Attentional Things in Deep Processing of Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Scientific and reasonable fermentation can promote disease resistant organic matter in the fermentation process, accompanied by a large number of microorganisms breeding and a series of complex biochemical reactions. Microorganisms produce a large number of metabolic substances in the breeding process, such as hormones, antibiotics, autoimmune substances, which can promote the rapid growth and development of crops, inhibit the spread of soil diseases, and improve the ability of crop disease resistance.

1. After the initial processing of the organic fertilizer production line, the material can be screened by the screening machine to remove the large materials and animal hair. This is conducive to deep processing granulation.

2. When adding NPK trace elements, organic fertilizer equipment mixer should be used for mixing to avoid uneven nutrient elements, resulting in insufficient or excessive content of some particles and failure of sampling test.

3. When the processing capacity of the organic fertilizer production line exceeds 20000 tons, fast drying and cooling should be adopted as far as possible to speed up the production of organic fertilizer and improve the production efficiency of the production line. After drying and cooling, the hardness of the particles can be strengthened, and the moisture in the particles can be quickly evaporated, which is conducive to later bagging and preservation, and is not easy to deteriorate.

4. Organic fertilizer production line equipment is used for secondary screening after particle processing. Unqualified particles and powders will be returned to crushing again and used as powdery organic fertilizer after crushing. Qualified granular organic fertilizer, into the coating machine, add moisture-proof agent, slow-release agent, etc., this can increase the gloss of the particles, improve the appearance of the product; also can avoid in the process of transportation, storage moisture, deterioration.x

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Influence of Welding Drum Dryer on Organic Fertilizer Products

1. The welding residue shall be removed in time during welding. Pay attention to the drying machine equipment welding or repair welding problem is actually very simple, help to better understand, hope to help you through the high temperature dryer equipment drying materials, sealing drying efficiency and energy consumption directly affect, and equipment due to high temperature, high pressure and cylinder easy to cause equipment corrosion cracking, sealing off phenomenon, so we need to do a good job in welding, welding parts need to clear Except.

2. The corresponding professional welding equipment is more important. The temporary fixed driving device in the barrel shall be welded and cleaned. After cleaning the metal luster, to avoid impurities in the welding, welding effect, and gear, bearing lubrication, ensure the normal operation of the cylinder, welding is convenient, and service life will affect the equipment specification of the cylinder welding.

3. Carry out professional welding inspection. The number of welding repair parts is not more than 2 times, so the selection of professional welding equipment, welding personnel must pass the welding inspection, bending test, tensile strength test, qualified personnel to participate in the welding equipment, so that welding is not only in production, but also should pay special attention to the requirements of production personnel, production personnel only through technical drying equipment production safety.

Most of the dryer equipment should pay attention to the problem of welding, only from the production to grasp the quality, can ensure the quality of the production of products, this is in the production process should pay attention to the problem. The quality of equipment is directly related to welding, and the quality of welding directly affects the quality of drying equipment.

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How to purchase organic fertilizer making machines?

There are two main parts in organic fertilizer production equipment, one is fermentation part, the other is granulation part. Even if the fermentation of bio organic fertilizer raw materials is better, granulation is also more difficult, because the characteristics of organic fertilizer raw materials are rough, light and low adhesion rate. Therefore, in the production of bio organic fertilizer granulation equipment processing particles should be based on the material characteristics, to make response measures to improve the quality of organic fertilizer.

The equipment of bio organic fertilizer production must be suitable for raw materials. Different organic raw materials have different characteristics. Therefore, special care should be taken when selecting equipment. Otherwise, not only the output will be affected, but also the appearance of the product will not be very beautiful.

Four key factors should be paid attention to in the purchase of bio organic fertilizer production equipment: fermentation mode, what kind of organic raw materials, mechanization degree and annual output. The key factors of fermentation include microorganism, C / N ratio, C / P ratio, moisture, pH value and aeration control. If one factor is not well controlled, it will lead to non fermentation. The formula of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer product is the same as that of inorganic fertilizer, which also depends on different soil and different crop formula.

Organic fertilizer has the advantages of high nutrient content, less by-components and good physical properties. These advantages play a key role in improving fertilizer utilization rate, balanced fertilization and promoting high and stable yield of crops. However, under the condition of the variety of nutrient elements required by different soils and crops, the nutrient proportion always remains the same. Therefore, we should keep pace with the times and use organic fertilizer equipment to produce local materials.

In particular, we should master the details of fermentation. In organic fertilizer equipment fermentation, details are very important, raw materials can use poultry manure. The purchase of fermentation machine for bio organic fertilizer production equipment is very popular in the market. However, it is suggested that professional manufacturers should be preferred, because mature and perfect fermentation equipment and after-sales service with quality and quantity guarantee can lay the foundation for future production of organic fertilizer.

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Functions of Organic Fertilizer Composting Machine

The raw materials for organic fertilizer production are relatively wide, and the common ones are chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure and other animal manure. Such raw materials need to be fermented by organic fertilizer fermentation and composting machine or turning machine, and then make them reach harmless treatment standards, so as to further produce commercial organic fertilizer.

Taking chicken manure as an example, the chicken manure was stacked in the organic fertilizer fermentation tank, and the special fermentation bacteria agent for organic fertilizer was sprinkled on the surface of raw materials. According to the water content, appropriate amount of dry materials or auxiliary materials were added to mix and compost.

Before working, determine the fermentation site, the ground fermentation needs to be open, the site needs to be flat, so as to facilitate a large number of fermentation production. In general, the moisture content of raw materials is relatively large, so it is necessary to add a certain proportion of dry materials to adjust the moisture content.

The working environment of the new type organic fertilizer overturning and throwing machine is 4m in width and 1.2m in depth. It has the function of mixing and turning large pieces of animal manure evenly and turning over the composting machine. After turning, a new stack is formed, and the new pile is fluffy and loose, which creates a favorable aerobic state for material fermentation, which is very conducive to the production and fermentation of organic fertilizer.

In repeated tossing, the temperature changes. In high temperature, the bacteria and eggs in chicken manure will be killed, and the macromolecular protein will be decomposed into small molecular protein which is conducive to the absorption of crops. Biological fermentation process can effectively prevent the production of hydrogen sulfide, amine gas, indole and other harmful and malodorous gases in feces, and completely remove the odor in chicken manure.

The semi-finished product of fermented organic fertilizer is brown and dark brown with no odor and a little ammonia smell. With high temperature and composting, the moisture content in raw materials will gradually decrease. The general fermentation cycle is 12-15 days. After the fermentation is completed, the pile can be harvested, and the moisture content is reduced to about 35%. Further processing, screening, crushing and granulation can be continued.

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There Ways to Make Chicken Manure Composting Fertilizer

  • Direct drying mode. Its main technological process is that chicken manure is directly spread out in the air by hand, dried in the sun, crushed and directly packaged as a product for sale. This mode has the advantages of low cost and simple operation, but it also has some problems as follows:
    1.It covers a large area and pollutes the environment.
    2.It is difficult to guarantee the quality of the product due to its large volume, low nutrient and secondary fermentation.

  • Dry chicken manure mode. Its technological process is that chicken manure is directly processed through high temperature, heating, sterilization and drying by chicken dung drying equipment. The dried chicken manure with a moisture content of about 13% is directly sold as a product. The advantages of this model are:
    1.Large production and high speed;
    2.The product has stable quality and low moisture content.
    However, there are also some problems, such as:
    3.The quality of the product is not reliable because of its dry surface, bad smell and secondary fermentation after soaking in water.
    4.The organic matter content in chicken manure is lost in the process of processing, which results in substandard.

  • Biological fermentation mode. It mainly has the following three fermentation modes:
    1.Fermentation in fermentation tank. The main technological process is that chicken manure, peat and sawdust are mixed into the cement tank, then fermented with oxygen and mixed with nutrient rich bacteria agent. After fermentation, it is crushed, secondary aging and decayed to increase nutrient content, and then deep processing such as granulation is carried out, and the products are screened and packaged.
    2.Direct composting. The main technological process is to mix chicken manure with straw or peat, pile up about 1 meter high, compost at high temperature, periodically turn and ventilate fermentation, and use it as product after fermentation.
    3.Tower fermentation. The main technological process is to mix chicken manure with sawdust and other auxiliary materials, and then connect with biological agents. At the same time, the tower body automatically turns and ventilates to accelerate the fermentation and deodorization of chicken manure by using biological growth. After a fermentation cycle process, the products basically come out of the tower.

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How to eliminate bad smell when making organic fertilizer?

The use of biological fermentation deodorization bacteria

In the process of turning, fermenting and decaying of organic materials such as livestock manure, biological fermentation deodorizing bacteria can decompose and transform odor substances in the whole process. Using this kind of product, the odor can be eliminated in about 48 hours. Long term use of biological fermentation deodorization bacteria can significantly reduce or disappear the odor of organic fertilizer production enterprises.

Most of the deodorizing bacteria are mesophilic microorganisms, and a small number are medium and high temperature microorganisms. Once the temperature exceeds 60 ℃, all deodorizing microorganisms will lose their activity, and the remaining high-temperature microorganisms have almost no deodorization effect, but at this time, some active enzymes also play a role in odor substances. Therefore, the temperature of livestock manure fermentation with deodorizing bacteria is not too high.

Sealed fermentation, processing workshop and installation of deodorization device

Sealed fermentation and processing workshop can prevent odor overflow. A plurality of air intake fans are installed on one side of the fermentation and processing workshop to let the outside fresh air enter the workshop, while a plurality of exhaust fans are installed on the other side of the fermentation and processing workshop.

Each exhaust fan is connected with an exhaust pipe, and the gas discharged from the workshop is led into the solid or liquid biological filter through the pipeline. The active biological deodorization bacteria are introduced into the solid or liquid biological filter ahead of time. The odor in the workshop is controlled.

Sealed transportation or production away from residential areas

Organic fertilizer granulator production enterprises must consider many aspects before building a plant, and try to build it far away from residential areas or industrial areas.

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Different Kind of Fertilizer Making Plants

Planning the fertilizer producing process to make the organic fertilizer or npk, compound fertilizer granules. Making the fertilizer pellets utilizing the fertilizer crushing machine may spare additional time and improve the working effective. The roller press granulator is typically used to create the organic fertilizer pellets or bio organic fertilizer granules.

Delivering the bio organic fertilizer balls utilizing the roller press pulverizing creation line, we need to utilize the clustering framework to bunch the crude material as indicated by a specific proportion, at that point utilizing the chain smasher machine to squash the crude material and next the crude material go into the vertical circle blender machine to blend the crude material.

In the line, the plate taking care of machine is prepared to make the crude material into the roller press pulverizing machine to make the fertilizer balls. In the wake of grinding, utilizing the drum screening machine to isolate the quality items from the unfit granules. At long last put the fertilizer pulverizing items into the pressing machine to be stuffed.

fertilizer granulator machine are intended for making the fertilizer into granules, and diverse sort fertilizer grinding machines are intended for various kind fertilizer materials. Creating the organic fertilizer and compound, npk fertilizer pellets are outfitted with various kind fertilizer machines.

The new kind organic fertilizer pulverizing machine is planned fundamentally for delivering the organic fertilizer pellets, and the fertilizer machine a large portion of time is prepared in the organic fertilizer fabricating measure. The machine is another planning items, which is intended for various crude material to make the granules.

Particularly for the rough fiber that the regular hardware is difficult to make the pellets. Also, the crude material are reasonable for the new kind organic fertilizer granulator machine have the agribusiness straw, creature fertilizer, slag, alcohol, residue, and so on and these crude materials in a total fertilizer fabricating measure in the wake of maturing can be utilized to make fertilizer pellets. Besides, the machine to create the fertilizer granules can deliver better impact for the crude material of city slop.

Delivering the organic fertilizer granules, we are not exclusively can simply utilize the new sort organic fertilizer granulator, we likewise can utilize the level pass on granulator machine, which is generally used to a little yield creation line.

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Matches of Using Different Kinds of Fertilizers

To begin with, notice the application time

Organic fertilizer is moderate impact, so it should be applied early, usually should apply it as base fertilizer prior to planting or planting, it will better if mature it before using.The latter topdressing impact isn’t as clear as the base fertilizer.

Substance fertilizer with quick effect, it should be applied multi week ahead of time as base fertilizer. Topdressing should be applied before the harvest basic period or during the ingestion pinnacle of nourishment to address its issues.

Organic fertilizer to assume the part of bacteriostasis after the large populace of bacteria in the soil , Therefore, it is needed to apply ahead of schedule in the precondition for the microbes has the opportunity to Reproductive growth,It can be applied to soil with organic fertilizer, or before engraftment or during engraftment.

Also, notice the application methods

The primary role of organic fertilizer is improving soil and giving supplements, by and large utilized as base fertilizer applied in the dirt, so should consolidated with deep tillage to blend the organic fertilizer with soil equitably, to accomplish the reason for improving the soil.If soil problems is very serious,it can likewise blend with acid-base augmentation of microbial specialists, it will better to improve the dirt climate, balance nutrition, increment soil total structure.

In the establishment fertilizer, in light of the fact that the supplement in organic fertilizer is primarily nitrogen, the nitrogen fertilizer with organic fertilizer can be decreased, you can use 30% for base fertilizer, 70% for topdressing.Phosphate fertilizer and potash fertilizer can be applied as base fertilizer in a single amount. Phosphate fertilizer is poor in portability and the impact of later recuperation, so phosphate fertilizer should be applied to the soil as base fertilizer.

At last, notice the measurement

Various harvests have various phases of development. The measure of fertilizer required is different.So you should control the fertilizer application amount.You ought to apply fertilizer as per distinctive need of plant.Meanwhile, the substance of supplement components in soil should be considered completely.

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Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer Making Plant

The chicken dung fertilizer making plant is a most loved creation line for makers of natural manures at this stage, which is brought about by the way that natural compost delivered by the chicken dung fertilizer making plant is simpler to sell. I will show a portion of the upsides of chicken compost organic fertilizer as a kind of perspective underneath.

Focal points of natural compost created by chicken dung fertilizer making plant:

1. Chicken manure natural compost created by chicken manure organic fertilizer production line doesn’t contain any synthetic segments.

2.The principle substance in the chicken compost natural manure created by chicken dung fertilizer making plant is natural issue, and the chicken manure natural compost builds the natural issue content in the dirt.

3.The chicken dung fertilizer delivered by chicken dung fertilizer making plant can likewise cause the microorganisms in the dirt to duplicate, particularly numerous gainful microorganisms, for example, nitrogen-fixing microscopic organisms, ammoniated microbes, cellulose manufactured microscopic organisms and different supplements.

4.The chicken dung fertilizer created by chicken manure managing plant has the benefits of free soil, improved soil fruitfulness, advancement of yield development, improvement of organic product quality, long compost proficiency and no contamination.

The few points of interest of the organic fertilizer created by chicken dung fertilizer making plant are the reasons why chicken compost natural manure can be so mainstream. I trust that the above synopsis can give you a more profound comprehension of this issue.

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Why the granulating rate of rotary drum granulator is low?

Revolving drum granulator, the machine is outfitted with steam, vaporous smelling salts or adding phosphoric corrosive or nitrogen arrangement, phosphorus alkali slurry, substantial calcium slurry, synthetic compounding and warming compound fertilizer granulation measure in the chamber; or supplement a modest quantity of dampness in the compound fertilizer cold granulation measure. The material to be granulated is gone through the pivoting movement of the chamber, and the moving body turns in the chamber, and the ball is consolidated into a ball under a specific moistness and temperature to finish the ball making measure.

What is the way to granulate of the drum granulator?

Rotating fertilizer granulation creation is a cycle of compound fertilizer heat granulation by compound fertilizer gear. By expanding the temperature of the material and expanding the solvency of the salt of the granulated water framework material, the low dampness substance can be accomplished to meet the granulation prerequisites of the material. The measure of fluid stage diminishes the warmth energy utilization of the drying cycle and improves the creation limit of the drum fertilizer granulator. Accordingly, the nature of the granulation execution is the way to decide the yield and nature of the compound fertilizer for drum granulation.

What is the purpose behind the disappointment of the granulation of the drum fertilizer granulator?

The time and recurrence at which the material moves in the granulator is the essential factor in deciding the sphericity and grain roundness. During the creation cycle, we have experienced granulation disappointment because of the distinction in contact between the material and the granulator divider.

1. The inside surface perfection of the drum fertilizer granulator is enormous, which lessens the contact between the material and the chamber divider, debilitates the strength of the material moving upwards, and the material doesn’t roll, so no particles can be created. For this situation, we can tackle this issue by changing the pivot speed of the granulator and introducing a little duplicate board inside.

2. The material in the drum granulator is genuinely thick, the grinding between the material and the mass of the granulator is upgraded, and the material in the machine is lifted excessively high, making the material tumble from the top to the particles shaped.

Not adjusting and an excessive number of huge particles, we accept that there are two purposes behind this circumstance: from one perspective, the material is too thick material, for this situation we utilize the cycle equation to lessen the measure of gooey material to understand; The drum fertilizer granulator isn’t smooth inside. This circumstance is tackled by changing the inward materials and expanding the completion of the granulator.

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