Why you can’t use the uncomposted poultry for plants?

  1. All kinds of livestock and poultry, including human feces, contain a large number of bacteria, insect eggs and parasites, which can not be directly applied to crops.
  2. Most of the heat will be dissipated in the process of livestock manure decomposition. If the manure is not decomposed, direct fertilization will cause plant root burning and seedling burning
  3. The nitrogen fertilizer in animal manure is in the form of protein at first. Plants can not use protein directly. Only when protein is decomposed into ammonia after fermentation can it be used by plants.

The process of turning over and throwing of animal manure: the fresh feces cleaned up from the farm enter the fermentation workshop, and the auxiliary materials such as strains and synergists are added. After heating, mixing, and secondary aging, they are packaged and sold, or they are directly made into granular fertilizer for storage.

Generally, the composting cycle of livestock and poultry manure fermentation is 7-10 days, so it is recommended that customers use indoor tank fermentation. For example, outdoor fermentation will be affected by the environmental temperature. More importantly, it meets the environmental protection requirements, and there will be no odor impact on the surrounding area during the fertilizer making process.

Animal manure is rich in nutrients, which is the main raw material for the production of low-cost and high-quality organic fertilizer. Traditional composting has some problems such as low fertilizer efficiency and incomplete killing of harmful microorganisms.

Using it to produce bio organic fertilizer is to use modern microbial technology, mainly livestock and poultry manure, wheat bran, peanut shell powder, crop straw and other auxiliary materials as carriers, connected with a variety of high-efficiency organic matter decomposition function, composed of a variety of beneficial microbial strains, with stirring method to fully mix the bacteria and livestock manure, so that the microbial strains can be connected After a series of harmless treatment, high quality bio organic fertilizer is produced.

The organic fertilizer made from the manure of livestock and poultry can not burn or rot the seedlings. The organic fertilizer decomposed at high temperature killed most of the pathogenic bacteria and eggs and reduced the occurrence of diseases and insect pests.

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What is aerobic composting when making organic fertilizer?

Aerobic composting has the advantages of high temperature, complete matrix decomposition, short composting cycle, small odor, and can be mechanically treated on a large scale. The process of aerobic composting is generally divided into three stages. The first is the middle temperature stage.

The mesophilic stage, also known as thermogenic stage, refers to the early stage of composting. The composting layer is basically at a medium temperature of 15-45 ℃. The thermophilic microorganisms are more active and use the soluble organic matter in the compost to carry out vigorous life activities. These thermophilic microorganisms include fungi, bacteria and actinomycetes, which are mainly based on sugars and starches.

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After the middle temperature composting stage, it enters the second stage, which is the high temperature stage. When the reactor temperature rises above 45 ℃, it will enter the high temperature stage. In this stage, the thermophilic microorganisms are inhibited or even died, and the thermophilic microorganisms are replaced. The residual and newly formed soluble organic matter in compost continued to be oxidized and decomposed, and the complex organic matters such as hemicellulose, cellulose and protein in compost also began to be strongly decomposed.

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Then the third stage of composting: cooling stage. In the later stage of fermentation, only some organic matter which is difficult to decompose and the newly formed humus are left. At this time, the microbial activity decreases, the calorific value decreases, the temperature drops, and the thermophilic microorganism is in the dominant position.

The residual organic matter that is difficult to decompose is further decomposed, and the humus increases and stabilizes. When the compost enters the maturity stage, the oxygen demand is greatly reduced, the moisture content is reduced, the compost porosity is increased, and the oxygen diffusion ability is enhanced. At this time, only natural ventilation is needed.

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How to make organic fertilizer into granules?

With the development of environmental protection and organic agriculture, the production of organic fertilizer from organic waste by biological fermentation has been developed rapidly, which makes the treatment of organic waste harmless and resource-based.

However, the organic hypertrophy obtained by biological fermentation is mostly coarse powder or irregular small pieces, which is not convenient for use, especially for large area machine seeding. The key to solve the problem of organic hypertrophy area popularization and application is to make the coarse powder or irregular small pieces of organic fertilizer produced by biological fermentation into spherical granular organic fertilizer.

medium scale organic fertilizer production plan
medium scale organic fertilizer production plan
  1. Using traditional disc or drum granulation, coarse powder or irregular small pieces of organic fertilizer need to be dried (moisture < 15%) and crushed into very fine (more than 100 mesh) powder, and then binder and inorganic fertilizer are added, and the amount of binder and inorganic fertilizer in organic fertilizer can not be more than 30%.
  2. Firstly, the coarse powder or irregular small pieces of organic fertilizer are dried until the moisture content is only 20-25%, and then the dried organic fertilizer is extruded into columnar or flat spherical particles by flat die extrusion granulator or double roll extrusion granulator.
  3. The coarse powder or irregular small pieces of organic fertilizer are first extruded into short columnar particles (due to high moisture content and high fiber content, the columnar particles also have certain plasticity), and then polished and shaped into spherical particles. Then the spherical particles are dried, cooled and screened to obtain qualified particles. In this method, raw materials do not need to be treated, and the moisture sequence is reduced step by step, The production cost is greatly reduced.

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How to Make Quality Composting Organic Fertilizers?

Among the basic parts of the compost making method is the organic manures compost turner. This machine turns over huge amounts of compost easily. The turner may be used in indoor and outdoor applications. In addition, it works jointly with composting operations associated with a size, be it children business or perhaps an industrial business.

The compost turner can either be pulled by a vehicle or purchase one that is driven by way of a worker. One which is driven doesn’t have a steering wheel. Instead, it offers two rods that control the motion from the machine. The rods make it an easy task to move the device backwards and forwards.

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The controls ensure it is very easy for the operator to go the machine around and turn the compost over. For the very best compost, it is vital that the compost is turned over regularly so that it ferments easily. The turning process also accelerates some time it requires for the compost to ferment which could save you money and make certain you have compost that one could sell faster.

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The compost turner features a special shaft that stores the compost because it is turned over. The rate of the turner is adjustable also which makes the machine very versatile. It is possible to turn over a great deal of compost using this type of machine and yes it will provide you with an excellent value for the money.

This machine is a good investment in almost any composting business and is particularly also a necessary device for your business. You will need to possess a compost turner should you be in running a business as well so ensure you do your research and buy the turner that will be the ideal fit to suit your needs and business.

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Where Could You Find Fertilizer Machines For Sale?

These machines is available on the net quickly. There are a multitude of different companies that sell them. They are going to have sizes, every one of which was created to produce as much compost as possible. For smaller businesses, you could only need one of several small to medium-sized units.

On the flip side, larger businesses can make use of multiple machines that could produce a great deal of this product weekly. Simply seek out fertilizer machines online and you may locate a huge number of them. You will then would like to get quotes on each, considering there production value, plus how soon they can make a delivery.

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If you do need to add a new fertilizer machine in your facility, you will find several different ones today. Search for one that is fully automated and has received many positive reviews. If this has been utilised by many other individuals or companies, it really is clearly and model that actually works.

Your objective is to find multiple quotes, compare their capabilities, and ultimately purchased one that will enable you to produce as much compost as you can. Once you have performed this, you will probably find one of the best firms that ensures they are. This enables you to create the maximum amount of compost as you want to aid in rich your business.

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How To Choose A Compost Turner For Rapid Composting?

A compost turner is an extremely unique device that can take organic material and convert it rapidly into compost. This is something that has been used for many decades. As modern advancements continue to progress, this ability is starting to become easier and faster. Used by individuals, smaller businesses, and huge farming companies, it really is something that is vital for agriculture today. In order to choose a compost Turner for rapid composting, the following is ways to choose one quickly.

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Comparision Between Powdery Fertilizer and Granular Fertilizer

Together with getting lower prices whenever you buy your pellet machine, you’ll desire to determine if it’s possible that you should cut back as time passes. Should you invest in a machine that may be energy efficient, you’ll be capable of enjoy substantial discounts.

Buying a power efficient machine could help you save a large amount of money. Your power bills will be lower every month. Even though a piece of equipment like this costs more initially, you’ll learn that it includes you with a better deal with time. This really is something you must keep at the top of your mind while you shop.

If you’re hoping to get the best organic fertilizer pellet machine prices, you’ll desire to take every one of these things into account. Give attention to staying within your budget. With this advice, you’ll get the equipment that you want without spending big money.

The interest in fertilizer is rapidly increasing, and in case you enter in the market, you can find it in powder and granules. The granulated design is becoming popular due to the benefits. These are far more convenient to store and transport while there is minimal wastage. The powder form isn’t stable, and contact with wind brings about losses.

Also, the granules curbs dust pollution. It possesses a more extended warranty period as well. But exactly how does the fertilizer become granules? What procedures attribute for the formation? You will find three primary methods useful for this technique. These use different mechanisms, however the results are similar. Your option is dependable on the type of device that you may have. Below is detailed information about them.

The principle behind this process will be the centrifugal force supplied by a rotating body. Step one is placing the fertilizer in powder form on the disc. To achieve better results, you ought to then add water in a appropriate proportion. The plethora of moisture content needs to be between 25% to 30%. The particles will likely join while the cylinder begins rotating.

The rotating devices then give a centrifugal force that breaks the once mixture into smaller even particles. When they reach the desired size, the granules is certain to get out from the outlet. In the event there are several unfinished materials, the process will further continue until everything becomes granulated.

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How To Locate A Trusted Powder Granulator Machine Manufacturer?

Using a granulator machine is a very simple process. They are equipped for efficiency and ease of use. You will want to obtain one who is reliable, enabling you to possess the confidence in producing fertilizer pellets which can help your crops become a little more efficient. Getting a reliable powder granulator machine manufacturer may be on your to accomplish list. You might have heard of all the benefits associated using this product. To get the best one who is presently offered, here are some tips you should use.

Exactly What Is A Powder Granulator Machine?

With a base level, this equipment is competent at converting powder into granules. That is certainly their primary purpose. When you find yourself injecting fertilizer pellets in the soil for your crops, this is when the pellets come from. Organic fertilizer, as well as compound fertilizer, can be had in this manner. This permits it to interrupt down over time, providing consistent fertilizer for your crops, to enable them to grow right on schedule.

Why Granules Can Be Better Than Pellets Regarding Fertilizer?

Granules do have some advantages over pellets. By way of example, pellets are made up of opaque, colorless, or colorful spherical particles which are brought together into this type. Pellets will possess a distinct appearance, especially when compared with other sorts of fertilizer. Granules are generally smaller which means they will likely decompose more rapidly. This might be advantageous for the particular crops you are growing. When you can produce both with the exact same machine, you can offer both choices to potential or existing customers who may well be more than happy to obtain these from Io.

How Does The Granulation Process Work?

The granulation process itself occurs inside a large drum which happens to be rotating at a extremely high speed. Since it causes the information to impact together, you can expect to end up getting granules that happen to be both large and small. Even though the machines cost at a very similar level, you could possibly only desire to have granules or pellets produced. That’s why talking to your potential customers, or considering your own personal crops, is needed before making this decision.

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How to maintain drum type fertilizer granulator in winter?

  1. When the granulator is not in use, each fertilizer processing equipment should be cleaned from the inside to the outside. If possible, a set of dust cover for the equipment can be customized.
  2. In addition, due to the great change of temperature in winter, too low air temperature will slow down the start-up or operation of the equipment. It is recommended to add oil to the equipment to improve the lubricity of various parts of the equipment.SX Wet Rotary Drum Granulator In The Process Of Compound Fertilzier Production Line
  3. When starting the granulation equipment, it is recommended not to set the high speed, but to give the equipment a buffer time, and then slowly change the level after the equipment is preheated.
  4. If the rubber parts of organic fertilizer equipment are damped or stained with oil, they are easy to age and crack and shorten the service life;
  5. Most parts of organic fertilizer equipment used now are made of iron. If it is not kept properly, it is easy to rust and shorten its service life. In winter, it should be disassembled, coated with antirust paint and stored in a ventilated and dry place;
  6. If the machine motor is not used for a long time, it should be placed in a ventilated, dry and clean warehouse. If the motor is placed in a fertilizer wetland or a place easy to be wet by rain, the motor will be affected by moisture and the insulation performance will decline.

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