Different Kind of Fertilizer Making Plants

Planning the fertilizer producing process to make the organic fertilizer or npk, compound fertilizer granules. Making the fertilizer pellets utilizing the fertilizer crushing machine may spare additional time and improve the working effective. The roller press granulator is typically used to create the organic fertilizer pellets or bio organic fertilizer granules.

Delivering the bio organic fertilizer balls utilizing the roller press pulverizing creation line, we need to utilize the clustering framework to bunch the crude material as indicated by a specific proportion, at that point utilizing the chain smasher machine to squash the crude material and next the crude material go into the vertical circle blender machine to blend the crude material.

In the line, the plate taking care of machine is prepared to make the crude material into the roller press pulverizing machine to make the fertilizer balls. In the wake of grinding, utilizing the drum screening machine to isolate the quality items from the unfit granules. At long last put the fertilizer pulverizing items into the pressing machine to be stuffed.

fertilizer granulator machine are intended for making the fertilizer into granules, and diverse sort fertilizer grinding machines are intended for various kind fertilizer materials. Creating the organic fertilizer and compound, npk fertilizer pellets are outfitted with various kind fertilizer machines.

The new kind organic fertilizer pulverizing machine is planned fundamentally for delivering the organic fertilizer pellets, and the fertilizer machine a large portion of time is prepared in the organic fertilizer fabricating measure. The machine is another planning items, which is intended for various crude material to make the granules.

Particularly for the rough fiber that the regular hardware is difficult to make the pellets. Also, the crude material are reasonable for the new kind organic fertilizer granulator machine have the agribusiness straw, creature fertilizer, slag, alcohol, residue, and so on and these crude materials in a total fertilizer fabricating measure in the wake of maturing can be utilized to make fertilizer pellets. Besides, the machine to create the fertilizer granules can deliver better impact for the crude material of city slop.

Delivering the organic fertilizer granules, we are not exclusively can simply utilize the new sort organic fertilizer granulator, we likewise can utilize the level pass on granulator machine, which is generally used to a little yield creation line.

Fertilizer Making Machine Price

What are the auxiliary equipment when making fertilizers?

1. Quantitative feeder
Also known as automatic feeder, silo scale, common belt feeder, screw feeder, disc feeder.
In the processing stage of organic fertilizer, it is necessary to mix the fermentation materials into the silo by forklift truck. The fermentation material is evenly fed into the chain crusher by feeder, and then processed step by step. Thus, it is unnecessary to manually add raw materials to the next processing equipment through shovel, thereby improving the automation level.

2. Mixer
It is generally divided into flat mixing (pre mixing) machine and horizontal mixer.
In the production of organic fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer and organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, in order to improve the quality of fertilizer after fermentation, the corresponding standard fertilizer is made according to the relevant standards, sometimes the compound functional microorganism, inorganic fertilizer or other additives are added. This equipment plays the role of mixing evenly.
Production capacity: 1.0 ~ 10.0 T / h; power: 4.0 ~ 18.5 kW.

3. Pulverizer
Crushing of organic materials after pre fermentation, or crushing of organic materials screened by screening machine

4. Screening machine
Drum screening machine is a common equipment used in the production of organic fertilizer or biological fertilizer shaking and compound fertilizer. It is mainly used for the powder particles of semi-finished products, finished products and returned materials. It can also realize the classification of finished products, so that the finished products are sorted. Common is mainly drum screening machine, there are also manufacturers use sliding screen, vibrating screen. Its functions are as follows: (1) non sieved fermented materials; (2) separated and crushed fermentation materials; (3) separated and compounded powdered organic materials; (4) separated and granulated organic fertilizer. The production capacity is generally 1.0-6.0 T / h; the power of screening machine in organic fertilizer production is generally 3.0-7.0 kW.

5. Belt conveyor
Participate in the production process of organic fertilizer transport processing, a group of production money often need more than one conveyor.
Production capacity: 1.0 ~ 10.0 T / h; power: 1.5 ~ 15 kW; belt width: 0.3 ~ 15 m.
In the production of organic fertilizer, the belt conveyor is generally about 0.6 meters in width and about 3 kilowatts in power. The minimum length is 8 meters.

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How to Make Quality Composting Organic Fertilizers?

Among the basic parts of the compost making method is the organic manures compost turner. This machine turns over huge amounts of compost easily. The turner may be used in indoor and outdoor applications. In addition, it works jointly with composting operations associated with a size, be it children business or perhaps an industrial business.

The compost turner can either be pulled by a vehicle or purchase one that is driven by way of a worker. One which is driven doesn’t have a steering wheel. Instead, it offers two rods that control the motion from the machine. The rods make it an easy task to move the device backwards and forwards.

large capacity compost turner for sale

The controls ensure it is very easy for the operator to go the machine around and turn the compost over. For the very best compost, it is vital that the compost is turned over regularly so that it ferments easily. The turning process also accelerates some time it requires for the compost to ferment which could save you money and make certain you have compost that one could sell faster.

Crushing Machine Used for Fertilizer Making Plants

The compost turner features a special shaft that stores the compost because it is turned over. The rate of the turner is adjustable also which makes the machine very versatile. It is possible to turn over a great deal of compost using this type of machine and yes it will provide you with an excellent value for the money.

This machine is a good investment in almost any composting business and is particularly also a necessary device for your business. You will need to possess a compost turner should you be in running a business as well so ensure you do your research and buy the turner that will be the ideal fit to suit your needs and business.

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Methods Of Granulating Fertilizer

The demand for fertilizer is rapidly increasing, and if you go into the market, you will find it in powder and granules. The granulated design is gaining popularity due to its benefits. They are more convenient to store and transport as there is minimal wastage. The powder form isn’t stable, and exposure to wind results in losses. Also, the granules curbs dust pollution. It has a more extended warranty period as well. But how does the fertilizer become granules? What procedures attribute to the formation? There are two primary methods employed for this procedure.

Rotating Granulation

The principle behind this method is the centrifugal force provided by a rotating body. The first step is placing the fertilizer in powder form on the disc. To achieve better results, you should add some water in an appropriate proportion. The range of moisture content should be between 25% to 30%. The particles will then join while the cylinder begins rotating. The rotating devices then provide a centrifugal force that breaks the once mixture into smaller even particles.

Extrusion Granulation

Extrusion granulation is a unique process that works without the aid of heat or moisture. It is more of a dry granulation process for fertilizer. The first step is to proportion the materials, then add it to the mixer. It will then get stirred under high speed till it becomes uniform. Upon completion, it follows transfer to the disc feeder. If there is any iron content in excess amounts, the materials become cleaned to ensure the necessary remains. Once the operator ascertains that it is now in the recommended state, conveying to the roller extrusion machine follows. Granulation in equal amounts is essential as it allows for the production of a uniform product.

The three methods mentioned above are all applicable for both organic and compound fertilizer. For organic, you have to first compost it before crushing while for the compound, you can use it as batches from the system.