chicken manure composting machine for sale
Chicken manure composting machine for sale

Analysis on the  cost of small chicken manure organic fertilizer production line

1. Factory construction: four fermentation trench are built, chicken manure composting machine and the land area is determined according to the amount of raw materials;
2. Purchase of light rail in raw material area;
3. Production area ;
4. Production workers;
5. Determine the purchase of forklifts according to the amount of raw materials and needs

In terms of benefits, whether small chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment or a large-scale equipment. As long as they meet the qualified standards, the prices are similar according to the type of fertilizer. So small organic fertilizer equipment can be said to have a very good price and benefit ratio for a small amount of raw material sources and fertilizer processing. More details please check

How To Make BB Fertilizer

Compared with organic fertilizer equipment, BB fertilizer production equipment is relatively simple, so BB fertilizer has the advantage of small investment, and because of its flexible formula, it is very suitable for the needs of soil testing formula fertilizer that is being promoted in my country. It is a very suitable my country’s national conditions of fertilizer. In developed countries, the proportion of BB fertilizer accounts for more than half of the total fertilizer consumption. In terms of use, soil census provides scientific information for soil testing and formula fertilization, and the rational allocation of BB fertilizer can reduce the blindness of fertilizer and fertilizer use, and ensure that agricultural production can still maintain crop yields despite the reduction in fertilizer use. , so as to reduce the production cost of agriculture and prevent the waste of resources and the pollution of chemical fertilizers caused by excessive fertilization.

BB fertilizer production line
BB fertilizer production line

In the bulk blending fertilizer production process, though adjusting the ingredients and proportions of the formula, a variety of products can be produced by BB fertilizer equipment, so BB fertilizer has also become a choice for balanced fertilization. Click here for BB fertilizer equipment.

BB fertilizer manufacturing process:
Microcomputer control→continuous and simultaneous batching of belt scales→large batches of continuous mixing and continuous discharging→automatic packaging→finished products.

BB fertilizer production line composition:
Microcomputer control system → batching speed regulating belt scale → belt conveyor → screw conveying mixer → bucket elevator → automatic quantitative packaging scale → belt conveying and sealing machine;

BB fertilizer mixer for sale
BB fertilizer mixer for sale

Features of bb fertilizer production equipment:

1. There are many kinds of ingredients. Applicable to 3~12 kinds of materials;

2. High degree of automation. The whole batching, mixing and packaging production process is controlled by computer system;

3. Large production capacity. High batching accuracy, fast speed, 8~40 tons per hour;

4. Accurate measurement. It can print reports at any time and check the accuracy of instantaneous ingredients to ensure the accuracy of ingredients, mixing and packaging.

5. Mix evenly. Cage-type stirring, uniform mixing, reliable operation, preventing stratification in the production process.

6. Reasonable design. Individually designed for your venue with a reasonable footprint and compact structure.

7. The formula is easy to adjust. Microcomputer control, fertilizer formula can be changed and adjusted at any time

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How To Make Organic Fertilizer In A Small Scale

When it comes to small-scale organic fertilizer production lines, many people may think that it is the organic fertilizer processing method that farmers make to pollute the surrounding air and groundwater, but it is not always the case. Qualified commercial small-scale organic fertilizer production lines, covering an annual output of 3,000 tons – 20,000 tons per year, need to invest in professional organic fertilizer equipment – organic fertilizer turners, pulverizers, granulators, etc., which are currently in line with environmental protection conditions, subject to protected by the state. Let’s talk about the production method of  small-scale organic fertilizer that is environmentally friendly and supported by state finance.

The dis pelletizer on organic fetilizer production line
The design of organic fertilizer production line

The process of small organic fertilizer production generally adopts in-vessel fermentation or trench fermentation, and the other is advanced biogas production, and then fermented into organic fertilizer. This is a relatively common early stage of organic fertilizer processing in the market. The initial process method of small organic fertilizer production line is as follows:
1. Pile livestock and poultry manure and other materials, household garbage, sludge and other fertilizer base materials on a flat ground in strips. (The trough turning machine directly puts the auxiliary material into the trough), the stacking width is equal to the turning width of the equipment, the height should be as high as possible, and the length should be as long as possible, such as 50 meters, 100 meters, etc., the ground should be flat, cement , The land can be used (as long as it is flat and has a certain hardness), each 10,000 tons of production requires a site of 5-6 acres, and the trough type turning machine will cover a relatively small area). SX can provide you with suitable equipment for organic fertilizer making
⒉Sprinkle the piled livestock and poultry manure and other materials, domestic garbage, sludge and other fertilizer base materials with biological fermentation bacteria
3. Use a pile turning machine or a trough turning machine to evenly mix straw, livestock and poultry manure and other materials, domestic waste, sludge, (water content should be 50%-70%), fermentation bacteria, etc., 3 – 5 hours to deodorize, 16 hours to heat up to 50 degrees, when the temperature reaches 55 degrees, turn the heap again to add oxygen, and then start stirring when the material temperature reaches 55 degrees, which has the effect of uniform fermentation, oxygenation and cooling , and repeat the last process until it is completely decomposed. Click here to know more

commercial composting plant for making organic fertilizer
windrow composting machine for sale

4. If the water content of livestock and poultry manure and other materials, domestic garbage, sludge, etc. is too high, you can add organic matter, relatively dry auxiliary materials that can absorb water, or use the method of reflux to put the last dried fertilizer below to form strips. Put the livestock and poultry manure and other materials, domestic garbage, sludge, etc. with a large water content in the middle, so that the water on the top can seep to the bottom and then turn it over.
5. The general fertilization process takes 7-10 days. Due to different climates, it may take 10-15 days for the material to be completely decomposed, achieving no odor, no germs, eggs, weed seeds, and high humus content. , Potassium content increased and so on. Powdered organic fertilizer is made.
6. Then use equipment such as pulverizer, grading sieve, automatic packaging machine packaging, etc., powdered organic fertilizer can be put into storage and sold.
If you plan to make powdered organic fertilizer, it can be sold in the market after the above-mentioned preliminary process is completed. However, considering the inventory time and the maintenance of fertilizer efficiency as a commodity, it needs to be further processed into the granular organic fertilizer in the above-mentioned process.

powdery organic fertilizer line for sale
powdery organic fertilizer line for sale

When processing granular organic fertilizer, the process of small organic fertilizer production line is described above with the following process flow:
1. Use the organic fertilizer granulator to process material into 3mm-5mm-8mm and other granules;
2. Screening machine for screening;
3. The granules that meet the specifications after sieving enter the lower-level process, and those that do not meet the requirements are returned to the pulverizer for reprocessing and re-granulation. It should be noted that the SX organic fertilizer granulator has a one-time pull rate of more than 95%.
4. Transfer to dryer and cooler for drying. Cooling
5. In order to maintain fertilizer, it is also necessary to coat the granules, that is, the coating process of the coating machine;
6. The coated granules are transported to an automatic weighing and packaging machine for packaging;
7. Warehousing.
The above is the organic fertilizer amnufcturing process that meets the environmental protection requirements and meets the national organic fertilizer standard. After years of improvement in production practice, this small organic fertilizer production line has advanced technology, stable production capacity, reliable quality and excellent equipment performance. More details on

Why Is The Quality of Granules Produced By Disc Granulator Good?

1. Controlling water content

The disc granulator controls the moisture content of the powder at about 30-28% according to the composition, fineness, viscosity, humidity, temperature and other characteristics of the powder. Because too much water content, too many balls, the surface of the ball is very sticky, and it is easy to block the screen surface;
How to preliminarily measure the volume of granulated water in the disc granulation production process? The most simple and practical method – the hand feeling method: grab a material ball from the disc granulator, the hand can be a ball, and it can be released by touching it with your fingers. In this way, there are many particles, high output, and it is not easy to block the screen surface.

2. Controlling materials quality

Another advantage of disc granulator is that it can control the quality of various raw materials such as chemical fertilizers in strict accordance with the formula of organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers.

There are some sapects you need to focus on during pelleting by pan granulator:

  • It is strictly forbidden to use iron blocks, stone blocks larger than 10mm, and wood blocks larger than 10mm for raw material discharging and feeding.
  • There are not many quality indicators of rice bran and rice sand, which seriously affect the yield.
  • The powder particle size of organic fertilizer used as compound fertilizer is 70-90 mesh.
  • And it can help you a lot to do a good job in technical training to improve the technical quality and operation skills of workers.

    Disc granulating machine for sale
    Disc granulating machine for sale

3. Designed with spraying device

The working mechanism of the nozzle must be mastered when selecting the nozzle for pan pellet making machine : According to the theory of fluid mechanics, it is proved that the greater the pressure, the smaller the through hole and the larger the droplet diffusion surface. Under the same pressure, the nozzle hole is small, the droplet density is small; the nozzle hole is large, the droplet density is high.

  • The smaller (or larger) the feed droplet size is, the lower (or higher) the yield is.
  • The denser (or thinner) the feed droplets are, the more (or less) the feed liquid is, and the higher (or lower) the output is.
  • Generally speaking, B-type spherical spiral or B1-type basic spiral nozzle is the choice of disc granulator. Click here you can know more about disc pelletizer
Delivery of pan granulator
Delivery of pan granulator

4.  Good blade

It can make the particle size is uniform and beautiful, the blade material must be 16m, the blade is divided into two front and rear, and there is no gap between the two blades.

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What Equipment Is Needed In Organic Fertilizer Production Line?

The equipment required for the organic fertilizer production line includes fermentation turners, organic fertilizer crushers, mixers, granulators, rotary dryers, coolers, drum screening machines, automatic packaging machines, belt conveyors, coating machines, etc.

Using  these production equipment of organic fertilizers can process organic-rich raw materials into ideal organic fertilizers for sale, so as to gain profits. The raw materials for making organic fertilizers come from a wide range of sources, such as various livestock and poultry manures, urban sludge, animal and plant residues, etc. These raw materials are rich in organic matter, and nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc. provide nutrients for crop production. And the acquisition price is cheap. Click here for organic fertilizer machine buying

The design of 3 t/h organic fertilizer production line for sale
The design of 3 t/h organic fertilizer production line for sale

The working principle of the organic fertilizer production line:

The processing of amking organic fertilizers is mainly to collect raw materials, and then proportion the raw materials according to the required formula, adjust the moisture and carbon-nitrogen ratio of the raw materials, and start fermentation.

Fermentation Turner: During the fermentation process, the raw materials are turned over by organic fertilizer compost turner to provide sufficient oxygen for the raw materials, and the temperature is controlled to make the raw materials ferment more uniformly and fully.

Crusher: The size and state of the fermented materials are not uniform, and the semi-wet material crusher can be used for fine pulverization.

Granulator: The crushed material is passed through the organic fertilizer granulator to form organic fertilizer granules of uniform size.

Rotary drum granulator for sale
Rotary drum granulator for sale

Drying and cooling machine: The organic fertilizer made into granules still contains about 30% moisture. In order to increase its strength, the granules need to be dried and cooled. It is also more convenient for later storage and transportation.

Drum screening machine: After granulation, there will be a small amount of unqualified particles, some are too large, some are too small, use a screening machine to screen them out, and those that are too large will be returned to the crusher, and those that are too small will be returned to the granulator for new After granulation, qualified granules will flow into the automatic packaging machine.

Rotary fertilizer screening equipment
Rotary fertilizer screening equipment

Packaging machine: After the finished organic fertilizer granules are packaged by an automatic packaging machine, the entire organic fertilizer processing process is completed.

It should be noted that the above configuration is a conventional organic fertilizer production line configuration. In the actual production process, due to the difference in formula and production process, there will be slight adjustments. Therefore, if you want to know what equipment is required for your own organic fertilizer production line, You are welcome to visit to call and communicate with me in detail. We will recommend the most suitable equipment for you based on the production experience of many customers.

How To Deal With Chicken Manure In Chicken Farms?

In the past, when the number of chickens was small, we have used chicken manure as farm fertilizer. With the popularization of chemical fertilizers, fewer people will use organic fertilizers. But the number and scale of chicken farms is bigger, so there are a lot of  chicken manure left.  Now it can be said to be a headache problem for all chicken farms. Then how to deal with thoes chicken manure? Click here to learn more

In the past, some people used chicken dung as a feed for cattle, pigs, etc., but it was also due to the complexity of the process. It is difficult to apply on a large scale; some people also try to dry chicken manure, but drying chicken manure consumes too much energy, the cost is too high, and it is not a sustainable development model.

After people’s long-term practice, making chicken manure into fertilizer is still a relatively feasible method. Although chicken manure is a relatively high-quality organic fertilizer, it cannot be applied directly without fermentation. When chicken manure is applied directly to the soil, it will ferment directly in the soil, and the heat generated during fermentation will affect crops. The growth of fruit seedlings will burn the roots of crops, which is called root burning.

Therefore, chicken manure fermentation is necessary. It is divided into traditional fermentation and microbial rapid fermentation.

Chicken manure in vessel compost machine
Chicken manure in vessel compost machine

1.The traditional fermentation
Traditional fermentation takes a long time, generally 1 to 3 months. In addition, the surrounding stench is unpleasant, mosquitoes and flies breed in large numbers, and the environmental pollution is very serious. When the chicken manure is wet, it needs to be supplemented, and more labor is required. In the fermentation process, it is necessary to use a raking machine to turn the rakes, which is a relatively primitive treatment method.
Although the equipment investment of traditional fermentation is relatively low, the cost of using traditional fermentation to process 1 ton of chicken manure is also relatively high under the current high labor costs, and traditional fermentation will be eliminated in the future.

2. Rapid microbial fermentation
Microbial rapid fermentation is to decompose chicken waste complex organic matter into simple organic matter, and also decompose organic matter into more complex organic matter. The organic matter is continuously degraded and decomposed until it is decomposed into organic fertilizer that can be used by the land. The mineralization of organic matter provides nutrients for the organisms. , produce more carbon dioxide, water and other nutrients, the decomposition speed is accelerated, and it is completely and releases a lot of heat. Therefore, the fermentation speed is very fast. Generally, it only takes about 20 days to change from chicken manure to organic fertilizer. SX can provide professional chicken manure composting system for you.

Groove type compost turner for chicken manure processing
Groove type compost turner for chicken manure processing

The principle of rapid microbial fermentation for chicken manure

The biomass reproduces rapidly and decomposes rapidly at a suitable temperature and in a very suitable environment. Generally in the range of 45 to 70 degrees, the generation wave of microbial growth is very fast. Kill bacteria and harmful substances in feces. SX can provide compost machine for chicken droppings to keep temperature at the required level. In a relatively closed small environment, microorganisms can continue to ferment, and chicken manure can be quickly converted into organic fertilizer only through normal feeding, production and output processes.

The chicken manure treated by the rapid fermentation of microorganisms has no odor, and the water content is only about 30%. Moreover, the rapid fermentation of microorganisms can completely treat the harmful gases and then discharge them, and there is no point in polluting the environment. Using the method of rapid fermentation of microorganisms can improve the breeding environment and improve the production efficiency.

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