Things You Must Know To Use Cow Dung As Organic Fertilizer

Everyone must be familiar with cows, and they are fed in many places in the countryside. The whole body of a cow is a treasure, we all know this very well. Even cow dung with a special smell has a certain use value. Many people must think it is incredible, but the fact is that after processing cow dung, it can be made into organic fertilizer. Click here for more details

How to ferment cow dung fast?

1. Dry cow dung: The lack of water in dry cow dung cannot be fermented, and sufficient water must be added. After adding enough water, pile it up into a big pile, and then cover it with a plastic sheet to ferment, so that the fermentation will be faster.

2. Fresh cow dung: If it is fresh cow dung, various auxiliary materials need to be added during fermentation to absorb the moisture in the fresh cow dung. Too much moisture can easily lead to airtightness, and microorganisms cannot produce fermentation. There are various choices of accessories, the purpose is to absorb some of the moisture in the fresh cow dung. Accessories – general choices: sawdust, straw, straw ash, carbon, etc.

Fertilizer equipement for controlling cow dung moisture
Fertilizer equipement for controlling cow dung moisture

What are the advantages of fermented manure as organic fertilizer?

1. The functional microorganisms in the organic fertilizer fermented with cow dung and sheep dung have an inhibitory effect on harmful pathogens. The fecal starter contains large functional beneficial microorganisms, and most of the beneficial microorganisms will be retained after the fermentation of the fecal organic fertilizer is completed. Functional microorganisms are applied into the soil together with cow dung organic fertilizer, and multiply rapidly, forming dominant populations in the crop rhizosphere soil micro-ecosystem, inhibiting the growth and reproduction of other harmful microorganisms, and even antagonizing some harmful pathogens, reducing harmful microorganisms chance of harm.

2. The cattle manure fermented organic fertilizer has more comprehensive nutrition and promotes the healthy growth of plants. It has been proved by the practice of many fecal fermentation organic fertilizer users that the crops have good plant type, enhanced disease resistance, and reduced disease occurrence after cow dung fertilizer application. For example, in the cabbage experiment, after using chicken manure organic fertilizer, the incidence of plant-specific fungus soft rot was 2%, while the incidence of using vegetable-specific fertilizer and direct use of manure was 17% and 20%, respectively.

3. Functional microbial metabolites in bovine fermented organic fertilizers can improve crop resistance. The microorganisms remaining in the cow dung organic fertilizer secrete various metabolites into the crop rhizosphere soil micro-ecosystem during the process of growth and reproduction. These metabolites can improve the photosynthesis of plants, stimulate plant growth, and improve the ability of crops to resist adverse environments, so that diseases rarely occur during the growth of crops.

Compost turning machine for cow dung fertilizer production
Compost turning machine for cow dung fertilizer production

Precautions for cow dung organic fertilizer fermentation

1. In summer and autumn, the film should be removed in the morning and evening for ventilation (1~2 hours). When the weather is fine, the film can be removed in the evening of the previous day and covered in the next morning. After 4-6 days of composting, the composting temperature can rise to 60-70°C. After 10 days of composting, the compost can be turned over once, and the compost can be fully cooked after 20 days of composting, the fertilizer content will be improved, and pests will be eliminated.

2. Dry cow dung and fresh cow dung are fermented differently, so everyone needs to pay attention to. The method of making organic fertilizer from cow dung is actually not difficult. It requires fermentation. In the process of fermentation, some auxiliary materials need to be added in it, and then it can be used after a week to half a month. If you want to learn more, please check

Why Organic Fertilizer Making Factory is so Popular in Recent Years?

As the world gives increasingly more consideration to the issue of organic contamination, individuals are progressively disposed to earth agreeable organic fertilizers for the selection of composts, and the utilization of organic fertilizers has become a pattern. Thusly, an ever increasing number of makers of composts have joined the positions of delivering organic fertilizers. The organic compost creation line is a fundamental hardware for the creation of organic fertilizers.

medium scale organic fertilizer production plan
medium scale organic fertilizer production plan

The organic fertilizer delivered by the organic compost creation line doesn’t contain any synthetic parts, and just contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic issue, amino acids, proteins and such. The advancement of horticultural energy preservation depends on organic fertilizer and organic compost creation gear.

The current creature cultivation hydroponics is additionally a significant piece of horticultural turn of events. The advancement of hydroponics is indivisible from planting, planting feed for hydroponics, and giving adequate organic compost to cultivating. Bio-organic fertilizer gear plans to improve the rustic biological climate and advance the advancement of environmental horticulture.

Taking the reusing and far reaching usage of waste as the beginning stage, in light of market activity and government oversight, the chicken compost gear is decreased, reused and improved. Reasonable, ease rule, overwhelmingly advance the mix of planting and reproducing.

organic compost creation lines/organic fertilizer creation plants can utilize all organic waste, for example, domesticated animals and poultry excrement, agrarian waste, civil waste, food squander, sewage slime, modern organic waste, and so on organic compost creation plant can deliver organic fertilizer granules; Capacity: 1-50 tons/hour organic compost fabricating measure; Application: organic fertilizer creation hardware, little scope organic compost creation.

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Advantages of Pig Manure Fertilizer to Plants

Process of making pig manure fertilizer: Dewatering the fresh pig dung; Composting to eliminate useless materials; Granulating the composted pig manures; Packing the final fertilizer products.

Use of Pig Manure Fertilizer to Plants

1.It is a decent decision to utilize pig excrement compost for gardens. It helps store dampness and gives supplements to plants development.

2.Many harvests need the natural manure. The compost can expand bug and illness obstruction of plants.

3.Pig excrement can be a decent compost for plants. In any case, because of the danger of microbes that cause food borne sickness in people, specialists don’t prescribe the utilization of pig fertilizer to prepare vegetable nurseries.

Benefits of Animal Manures

1.Manure is wealthy in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and natural issue, which is acceptable crude material for natural manure.

2.There is a life form and catalysts in pig develop compost. It can upgrade the natural movement and enzymatic action of land, increment supplements in soil land improve soil pH esteem. Along these lines, it is appropriate for plants.

3.Pig develop manure from our natural compost plant line can decrease ecological contamination. It is innocuous for human and creatures, which is green and ecological benevolent compost.

4.Beneficial microbes produce countless metabolites during the time spent development and proliferation, which advances the change and disintegration of natural issue.

It can give an assortment of supplements and disturbing substances for crops legitimately or in a roundabout way, which is the advancement and guideline for plant development.

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