How to Choose The Right Organic Fertilizer Compost Machine?

An increasing number of medium and large-scale farmswant to process poultry and livestock manure into organic fertilizer for sale. One crucial aspect of organic fertilizer production is the fermentation of organic materials. During fermentation, the raw materials need to be turned, allowing for proper aeration, decomposition, and moisture reduction. Thus, the use of specialized equipment becomes essential in the industrial production on a big scale. In this blog, we will briefly describe the common types of compost machines available on the market and their suitable applications.

Trench Type Compost Turner 

  1. Construction Requirement: This machine requires fermentation grooves, which can work alternately between multiple grooves, reducing investment costs.
  2. Turning Depth: 0.8-1.8 meters; Turning Width: 3-6 meters.
  3. Applicable Scenario: It is suitable for farms processing over 20 tons of organic materials daily, and producing above 6000 tons of organic fertilizer annually. The composter operates without requiring manual labor.
groove type fertilizer composting equipment

Wheel Type Compost Turner

  1. Facility Requirements: The compost equipment requires sturdy walls, and does indoor operation. Besides, it issuitable for deep turning tasks.
  2. Turning Span: Up to 30meters wide; Turning Depth: 1.5-3 meters.
  3. Applicable Scenario: It is ideal for farms processing over 30 tons of organic materials daily,and producing 10,000 to 20,000 tons of organic fertilizer This compost turner operates automatically, without the need for manual labor.
Aniaml manure fermentation with SX large compost turner
Animal manure fermentation with SX large compost turner

Double Wheel Hydraulic Lifting Compost Turner

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  1. Facility Requirements: It is similar to the wheel type composter, which requires sturdy walls and indoor operation.
  2. Efficiency: It has extremely high efficiency due to the simultaneous operation of two wheels.
  3. Applicable Scenario: It is suitable for farms processing over 30 tons of organic materials daily, and producing 10,000 to 20,000 tons of organic fertilizer annually. The turner operates automatically, without the need for manual labor.
Double Wheel Type Compost Turner
Double Wheel Type Compost Turner

Chain Plate Fermentation Turner

  1. Construction Requirement: It requires fermentation troughs and mobile vehicles, so it can work alternately between multiple trough
  2. Speed: It has fast movement; Turning depth can reach 2 meters; It’ssuitable for deep groove
  3. Applicable Scenario: It’s suitable for small fermentation sites with deep tanks, processing over 30 tons of organic materials daily, and producing 10,000 to 20,000 tons of organic fertilizer annually. It operates automatically, without the need for manual labor.
Chain plate compost turner machine
Chain plate compost turner machine

Crawler Type Compost Turner

  1. Facility Requirements: There is no need for tanks, and it can just form the compost into piles.
  2. Turning Distance: 0.8-1 meter; Turning height: 0.6-1.8 meters. It is cost-effective and easy to expand.
  3. Special Feature: Our company can equip with a cabin to shield workers from odors during operation.
  4. Applicable Scenario: It is suitable for farms processing over 5 tons of organic materials daily, and producing around 3000 tons of organic fertilizer annually. One worker is required to operate the machine during its operation.
Crawler type compost turner for organic fertilizer fermentation
Crawler type compost turner for organic fertilizer fermentation

Moving Type Compost Turner

  1. Facility Requirements: It is similar to crawler type compost turner. And, iteliminates the need for construction projects, saving space and costs.
  2. Applicable Scenario: It suitable for farms processing 3-4 tons of organic materials daily. One worker is required to operate the machine during its operation.
Moving Type Compost Turner
Moving Type Compost Turner

There is another compost machine for automatic production. We can customize 5-150m³ different capacity and different forms (horizontal, vertical) of fermentation pot. You can visit this page for more details!

In Vessel Fermentation Tank for Sale
In Vessel Fermentation Tank for Sale


When choosing the appropriate organic fertilizer fermentation turner, it is crucial to consider factors such as processing capacity, available space, investment budget, and labor requirements. We can help you optimize the organic fertilizer production process. You can click: for more information.

The Business Of Making Organic Fertilizer From Animal Waste

Are you aware that it can be possible to generate a make money from simply having access to animal manure? If you have a huge-scale farm, or perhaps a small farm with multiple farm animals, this can be used in your favor. This manure may be transformed into fertilizer that will be not just your very own farm, those that are also planting crops annually. You just need the equipment that could permit you to convert it from animal manure to profitable fertilizer that one could sell to the greatest bidder.

What Kind Of Animal Manure Are Able To Use?

The kind of animal manure that you apply depends on several factors. By way of example, you might want to consider using cattle manure that is very efficient. Chicken manure is extremely potent with loads of nitrogen. There are many farm animals that can also produce viable manure that may be changed into compost easily. To get this done, you will require compost making technology that will help you to convert the compost into fertilizer too. Even though this is an initial investment you will probably have to help make, you save a ton of money on the fee for purchasing fertilizer for your personal crops through the use of manure that you have use of today.

The procedure of compost cattle manure
Commercial composting machine for sale

Where Could You Find Low Cost Equipment?

To make your initial investment, you will want several several types of machine to convert organic waste into fertilizer. You will need machines which can help you convert the manure into compost. It really is this material which will then be placed in to a fertilizer plant, converting it straight into pellets which you can use or store. This product is really what it will be easy to sell at the profit. There are numerous businesses that will allow you to accomplish this easily. You may advertise, or simply use a relationship with local farms that may purchase it by you annually. To find the lowest cost machine to process compost for the purpose of producing compost and subsequently fertilizer, look away from your country in areas of the world where the price of production is less.

Learning To Make Profits Out Of Your Animal Manure

There are three ways that you could produce a cash in on your animal manure. To start with, you may sell the manure directly. There are numerous firms that are likely in your neighborhood that may have a shortage of manure that they could convert into compost for this function. Second, you are able to produce compost through the manure which may also be sold. Third, you can buy an entire bio organic fertiliser plant and produce the fertilizer pellets that one could sell. Although the initial investment might be high, it will be greater than profitable once you are producing fertilizer on a continual basis.

Windrop type composting machine for chicken manure
hot composting chicken litter

Simply How Much Will It Cost?

The complete cost is determined by several factors. You do need to assist this business that understands the best way to produce commercial compost machines plus people who will produce fertilizer. If you want an entire fertilizer plant, also you can obtain one coming from a reliable and affordable source. The comparison that you do involving the many companies that you just find will help you restrict your final choice. You will get one delivered soon, helping you to start organic fertilier business plan from the compost you could create regularly.

Making profits out of your animal manure is incredibly simple to accomplish. There are actually multiple businesses that will purchase it directly from you. Also you can have a separate business your location converting the manure into compost. You might also need a choice of converting the compost into fertilizer as well. Providing you have animals which are constantly producing manure, you will possess a number of options in relation to profiting out of this material. All it requires is a little bit of research to find the best companies that will sell you composting machines and fertilizer plants that one could acquire for less.

What You Should Know About The Production Of Organic Fertilizer?

What are the problems that need attention in the production process of organic fertilizers! First of all, the location of the organic fertilizer plant is very critical, it is best to be closer to the raw materials, the raw materials of organic fertilizer are generally locally sourced, if the supply of raw materials is guaranteed by long-term transportation, the cost will increase a lot.


After the raw materials enter the cattle manure fermentation machine to start fermentation, they should observe the moisture and temperature of the materials during the fermentation period at any time, control the changes in raw materials in time, make timely treatment, and use the aerobic composting machine to turn the pile to ensure the uniform and thorough fermentation of the materials. Fermentation bacteria can be added during fermentation to speed up the speed of fermentation, but it is not recommended to add other biological bacteria during this period, because the temperature of the material is very high during fermentation, and many beneficial bacteria cannot withstand the high temperature.


After the material is fermented by the fertilizer conveyor to the forklift silo for use, this silo is generally with speed regulation function, can be a good control of the feeding speed of the follow-up equipment, from the silo out of the mixer, this time can add a certain excipient to the raw materials, mixer We generally recommend designing two, one stirring and one discharging. Material mixed evenly into the crushing, crushing machine and the general crusher is not the same, because we need materials to maintain a certain amount of moisture, so the crusher to use semi-wet material crusher, this crusher for the material moisture in 20%-50%, can be fully competent for our organic fertilizer raw materials crushing.


Granulation is the whole production line most affect the final molding effect, the choice of organic fertiliser granulator is crucial, according to the different raw materials, the model we want to use is not the same, for example, we want to use cow feces as fertilizer, appropriately add some other organic substances (straw, sawdust, etc.), then our suggestion is the organic fertilizer tooth pelletizer, this model is the use of churning teeth and cylinder wall between the matching to make the material forced into granulation, so to some fiber coarser livestock and poultry manure effect is better. If our raw material is organic plus inorganic fertilizer, then we need to use organic fertilizer combination granulator, which can make the perfect combination of manufacturing granular fertilizer.


We all know that organic fertilizer needs to add a certain amount of biological bacteria, but high temperature will kill and reduce the survival of biological bacteria, so the control of temperature is crucial, if the yield is large, we generally recommend increasing drum dryer machine and reducing the temperature to ensure the survival of biological bacteria. It is also possible to consider adding a coating cylinder after drying to wrap the biobacterium directly on the surface of the material.

How To Decide On The Right Commercial Composting Equipment

Commercial composting allows you to make large volumes of fertilizer. This equipment definitely makes the composting process fast and far less difficult. You possibly can make lots of money quickly whenever you produce the fertilizer and the gear is affordable so you can make plenty of compost fast. Fast commercial composting is crucial if you want to create high-quality fertilizer.

Compost can be produced out from various types of manure. The most common is cow dung and chicken dung. You will discover the dung for affordable and even free. Many farmers will donate the dung at no cost and you will also buy it for the really cheap price if you have to.

The compost is perfect for making animal manure fertilizer. The fertilizer is commonly used in agricultural operations to make the crops and soil stronger and healthier. Dung makes perfect fertilizer because it is filled with nutrients and cheap and plentiful. It is simple to find it.

Groove type composting
groove type composting in fertilizer making plant

The appliance is also best for the planet because it takes the dung out of your environment and out of your waste dumps. Cows and chickens produce a great deal of dung so converting it into fertilizer is a good thing for your environment.

The production line operates by taking the dung and turning animal manure into compost. The dung needs to be dried first and after that it might be mixed with organic materials like grass leaving. The compost will be left to ferment. If you allow it ferment naturally normally it takes weeks for that fermentation process to get completed, but if you use the compost turner you could have finished compost in as little as two weeks.

The compost turning machine will turn the compost over frequently that makes it ferment faster and so the compost will anticipate to develop into fertilizer faster. You need to ensure that you employ these machines since they accelerate the production process a great deal. Consequently you can expect to earn more income.

wheel type composting machine for sale
commercial compost turning machine for animal manure fertilizer production

As soon as the compost has become made it could be changed into fertilizer by using a granulation machine. This machine will turn the compost into pellets. The development line provides you with a cost-effective approach to make vast amounts of fertilizer. The machines make pellets of various sizes and they also can even be polished.

If you would like produce considerable amounts of fertilizer you require the proper commercial composting equipment. This equipment is affordable and may be customized for commercial productions of the size. If you wish to expand your company and then make considerable amounts of fertilizer you have to put money into this equipment so that you can produce all of the fertilizer you require.

Making high-quality fertilizer is not difficult if you choose the fertilizer production line. It is actually affordable which is made out of the best materials. The machines don’t require a lot of maintenance so you get after-sales service that will last the lifestyle of your machine. This line lets you produce each of the fertilizer you will need and yes it won’t cost a lot of cash to perform either.

Organic Fertilizer Production Line Equipment Investment

Organic fertilizer processing line machine is a kind of farm waste that uses pig manure, cow manure, chicken manure and other animal manure sewage, added various substances, fermented with yeast, rice bran and other raw materials as biological bacteria, under the action of other raw materials, together Fermented biological fertilizer equipment.

organic fertilizer production line

The medium and high version of the organic fertilizer production line is composed of a variety of small equipment: fermentation manure compost turning machine, semi-wet material shredder, horizontal mixer, granulator, drum screening machine, coating machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor, etc. Because it saves energy and solves the environmental problems caused by sewage and feces, it increases the economic income of the farm. It requires relatively few manpower and reduces labor costs. It can be completed by about two or three people, and the equipment of about tens of thousands of dollars can complete farm breeding. Treatment of sewage and excrement produced in the field. Initially, sewage materials from farms such as pig manure and appropriate amount of waste from farms such as straws are required to be added to participate, which can be determined according to the water content of the materials. Then the water content of the materials needs to be about 45 percent to meet the needs of fermentation. There are both general configuration and low configuration. The production line has reasonable design, suitable structure, no choice of raw materials, high production capacity, stable operation, and the cost of organic fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer making line equipment is relatively low. The advantages of high particle rate, smooth particles, high uniform strength and so on.

crawler type compost turner for manure disposal

FPC organic fertilizer processing equipment is widely used in sludge dumps, farms, pig farms and other farms and pastures. Among them, the horizontal mixer can mix various raw materials evenly, so that the process level of the organic fertilizer produced by the entire organic fertilizer processing line is improved. Customers with certain requirements can fulfill various requirements for organic fertilizer in water conservancy and increase income for farms and livestock farms.

Process of Processing Livestock Manure into Organic Fertilizer

The process of processing livestock manure into organic fertilizer:

The first step: fermentation

Collect livestock manure, mix it with hay and decaying silage, etc. to make compost, and let it ferment. In the fermentation process, the pile turning machine is used to fully ferment the livestock manure, which can only be achieved by turning the pile in time and evenly. Now some places are very dry and some places are very wet, which will affect the quality of fermentation.

a finished vertical fertilizer crusher without painting

The second step: the ingredients are crushed and mixed

Use the batching bin to pulverize, proportion and mix the composted materials, N, P, K and other inorganic fertilizers, and other additives and other raw materials in a certain proportion through a material crusher machine and a horizontal mixer machine.

The third step: granulation

A new type of organic fertilizer granulator is used to granulate the material.

Step 4: Screening and material return system

organic fertilizer granulation machinery

The granular materials output from the granulation forming system have certain differences in particle size and need to be sieved and classified. The selected rotary screening machine requires low vibration, low noise, convenient screen change, and is equipped with a screen surface cleaning device. It is recommended to be equipped with an automatic material return system to screen unqualified large and small particles, convey them through a belt elevator, and send them to the pelletizer to continue pelletizing after being crushed again, which helps to improve the continuous operation capacity of the production line.

a completed rotary drum drying equipment

Step 5: Drying

Use an organic fertilizer drying machine to further remove water from the sieved particles to meet the standard requirement of organic fertilizer moisture content.

Step 6: Cool down

Cooling the granular materials with a cooler helps the storage and quality of the granules.

Step 7: Packaging

What Is Going To Impact The Price Tag On An Organic Fertilizer Making Machine?

If you use an organic fertilizer making machine, you may possibly not realize how expensive these have become. They are designed for taking organic material, converting it into fertilizer, and doing this on autopilot. Organic fertilizer is among the most highly desired agricultural products, effective at ensuring that a crop will grow properly. Tons of this material can be produced using among the basic models, along with the sophisticated ones can produce more. Allow me to share reasons why the price of an organic fertilizer making machine are constantly rising.

Pan Compost Pellet Machine

How Much Will It Cost To Create One?

The expense of making one really is dependent upon the particular machine that you are getting. As an example, should you be acquiring a basic disc pan granulator, these are fairly simple to operate. In fact, some of these are exceedingly small, and you should have no problem finding one that one could make an order for, even in the most remote locations. However, you may be buying one that is made for commercial use. If that is the situation, it can be extremely large, taking on a complete area inside the hangar. In any case, you will be able to look for the cost based upon the components used and where it is actually made in the world.

Granular organic fertilizer production line

Where To Find One Of These Brilliant For Sale

If you wish to select one, industrial sites that showcase most of these products will teach you precisely what they should offer. The greater number of elaborate ones which come with compost turners, hydraulic auxiliary wheels and crawlers, will are generally a lot more expensive. Granular fertilizer manufacturing plants will likely be among the most expensive. Overall, the total value of these products will be based upon their country of origin and the size of these products.

organic fertilizer granulation machinery

Getting Them On Sale

In order to find these available for sale, you should sort through advertisements presented by the many different companies that make sure they are. You will need to find one that is designed for your particular business. Once you have found a number of organic fertilizer making machines, and receive quotes, you may pick one that is going to be the least expensive. It needs to be large enough, and have the capacity to convert all your material into fertilizer for your personal projects.

large capacity organic fertilizer granulating plan

Although the fee for inflation could affect the complete cost that you will pay, there can be other factors too. The elaborate nature of each unit, and the number of components that may be coupled to the system, can also cause it to become more expensive. Overall, it’s a sensible investment for everyone which is growing crops frequently. You should be able to find one which is affordable for you personally. Right away, you will have one delivered to your facility to be able to begin to use it to produce as much fertilizer as you have. Just make sure that it is from a highly-known company that is known for only making the most effective products.

How to Purchase Good Machines for Organic Manure Manufacturing Process

The interest in organic manure is constantly rising among farmers. This is because of the numerous benefits which come with using this type of manure. Consequently, manufacturing organic manure has grown to be probably the most lucrative businesses to invest in.

However, before opening your business, you must have the right equipment available. Nevertheless, how will you buy good machines for manufacturing organic manure? Start using these 4 tips:

Groove Type Organic Fertilizer Composting Machine

4 Ways to Buy the Best Organic Manure Making Machines

  1. Consider the Level of Skill Found it necessary to Operate the equipment

Probably the most important considerations to make when acquiring manure-making devices are manpower involvement. Because you’re in the manufacturing industry, it’s critical to determine how lots of people are found it necessary to run the machinery. Furthermore, think about the skills how the machine operators will need to have. This will assist you on what sort of machine to choose.

By way of example, there are 2 kinds of machines employed to manufacture organic manure. Some examples are fully automatic machines and semi-automatic machines. Fully automatic machines require less human involvement which means lower labor expenses. On the other hand, semi-automatic machines require more human involvement translating into higher labor costs.

Disk Pelletizer for Poultry Manure Granulation
  1. Realise Why Different Machines Have Different Prices

Knowing the pricing mechanism is essential when choosing industrial organic manure processing equipment. In the majority of circumstances, different pricing for a similar machinery are available out there. When this is actually the case, it’s critical to realize why to help you carefully assess your options.

For example, you need to spend some time to go over all the equipment’s features to ascertain if it’s the highest fit for the company. Mostly, a unit with many different more features will have a greater price when compared with others. Although pricing is a crucial consideration when coming up with an investment, you ought to never sacrifice quality with regard to saving money.

Windrow turner for animal manure composting
  1. Enquire regarding the Machine’s Power and Fuel Consumption

Cost is not really the only cost step to consider in terms of purchasing organic manure making machinery. It is because, before making a decision, it’s critical to learn about the energy and consumption requirements. In case the equipment merely takes a domestic power connection, for example, it’s fine.

On the other hand, when it requires a great deal of power, you might need to have a commercial energy connection from your local government. Unfortunately, this power standard necessitates an important financial expenditure as well as time. Therefore, always take a machine that you could afford to pay for regarding energy bills.

medium scale organic fertilizer production plan
  1. Enquire About the Warranty Period

Purchasing organic manure-making machines is, once again, an important investment. As a result, you must make the most of it for your personal business. It is possible to accomplish this by exploring the warranty duration for that machinery. Examine the specifics carefully to distinguish which items are included in the warranty and that happen to be not. Furthermore, this can help you know how much you’ll be forced to pay for those who have a servicing problem later on.

Wind Up

Are you currently contemplating buying a machine to make organic manure and so are confused as to what one is the ideal? Worry not. Just try these tips and you’ll obtain the best deal available in the market!

How to Choose a Complete Set of Equipment for Organic Fertilizer Production Line?

The organic fertilizer production line is used to produce fertilizers with organic content of organic matter processed through multiple processes through a complete set of equipment using organic materials as raw materials. The configuration of organic fertilizer production equipment is based on product positioning and process requirements, so different fertilizer products require different organic fertilizer production lines.

New Type Organic Granular Fertilizer Production Line

Formulation of production process

Making a reasonable production process for raw materials is a prerequisite for purchasing a complete set of organic fertilizer equipment. The equipment manufacturer will design a production process flow chart according to the customer’s raw material and product requirements to determine what processes and equipment are needed in the entire production process. For example, some indicators such as the moisture content and impurity content of the raw materials, especially the hard materials such as iron impurities in the materials enter the granulator, which will cause the load of the machine to increase rapidly and affect the normal operation of the machine. Taking these factors into account, some auxiliary cleaning equipment will be configured to ensure the normal operation of the equipment in each process.

New Type Organic Fertilizer Production Line

According to the development trend of fertilizers, bio-organic fertilizers with active bacteria will be the development direction of high-end fertilizers. Therefore, some organic fertilizer production lines will be equipped with equipment for adding bacteria, such as a coating machine, which can add a coating agent to the finished fertilizer to improve the nutritional value and appearance of the product, so that the product is available from the inside out A qualitative leap.

Configuration of organic fertilizer equipment

According to the process requirements, the type of fertilizer equipment required is determined, and the specifications of the equipment need to be determined according to the needs of customers. Generally speaking, the fertilizer output produced by the complete equipment of the organic fertilizer production line is calculated based on the annual output, ranging from the smallest 5,000 tons to the annual output of 200,000 tons. After completing the market research, you should determine the scale of fertilizer production you need, and determine the appropriate scale of production in combination with the market prospects and the supply of raw materials.

large capacity organic fertilizer granulating plan

Because large-scale equipment occupies more space, it is necessary to make a reasonable plan for the entire plant area, and make a reasonable location layout and area allocation for the fermentation workshop, production workshop, and finished product workshop, so that the production can proceed in an orderly manner. In actual production, the fermentation workshop occupies a large site space, and the supply of raw materials must be guaranteed. If the production line is too large, the supply of raw materials will not be available, which will easily result in idle equipment and waste of funds; too small will cause the equipment to be exhausted and cannot be guaranteed. The supply of finished products.

large capacity organic fertilizer granulating plan

Selection of the price of organic fertilizer production equipment

The production process is the basis for the purchase of a complete set of equipment for the organic fertilizer production line, and the price is an important factor that affects whether the equipment is purchased. Considering the subsequent operation and production of the factory, it is necessary to rationally allocate funds and do a good job of preliminary budgeting. According to the current market, fierce competition has depressed the profits of organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers, and the price difference between various manufacturers will not be too large. We may occasionally encounter several manufacturers with extremely low quotations. We have to consider the quality of the products. Therefore, it is necessary to inspect the equipment manufacturers during the equipment procurement stage.

medium scale organic fertilizer production plan
medium scale organic fertilizer production plan

All in all, the high price of buying equipment is different from buying other commodities. Easy to use is the ultimate goal of buying a complete set of equipment for an organic fertilizer production line. Therefore, I believe everyone has their own opinions on the selection of equipment configuration and price.

How to Choose the Equipment for a Stable and High-Yield Organic Fertilizer Production Line? What Are the Advantages?

Organic fertilizer production line equipment is a good investment project for current breeding farms, fertilizer processing enterprises, and urban waste treatment plants, because organic fertilizer production line equipment not only meets environmental protection requirements, but also realizes environmentally friendly production, but also realizes comprehensive recycling and utilization of resources. Effective way, its product organic fertilizer can improve the soil environment. So today I will show you how to purchase organic fertilizer production line equipment and what advantages it has.

large capacity organic fertilizer granulating plan

Selection and advantages of organic fertilizer production line equipment

In general, the purchase of organic fertilizer production line equipment for high-yield and stable production should be considered based on six main aspects, including planned annual output and fertilizer types. And its characteristics also have 3 major advantages.

6 points for purchasing organic fertilizer production line equipment

  • Determine the size of the equipment for the organic fertilizer production line: For example, how many tons of organic fertilizer can be produced per year, or how many tons can be produced per hour, can the price be determined.
  • To determine the shape of the particles is to choose what kind of granulator: powder, column, oblate or standard round.
  • Determine the configuration level of the organic fertilizer production line equipment: the configuration level is different, the price of the organic fertilizer production line equipment is different, the amount of labor used is different, and the stability and high yield of the organic fertilizer production line equipment are also different.
medium scale organic fertilizer production plan
medium scale organic fertilizer production plan
  • Determine environmental protection requirements: places with low environmental protection requirements generally choose heavy reduction and dust removal, and organic fertilizer production line equipment investment is low; places with high environmental protection requirements generally choose heavy reduction and ink dust removal, which can meet the national air emission quality standards.
  • Determine the type of fertilizer produced. It is equipment for processing pure organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer or organic-inorganic compound fertilizer. There are four types of general organic fertilizers, pure organic fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer, compound microbial fertilizer, and the organic fertilizer equipment is different for different varieties.
  • The selection of fermentation compost turner machine: the general fermentation forms include stack fermentation, shallow fermentation, deep tank fermentation, tower fermentation, rotary drum fermentation, different fermentation methods, and different fermentation organic fertilizer equipment . Generally, the shallow trough turning machine is more suitable for the principle of aerobic fermentation (the advantages of the shallow trough turning machine: conform to the principle of aerobic fermentation, not easy to form anaerobic, fully complete fermentation, and fast fermentation).
fertilizer machines in ShunXin factory

3 advantages of organic fertilizer production line equipment

  1. Organic fertilizer production line equipment is widely used and has high conversion efficiency. The equipment benefits of the organic fertilizer production line are widely used in breeding farms, pharmaceutical factories, household garbage, urban sludge and various organic fertilizer plants.
  2. The equipment has good performance and advanced technology. In the process of processing, it can kill germs, insect eggs, detoxify and deodorize, and purify the environment to achieve harmlessness, resource utilization and industrialization, with low energy consumption and stable product quality.
  3. Low energy consumption and high efficiency. There is no peculiar smell in the operating environment and the floor space is small. Zero pollution, good ventilation, deodorization only takes 1-2 days.
large scale wheel type compost turning machine

It should be noted that there are several advantages after using organic fertilizer production line equipment to make organic fertilizer into the size and shape of chemical fertilizer, that is, it can make the land easier to absorb, make the organic fertilizer evenly distributed, and facilitate the transportation and storage of the fertilizer. . FPC organic fertilizer production line equipment is well-known in the organic fertilizer processing industry for its reliable equipment performance, stable and high yield, and has been exported to more than 30 countries and regions.