New Design Organic Fertilizer Granulator

A.Installation and Debugging

  1. Installation: Users can manufacture establishments as indicated by the fundamental drawings of the chose models gave by the organization. The establishments can be made of cement or steel structures. Establishment of gear ought to be done under the direction of professionals. Most engines and reducers are introduced on a similar rack before they leave the industrial facility. When introducing, clients should focus on the way that the taking care of end of the machine is 3-5 cm higher than the releasing end. Elastic or wood boards are utilized to decrease the vibration between the rack and the base fertilizer wet granulating machine
  2. Troubleshooting: prior to testing, the stuff oil of the reducer is set up, and afterward the force gracefully is associated.

1) The machine ought to be begun without load. It is carefully illegal to open the belt material to evade harm.

2) Check whether all jolts are fixed prior to beginning.

3) Check whether the oil in the bearing seat and reducer is set up;

4) Start the engine and check whether the pivot heading is right. In the event that it pivots the other way, it should stop and change right away.

B.Test Machine and Production

  1. Since this machine is a wet grinding gear, the dampness substance of crude materials ought to be estimated and changed prior to beginning. As indicated by the various materials, the water necessity is somewhere in the range of 20% and 40%.
  2. Preliminary creation is to utilize materials with lower water substance to pulverize in a preliminary machine (as of now, the granulation pace of the delivered particles is fairly low, which is typical). After creation of 200-300 kg, the dampness substance of crude materials can be changed by the granulation quality. For the most part, too enormous pellets need to decrease the dampness substance of crude materials, too little pellets or powder show up, at that point the water substance of crude materials should be expanded.
  3. The consistency of feed and dampness substance of crude materials ought to be ensured in typical creation.

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