Why Choose Our Fertilizer Rotary Drum Dryer for Customizable Drying Solutions?

In the quest for efficient and effective drying solutions for the fertilizer industry, our company proudly presents the fertilizer rotary drum dryer. With its customization and reliable performance, our dryer offers a range of benefits that make it the ideal choice for meeting your drying needs. In this blog, we will explore the key features and advantages of our drum dryer, highlighting why it stands out from the competition.

Drying Equipment for Fertilizer Products
Drying Equipment for Fertilizer Products


1. Versatility and Customization

Our fertilizer rotary drum dryer is designed to cater to a wide range of fertilizer materials, including organic, inorganic, and compound fertilizers. Its adaptability allows you to effortlessly handle various feedstock compositions and optimize the drying conditions for maximum efficiency. Whether you’re dealing with powders, granules, or even sticky materials, our dryer has got you covered!

Materials Can Be Used to Drying Machine
Materials Can Be Used to Drying Machine


2. Enhanced Drying Efficiency

With its advanced rotary drum design, our dryer provides exceptional heat transfer and ample drying space. This results in faster and more uniform drying, reducing both energy consumption and drying time. By utilizing precise temperature and airflow controls, you can achieve consistent moisture removal, ensuring the desired moisture content for your fertilizer.

Structure of Drum Dryer
Structure of Drum Dryer


3. Cost-effective and Energy-efficient

We understand the importance of minimizing operational costs while conserving energy resources. That’s why our fertilizer drying process is engineered to deliver exceptional cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency. Its innovative design optimizes heat utilization and minimizes heat loss, resulting in significant savings on fuel expenses. Additionally, the customizable drying parameters allow you to fine-tune the process, eliminating unnecessary energy wastage. Save money while embracing sustainability!

Drum Drying Machine
Drum Drying Machine

4. Durability and Low Maintenance

Investing in equipment that lasts is crucial for any business. Our fertilizer rotary drum dryer is built to withstand the demands of continuous operation in a challenging environment. The high-quality materials, robust construction, and reliable components ensure durability and longevity. Moreover, the user-friendly design and easy-access features facilitate routine maintenance, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.


When it comes to customizable drying solutions for the fertilizer industry, our fertilizer dryer shines brightly. With its versatility, enhanced efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and durability, it offers the perfect balance for your drying needs. Experience the difference in quality, efficiency, and productivity with our state-of-the-art dryer. Remember, the choice is clear. Choose innovation, choose efficiency, look at our rotary drum dryer! For the latest specifications and information, please refer to our official website or contact our team.

Double roller granulator for compound fertilizer production line

Twin roll granulator is famous in the fertilizer production industry for dry granulation. It requires the moisture content of the material to be less than 5%. In addition, the roller press granulator is suitable for the production of special compound fertilizers of high, medium and low concern, such as the production of diammonium phosphate, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and urea fertilizers.

6 t/h fertilizer production line for making bio fertilizer granules
the design of biofertilizer making plant

Therefore, the double-roll extrusion granulator is the key equipment of the npk production line. Also, you can change the shape of the fertilizer by assembling different rollers. Reasonable design, low energy consumption, perfectly meet your requirements for compound fertilizer granulation process.

In general, a twin roll granulator includes 4 main components.

• The frame part is an integral structure made of high-quality carbon steel plate. All other parts need to be assembled in the rack section. Also, there are holes around the machine. Easy to unload and transport.
• The transmission part refers to the motor drive pulley, V-belt and reducer. This part mainly provides force when the double-roller granulator is working.
• The extrusion granulation part is the key part of the drum granulator. In a complete twin roll granulator there are two rolls which compress the powdered material into large pieces.

• The crushing and separation part is to crush the extruded large flakes into uniform particles. The off-spec fertilizer granules are then separated and need to be returned to the granulation section.
Why choose a twin-roller granulator to produce granular fertilizer?
•Widely applicable to various raw materials. You can not only use twin roll processing machines on npk fertilizer production lines. But it is very applicable in pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgy, coal, feed and other industries.

• Reduced investment. Extrusion granulators make fertilizer granules at room temperature. So you don’t buy fertilizer dryers and coolers.
• No waste pollution discharge. Our drum granulator uses electricity as the main power. Therefore, the pollution to the environment will be reduced.
• High granulation rate. The ball forming rate of the double-roll granulator is over 90%.

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How To Make Organic Fertilizer From Pig Manure?

Pig manure production process of organic fertilizer equipment


(1) Pulverization: After fermentation and storage for 1 day, pulverize, and dry, pulverize and sieve the fermented organic material with a compost manure crusher .


(2) Compounding and mixing: In the process of organic bio fertilizer making process, according to different soil conditions and different crops, inorganic nutrients and minerals with concentrated organic matter and trace elements are added, so that the fertilizer contains nutrients required for the growth of various plants. Elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, manganese, zinc, copper, etc. According to the formula, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and fermented materials are mixed by computer in proportion, and then sent to the granulator for granulation. The formulations of organic and inorganic raw materials are mixed according to different series of products. Mix well in a fertilizer blending machine. If the ratio is 12%, about 12 tons.

Mixing machine fo organic fertilizer prodcution
organic blending machine for sale

(3) Granulation: Due to the production of biological fertilizers, organic matter is the main ingredient, with a lot of cellulose, poor forming conditions, and the addition of live bacterial groups with fertilizer-making function, and the production process is not suitable for contact with high temperatures. It is not suitable to use disc granulation and drum granulation in terms of material making methods, because these two processes require high grinding fineness of raw materials and high granulation moisture. Generally, the moisture content should reach about 30%. The load is large, the loss of effective bacteria is also large, and the ball formation rate is low (about 60% to 70%), the dust in the production process is large, and the operating environment is very poor.

Therefore, for the production of organic biological fertilizers, the dry granulation process for fertilizer should be used. The production is relatively good, the environmental extrusion has low requirements for raw material crushing, high forming rate (above 95%), low water content of the particles after opening, and low drying load, which can reduce the loss of effective bacteria, small dust, and operating environment. better. The compound fertilizer raw material adopts extrusion granulation. The raw materials enter the granulator, add an appropriate amount of water or steam, and bond to granulate. After granulation, the materials are sent to the dryer through the belt conveyor machine for drying. The particle diameter is 3.0-4.0mm, and the granulation rate is greater than 70%.


(4) Drying: In the production process of biological fertilizers, not only the water content of the formed granules generally exceeds the index, and low-temperature drying is required, but also after the organic raw materials are fermented, the water content is about 30% to 40%. The moisture content of the particles is generally between 15% and 20%, and the fertilizer quality index requires that the moisture content is less than 14%, and it needs to be dried. Therefore, the fertilizer drying process is an indispensable and important process in the production process of biological fertilizers, which directly affects the output, quality and energy consumption. It is very important to choose the model and specification of the dryer reasonably and control the process conditions.

6 t/h fertilizer production line for making bio fertilizer granules
the design of biofertilizer making plant

In order to avoid the death of effective live bacteria due to excessive temperature during the drying process, the drying temperature of the material should not be higher than 60°C (generally 50°C). The difference is generally not more than 130 ° C, it is best to control the temperature of the hot air in sections, which can improve the thermal efficiency and avoid the death of effective live bacteria.

According to these characteristics, it is more appropriate to choose a drum dryer machine, which is suitable for low temperature and low moisture drying, and can control the temperature of hot air entering in sections to ensure that the material temperature is not higher than the specified temperature during the entire drying process. It can also add a natural air cooling section, so that the material can be cooled immediately after drying, which has a multi-purpose function. It is very suitable for the drying of granular biological fertilizers with good air permeability. Affected by any damage, the residence time and feeding speed can be adjusted to achieve the best drying effect in your fertilizer manufacturing plant. Since most of the hot air can be recycled and the thermal efficiency is high, the heat source can be the steam provided by the biogas boiler.


There is a secondary granulation zone at the front of the dryer, and the material can be granulated in this zone. Then, the material is lifted up by the lifting plate to be fully dried. The humid hot air is extracted from the tail of the dryer through the pipeline through the exhaust fan, and enters the sedimentation chamber for sedimentation. It is pumped out and recycled by the water pump. After the secondary dust reduction treatment, the exhaust gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney.


(6) Cooling: The dried material is sent to the rotary drum cooler through the belt conveyor for cooling. The cooling process is mainly to use the fan to send the natural air into the cooler through the pipeline to cool the material. The wind direction in the cooler is countercurrent. The exhaust gas pumped into the settling chamber through the fan and pipeline is treated like the drying exhaust gas and discharged into the atmosphere.


The cooled material enters the sieve, the large particle material is crushed and then enters the return belt together with the sieved powder to be transported to the granulator for re-granulation, and the finished product enters the automatic weighing and filling machine for packaging.


A Summary Of The Compound Fertilizer Production Process

When referencing compound fertilizer, this is just a type of fertilizer that has 2 or more components. For those who have ever used NPK fertilizer, this is probably the many types that are available. Of all of the nutrients that are added to these different fertilizers, nitrogen is truly the most critical. Potassium and phosphorus also play a vital role in producing most crops. However, there are plenty of others that may be useful, depending upon the crops you are growing within the season that you are doing the planting. Is an introduction to how the compound fertilizer production process works if you are considering this as being a project that for you to do all on your own.

Compound Fertilizer Production Process

This starts with storage bins that may have a good amount of powdery components. These are the nutrients that can be combined together, usually by means of appellate, that can then decompose in the ground once they are spread onto the surface. Large compound fertilizer production plants are often quite large. It would involve many different components. This will likely include a fertilizer crusher, packing machine, fertilizer mixer, and dryer which will make sure that excess moisture is removed. Furthermore, a rotary screener is usually utilized to filter the materials. By removing unwanted components, your fertilizer will be pure and will produce ideal results.

Compound fertilizer granulating machine for sale
Press granulator for compound fertilizer

The Blending Means For Producing Granules

Blending many of these materials together can either be achieved manually, or it could involve a much more complex process. Many of the production systems today are controlled by computers. This will make the combination of the different nutrients very exact. Whether this can be a large-scale machine for mixed fertilizer, a treadmill built to produce only a few plenty of fertilizer per year, you will need a space to set everything. It also needs to be lined up, complete with conveyor belts, which can help inside the production process. The blending method is just the process of weighing the materials that you may be used to create the fertilizer pellets. These will be combined together, rotated, and ultimately processed into pellets that can be used or store.

The design of compound fertilizer production line
Compound fertilizer line for sale

The Location Where The Blending Occurs

This typically occurs within a rotating drum granulation machine. The rotating cylinder is going to not just mix the different components but will also be a factor inside the formation of your pellets. This is a major component of your compound fertilizer granulation line which could work nearly twenty-four hours a day. The blending process, as long as the measurements have been done properly, will resulted in a highly efficient fertilizer for your business. In some cases, it is possible to produce as much is 20 tons of this product every hour. This is good for large-scale production for compound fertilizer, or companies that have multiple properties where various kinds of crops are grown.

From beginning to end, the compound fertilizer production process is quite elaborate. It calls for every one of the components which have been mentioned. With the ample flow of nutrients to use, and also the compound fertilizer machinery to complete the task, producing a huge number of tons of this product is quite very easy to accomplish. Should you would choose not to purchase your fertilizer from third-party source, obtaining one of these simple systems could be advantageous. While the initial pricing is high, they will often purchase themselves within a long period, causeing this to be a wise and profitable decision to produce.

What You Should Understand About The Chicken Manure Pellet Machine

Chicken manure can be a valuable fertilizer that is cheap and simple into the future by. Having a chicken manure pellet machine you are able to take this valuable manure and change it into fertilizer. The appliance is reasonable and you will enjoy a great return on the investment. This chicken manure granulating machine will help you make more cash by selling the fertilizer for the great price.

Chickens produce huge amounts of dung which can be a hassle for the environment. Together with the pellet machine you can use the dung from the environment and change it into fertilizer. This machine is eco-friendly and is particularly really good for that environment. It will take waste and turns it into something useful that you could sell making a lot of cash with.

Chicken manure fertilizer granules
Chicken manure fertilizer granules

There are many different machines for granulating chicken manure to choose from. When you are interested in a piece of equipment you should figure out how much fertilizer you would like to produce. The machines come in many different sizes in order to easily find a device that will be the best fit to suit your needs and business.

One of the best ways to obtain the right machine for your requirements is to do business with the company. They may help you obtain the machine that will assist you in making as much as possible and produce chiken manure fertilizer granules that you can use. The machines work fast and they also ensure it is very easy to produce a lot of fertilizer for the affordable price.

Chicken manure fertilizer granulating machine for sale
Fliat die pelleting machine for chicken manure

When you want to produce fertilizer it is important to work with a machine you can rely. These machines are eco-friendly and they are generally made to work by using the least quantity of resources possible. They don’t use much power and are generally all built with pollution control devices that ensure that the machine will never be polluting environmental surroundings. They are also built to use minimal numbers of power.

The chicken dung has to go through a process before it can be turned into fertilizer. The dung must first be turned into compost prior to it being transformed into fertilizer. The compost machine will crush the dung and combine it with the composting materials. You will additionally need a compost turner fir chicken manure which will turn the dung at regular intervals to quicken the composting process.

When the chicken dung compost is done you can add the compost towards the granulator machine and begin it. This machine will produce many different types of pellets, dependant upon the machine you buy. The pellets could then be packed and sold.

This machine makes it simple to mass produce chicken dung so that you can transform it into pellets and sell it. If you wish to increase your profits and take action great for the planet too you should think about buying this machine.

The equipment is reasonable and this will direct you towards so many different ways. You can produce huge numbers of fertilizer with this particular machine. The machine is made to last and made out of high-quality materials.

Equipment Characteristics and Process Principles Required for Making Animal Manure as Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment is needed to make animal manure as organic fertilizer. The performance characteristics of the equipment determine the different uses of the equipment and the pros and cons of the equipment. As we all know, animal manure is a good organic fertilizer, which can make the soil fertile, overcome soil compaction, provide plant nutrition, and improve crop quality. However, how to deal with animal manure must first be fermented and decomposed. Fermentation can promote the decomposition of organic fertilizer and increase fertilizer. The effective ingredients of the fertilizer are fermented at high temperature, insect eggs and weed seeds are used to kill germs and make environmentally friendly organic fertilizer. The organic fertilizer turning machine is a special equipment for fermentation and decomposing. Let’s take you to understand the equipment performance characteristics and process principles of using animal manure as organic fertilizer.

Performance characteristics of animal manure as organic fertilizer equipment

  1. Animal manure organic fertilizer has a kind of organism and enzyme, which can enhance the biological properties and enzyme activity of the soil, increase the nutrient content of the soil, and improve the pH of the soil, so that the soil can be suitable for the growth of various agricultural practices.
  2. The organic fertilizer produced by the pig manure organic fertilizer production line is highly nutritious. If it is put in evenly, no additional fertilizer is needed for at least 100 days. This effect cannot be replaced by any fertilizer.
  3. The animal manure organic fertilizer production line can add anti-disease and insect pests drugs during production to reduce disease and insect pests and rodents.
  4. The organic fertilizer produced by the animal manure organic fertilizer production line is rich in nutrients, and in addition to the three major nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, there are also rich calcium, magnesium and silicon, etc., which change the composition of the soil and are beneficial to crop growth.

Animal manure organic fertilizer equipment technology

①The raw material is fermented, fermented and crushed. After crushing, the sieving machine sieving, the sieving machine sieving out qualified powdery organic fertilizer, then the automatic packaging scale packaging, sealing, and each equipment is transported by a belt conveyor.

Granular organic fertilizer production line equipment:

medium scale organic fertilizer production plan
  • Fermentation of raw materials: various animal manures such as chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, biogas residue, or raw materials that can be fermented or have fertilizer efficiency after treatment are equipped in a certain proportion (according to market demand and local soil test results).
  • Stirring of raw materials: Stir the prepared raw materials evenly to increase the uniform fertilizer efficiency content of the overall fertilizer particles.
  • Raw material granulation: Feed the evenly stirred raw materials into the granulator for granulation (rotary granulator can be used, or extrusion granulator can be used).
SX Wet Rotary Drum Granulator In The Process Of Compound Fertilzier Production Line
SX Wet Rotary Drum Granulator In The Process Of Compound Fertilzier Production Line
  • Granule drying: The granules made by the granulator are sent to the dryer, and the moisture contained in the granules is dried to increase the strength of the granules and facilitate storage.
  • Granule cooling: The temperature of dried fertilizer granules is too high and easy to agglomerate. After cooling, it is convenient for bagging and storage and transportation.
  • Particle classification: The cooled particles are classified, the unqualified particles are crushed and re-granulated, and the qualified products are screened out.
  • Finished product coating: Coating qualified products to increase the brightness and roundness of the particles.
  • Finished product packaging: Pack the film-coated particles, that is, the finished product, and store it in a ventilated place.
large capacity organic fertilizer granulating plan

The organic fertilizer production line of FPC livestock and poultry manure organic fertilizer equipment has reasonable design, fine production, compact appearance, reasonable price, and good after-sales service. It can produce powdered organic fertilizer or hardcover organic fertilizer (that is, granular). The company can specify the equipment required according to the specific situation of the customer, according to your situation to plan the site area, equipment placement, and help you install and debug. Welcome to negotiate and purchase.

Characteristics And Price of the Roller Extrusion Granulator

Double compression roller granulator

The roller extrusion granulator machine is the main equipment for making compound fertilizer, compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer compound fertilizer. It adopts the normal temperature extrusion process to extrude various raw materials at one time, with high ball formation rate and very little return material, so it is widely used. Moreover, the roller granulation equipment has reasonable design, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and stable operation. The most important thing is that its investment cost is the lowest compared to other pelletizers. The roller extrusion granulator is also suitable for a wide range of materials. It can not only process materials in the dry powder state such as ammonium chloride, urea, and ammonium phosphate, but also process other raw materials for organic fertilizer machines. It has a significant effect in reducing production costs and efficiency. And the price of such a practical double-roller extrusion granulator is about several thousand dollars.

Double roller extrusion granulator

Our company has been established for nearly 20 years, specializing in the development and production of fertilizer granulation equipment. The double-roller extrusion granulator produced by our company has reliable quality, real materials and reasonable prices. The main features are as follows:

  • Use dry hair granulation technology to realize the granulation process of various organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers, eliminating the need for drying equipment in wet granulation.
  • Compared with the traditional wet granulation process, this process will reduce your investment cost by more than 30%.
  • The granulation success rate is as high as 98%, and there is almost no material return, which saves production costs.
  • The organic fertilizer compound fertilizer particles produced by this equipment have high strength and high density, which are more conducive to transportation and storage.
  • Special abrasive tools can be customized according to user needs. The shapes of abrasive tools are diversified and suitable for various industries.
Roller extrusion granulator machine used in fertilizer production line

There are a variety of specifications for the roll extrusion granulator, which are mainly determined according to your annual output requirements. Our company has always adopted the factory direct sales model. We are not only selling equipment, but more importantly, solving various production technical problems for customers. We have experienced fertilizer production technical engineers throughout the planning and guidance, you are welcome to consult in detail at any time, let me be your free technical consultant.

Four Methods of Temperature Control for Organic Fertilizer Drying Equipment

The drying efficiency of drying equipment in organic fertilizer production line is more important to the firing temperature. The change of firing temperature directly affects the drying quality, energy consumption and refractory brick life, so it is very important to strictly control the firing temperature.

But we will find that the firing temperature will always change.
If the firing temperature becomes lower, the feeding amount of the dryer should be adjusted to reduce the material. The range of reduction is based on the predicted range of temperature reduction. According to the variation of the feeding amount and the situation in the dryer, the corresponding air and coal consumption should be adjusted in time.

When the firing temperature becomes higher and the feed rate is at a higher level, the coal should be reduced first. The extent of reduction depends on the temperature of the industrial dryer has increased, rather than rush to feed. Only to find out the reasons for the change of the firing temperature of the drying equipment, and solve it pertinently. In addition, timely report to the superior in case of any change of temperature.

(1) Sealing control of dryer. It can be partially sealed, integrally sealed or closed chamber, etc., and the dust producing point can be sealed with a sealing cover, which can greatly reduce the material scattering and dust.

(2) Eliminate the height potential energy difference of dryer. This is the main reason of dust spilling. The elimination of height potential energy difference is caused by powder drop of hopper, protective cover and chute of handling equipment. We should try our best to reduce the fall and the inclination angle of the chute. Some airtight chambers are better to cause negative pressure, which is conducive to the collection of dust.

(3) The transportation equipment with good sealing performance shall be used to reduce the height difference and inclination angle of discharge material flow, and the flow separation facilities shall be set as far as possible. It can not only enhance the configuration flexibility and efficiency of each operation room, but also reduce the scattering and dust.

(4) Use the exhaust system. In order not to let the dust bring more pollution, we can also remove the indoor dust through the exhaust system, that is to remove the indoor exhaust gas.

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