How to make chicken manure get quickly decompost?

We all know that chicken excrement is natural compost, however straight forwardly use has certain damage to crops, we should stand by after disintegrate to play its dietary benefit of yields. At that point how quick chicken fertilizer treating the soil? What are the strategies for chicken excrement immediately disintegrated?(Learn more about making chicken manure compost)

Dried chicken fertilizer maturation

Spread dried chicken fertilizer on the ground(outdoor cement or land can be)long strips and as indicated by 35% of the heaviness of chicken excrement watering.

Per ton chicken compost need to disperse the immediately disintegrated of 1kg(due to the modest quantity of fast decoction hard to spread, the rice grain or wheat can be added to make premix materials), in addition to 15kg of calcium phosphate (antiperspirant), in addition to grass powder or grass carbon 100kg. At that point the fertilizer is turned over twice, stacked into a load of about 1m in height、1.5-2m in width and the length is limitless, and a few openings punched in the highest point of the pile.

Aging in the mid year and fall seasons, it will be broadcasted one time (1-2 hours)in the morning and night, if the climate is clear, you can strip off the film on the night of the primary day and cover in the following morning. Stack retting 3 after 4 days, reactor temperature can ascend to 60-70 ℃.

Wet chicken excrement aging

1.Lay a layer of straw powder on the ground (for instance: rice wheat, nut shell powder).Then spread wet chicken fertilizer on top, sprinkle 0.1% urea in the treating the soil, as sprinkle 15kg of calcium phosphate per ton of straw powder and sprinkle 0.2% immediately disintegrated into to make premix materials.

Turn the manure twice, stack 1.5-2m width and 1m high, with a limitless length of store and utilize the stick to open the air opening, cover the plastic sheet to keep dampness, warmth and compost. Other administration is equivalent to dried chicken compost maturation, give exceptional consideration to ventilation.

Lay a layer of straw on the ground first, at that point put the dried chicken excrement on top, each layer should be uniformly showered a high fruitfulness of arrangement with a sprayer.

The part of straw: first, change the dampness of the manure pile, second is additionally a decent natural compost after made.

Flip around the manure twice, heap it into heaps, and utilize the stick to open the air opening, cover the film to secure the dampness, warmth and compost. Other administration is equivalent to the dried chicken compost aging, then again, actually exceptional consideration ought to be paid to ventilation.

Regardless of whether it is dry chicken compost or new chicken excrement, if because of the course of action of stubble heap stack reactor maturation, it very well may be uniformly sprinkled into the seat, at that point equitably splashing again high fruitfulness of arrangement, at that point turn over soil and firmly nursery, yet in addition to accomplish a decent created impact.

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