Pig Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Process

The pig manure organic fertilizer producing line is a series of production equipment that uses pig manure as raw material to ferment and process high-tech equipment to make organic fertilizer. Pig manure organic fertilizer production line adopts advanced production technology to provide 1-100 tons/hour organic fertilizer production line.

The pig manure of the pig farm contains 15% organic matter, low total nutrient content, 0.5 to 0.6% nitrogen, 0.45 to 0.5% phosphorus, and 0.35 to 0.45% potassium (specifically subject to local pig manure testing results). Pig manure has a finer texture and a more complex composition. It contains protein, fat, organic acids, cellulose, hemicellulose and inorganic salts. Pig manure contains more nitrogen and the ratio of carbon to nitrogen is small (14:1). It is generally easily decomposed by microorganisms and releases nutrients that can be absorbed and utilized by crops. It is a good farm manure and a good quality for fertilizing and improving soil. Organic fertilizer resources. However, most pig farms use water to flush the manure to clean the manure, which makes the production of pig manure accompanied by a large amount of sewage. Therefore, it is necessary to separate its solid and liquid, and the manure can be composted. The manure is fermented, and the aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms contained in the external bacterial agent are used to decompose the organic matter in the pig manure that is not easy to be directly used by the crop into small molecular substances. (Inorganic salts and minerals), and achieve the purpose of deodorizing, killing insect eggs and killing diseases during the fermentation of pig manure. The materials obtained in the final fermentation are fully decomposed, and when used as fertilizer, there will be no burning phenomenon, which is safe used as fertilizer.

Double Roller Press Granulation Production Line

Product advantages of pig manure organic fertilizer production line

1) Roller press granulator machine: The equipment adopts advanced production technology and the granules are uniform

2) Tumble dryer machine: adopts counter-current cooling method with high efficiency

3) 20 years of production and processing experience, precise processing equipment, professional installation and maintenance team

Working principle of pig manure organic fertilizer production line

①Fermentation of raw materials—②Automatic batching of raw materials with computer belt scales—-③Crushing and mixing—–④Disc granulation, drum granulation—–⑤Drying machine to dry organic fertilizer granules —⑥The cooler cools the organic fertilizer particles—–⑦The sieving machine screens out the qualified organic fertilizer particles—–⑧The coating machine coating particles are smoother—-⑨Packing scale automatic filling Organic fertilizer particles—⑩Sealing