How Will You Locate the best Compost Turner for Organic Fertilizer Production?

When you’re purchasing equipment similar to a compost turner, there’s no reason so that you can be satisfied with anything under the ideal equipment available. It’s readily accessible a compost turner on the market, however, not every model the truth is is a good fit for organic fertilizer production. These are a couple of the factors to concentrate on if you want to find the appropriate machinery for your requirements.

Windrow turner for animal manure composting

Look for a Trustworthy Supplier

The ability you’ll have purchasing a compost turner may vary based upon which supplier you deal with. Should you don’t curently have a seller which you trust, you ought to look more closely at a few of your different alternatives.

You need to aim to identify a supplier that may be able of answering the questions you have. Your seller ought to have a long-standing relationship with manufacturers. You should work with a well-established supplier you know you’ll have the capacity to rely on.

Self-propelled compost turner in small scale organic fertilizer production

Pick a Model Which Had Been Designed for Organic Fertilizer Production

It’s crucial that you confirm that the model you pick out is made for what you require it to complete. That’s why you ought to specifically choose a compost turner that was manufactured for organic fertilizer production. If you spend money on machinery which had been specifically made with the needs at heart, you’ll see more satisfactory results.

There are challenges associated with the manufacture of organic fertilizer, and you’ll desire to purchase equipment that can do meeting those challenges. Read product descriptions closely to help you find the appropriate compost turner to suit your needs.

Chicken manure fermentation pot

Purchase from a Manufacturer using a Great Reputation

Brands can let you know considerably, especially when you’re buying heavy machinery. When you don’t need to look for manufacturers which you recognize, it is a good idea to look into different brands before you buy.

You must make an effort to purchase a compost turner product that was manufactured by a well-established manufacturer which has a long history behind them. Stick with manufacturers that aren’t unfamiliar with producing compost turners. You’ll need to make sure you’re buying from your manufacturer that is able to create a quality product.

Groove Type Organic Fertilizer Composting Machine

Spend some time to Compare Several Options

This can be a fairly significant purchase, and there’s no need for one to rush to make a final decision. Instead, it’s smart to identify a couple of options which may meet your needs. Once you’ve found your greatest choices, it is possible to take the time to compare these different products against the other person.

A direct comparison may assist you to notice things you might have missed otherwise. You’ll be able to view the advantages that you machine has over a number of your other options. By conducting these kinds of comparisons, you’ll have the capacity to see clearly what each of your alternatives has to offer you.

Finding the right compost turner for organic fertilizer production may well be a time consuming process. Since there are a number of factors that you’ll must consider, you may be unable to find your greatest choice without delay. Still, in the event you follow the advice above, you’ll be capable of identify some excellent products.

The Advantages of FPC Organic Fertilizer Aerobic Fermentation Compost Turning Machine

FPC is a well-known manufacturer of compound fertilizer equipment and organic fertilizer equipment. FPC conducts management in strict accordance with the lSO9001-200 quality system certification standard. To produce organic fertilizer production line, FPC has strong strength, technical force, and cold and hot processing capabilities. We have a high-quality workforce, CAD design center, high-precision processing equipment (such as laser cutting machines), and a responsible after-sales service team. The manufacturer provides customers with professional process design, equipment production guidance, installation and commissioning. Extrusion granulator manufacturers implement one-stop service for personnel training.

Organic manure composting site

The advantages of FPC organic fertilizer aerobic fermentation compost turning machine:

  • There is no need to configure a high-pressure forced oxygen supply system. The machine supplies oxygen to the material evenly and without dead corners during the turning and throwing process. The material layer has strong oxygen penetrating power and uniform aerobic fermentation, which can make the material move in the tank. It can also be automatically discharged when piled up, and the side of the fermentation tank can be equipped with a fixed copper sliding angle cable, which is safe, reliable, durable and easy to maintain.
  • The innovative point of the machine is to make full use of the deep pond design to realize automatic discharge, and to use a limited ground area to use organic waste to treat large-scale harmlessly has become a reality.
Windrow turner for animal manure composting
  • The structure is compact, the technology is advanced, the use of some beneficial microorganisms can promote the rapid decomposing of organic wastes such as livestock and poultry manure, and the unique local continuous aerobic fermentation technology makes the organic wastes quickly decomposed, dewatered, sterilized, Deodorization, to achieve the purpose of harmlessness, resource utilization and reduction treatment, low energy consumption, stable product quality.
Compost fertilizers
  • Intelligent and automatic control of the turning process of the fermentation materials, so that the fermentation materials produce a certain turning displacement in the tank, and the materials are regularly moved backward in the tank at equal distances and gradually, thus forming a continuous aerobic fermentationprocess.

How Is Pig Manure Fermented into Organic Fertilizer?

With the development of economy and technology, animal husbandry has gradually changed from family operation to farm operation. A farm has tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of livestock. Large-scale breeding can centrally manage livestock, reduce breeding costs, and improve meat quality. However, although the number of livestock has increased significantly, there is also the problem of waste pollution. If these manures are not properly treated, it will affect the surrounding geological structure.

Windrow turner for animal manure composting

Today I want to introduce how pig manure is fermented into organic fertilizer? The steps for preparing organic fertilizer from pig manure are: mixing raw materials and auxiliary materials, adjusting the C/N ratio and water content, adding EM microbial agent to fully mix, then composting decay heat, fully reacting, crushing, screening, adding trace elements, and finally packaging. Let us understand the specific steps and methods.

First, you need tools and materials:

Fermentation material: healthy and fresh pig manure. Tool: fertilizer blender. Plastic container or cement tank, plastic film, grinder, shovel. Fermentation strain: starter. Ingredients: Recipe 1: 1000 kg of dry manure, 3-5 kg of biological starter for livestock and poultry manure. Formula 2: 700 kg of wet manure, 300 kg of wheat bran or rice bran or straw powder, 3-5 kg of biological leavening agent.

Organic manure composting site

The specific operation process is as follows:

  1. Prepare 1000 kg of fermentation raw materials in proportion and use them as fermentation raw materials;
  2. Pour 3-5kg of biological starter into 350kg of water to dilute and stir evenly. The dilution water is preferably well water or river water. If it is tap water, please leave it for 24 hours before using it;
  3. If there is a blender: mix the feces for 2 minutes, then pour the fermentation broth diluent, and stir for 6 minutes. Without stirrer: Use a spatula to stir the mixture from one point to several points. First, add a small amount of fermentation broth dilution liquid to a small amount of fermentation raw materials and stir evenly until there are no lumps, then add a small amount of fermentation raw materials to the remaining fermentation raw materials and stir until there are no lumps. (Note: Increase or decrease the amount of dilution water according to the degree of dryness and wetness of the fermentation raw materials. The amount of water used in the diluted fermentation broth should be about 35% of the fermentation raw materials. When mixed into a ball, it is best to hold it in your hand. If you see Water but no dripping water. Note: more water tends to become sour, and less fermentation is impermeable. If the fermentation raw materials are wet, reduce the amount of dilution water.)
  4. Put the mixed fermentation raw materials into a plastic container or cement tank, and finally fill it tightly. After venting the air, seal it with a plastic film. They must be completely sealed. The suitable temperature is 25-35℃, and the fermentation is 5-10 days (generally 5 days in summer, 7 days in spring and autumn, and 10 days in winter). Pay attention to control the temperature and time until there is no peculiar smell. If the pig manure organic fertilizer contains alcohol, the fermentation will be successful.
Compost fertilizers

The benefits of using pig manure organic fertilizer:

  1. In the process of pig manure fermentation, it can effectively kill the parasitic eggs and pathogenic bacteria in pig manure to prevent damage to crops.
  2. Since the fermented pig manure is fully decomposed, the phenomenon of burning roots and seedlings is eliminated, and it is safer.
  3. The fermentation process also decomposes the high molecular weight organic matter contained in pig manure into inorganic salts and minerals, which can be directly used by crops and produce bacterial metabolites to enrich the nutrients of pig manure. More importantly, the fermentation process is also a biological deodorization process. Fermented pig manure has no peculiar smell and is more environmentally friendly.

Equipment Characteristics and Process Principles Required for Making Animal Manure as Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment is needed to make animal manure as organic fertilizer. The performance characteristics of the equipment determine the different uses of the equipment and the pros and cons of the equipment. As we all know, animal manure is a good organic fertilizer, which can make the soil fertile, overcome soil compaction, provide plant nutrition, and improve crop quality. However, how to deal with animal manure must first be fermented and decomposed. Fermentation can promote the decomposition of organic fertilizer and increase fertilizer. The effective ingredients of the fertilizer are fermented at high temperature, insect eggs and weed seeds are used to kill germs and make environmentally friendly organic fertilizer. The organic fertilizer turning machine is a special equipment for fermentation and decomposing. Let’s take you to understand the equipment performance characteristics and process principles of using animal manure as organic fertilizer.

Performance characteristics of animal manure as organic fertilizer equipment

  1. Animal manure organic fertilizer has a kind of organism and enzyme, which can enhance the biological properties and enzyme activity of the soil, increase the nutrient content of the soil, and improve the pH of the soil, so that the soil can be suitable for the growth of various agricultural practices.
  2. The organic fertilizer produced by the pig manure organic fertilizer production line is highly nutritious. If it is put in evenly, no additional fertilizer is needed for at least 100 days. This effect cannot be replaced by any fertilizer.
  3. The animal manure organic fertilizer production line can add anti-disease and insect pests drugs during production to reduce disease and insect pests and rodents.
  4. The organic fertilizer produced by the animal manure organic fertilizer production line is rich in nutrients, and in addition to the three major nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, there are also rich calcium, magnesium and silicon, etc., which change the composition of the soil and are beneficial to crop growth.

Animal manure organic fertilizer equipment technology

①The raw material is fermented, fermented and crushed. After crushing, the sieving machine sieving, the sieving machine sieving out qualified powdery organic fertilizer, then the automatic packaging scale packaging, sealing, and each equipment is transported by a belt conveyor.

Granular organic fertilizer production line equipment:

medium scale organic fertilizer production plan
  • Fermentation of raw materials: various animal manures such as chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, biogas residue, or raw materials that can be fermented or have fertilizer efficiency after treatment are equipped in a certain proportion (according to market demand and local soil test results).
  • Stirring of raw materials: Stir the prepared raw materials evenly to increase the uniform fertilizer efficiency content of the overall fertilizer particles.
  • Raw material granulation: Feed the evenly stirred raw materials into the granulator for granulation (rotary granulator can be used, or extrusion granulator can be used).
SX Wet Rotary Drum Granulator In The Process Of Compound Fertilzier Production Line
SX Wet Rotary Drum Granulator In The Process Of Compound Fertilzier Production Line
  • Granule drying: The granules made by the granulator are sent to the dryer, and the moisture contained in the granules is dried to increase the strength of the granules and facilitate storage.
  • Granule cooling: The temperature of dried fertilizer granules is too high and easy to agglomerate. After cooling, it is convenient for bagging and storage and transportation.
  • Particle classification: The cooled particles are classified, the unqualified particles are crushed and re-granulated, and the qualified products are screened out.
  • Finished product coating: Coating qualified products to increase the brightness and roundness of the particles.
  • Finished product packaging: Pack the film-coated particles, that is, the finished product, and store it in a ventilated place.
large capacity organic fertilizer granulating plan

The organic fertilizer production line of FPC livestock and poultry manure organic fertilizer equipment has reasonable design, fine production, compact appearance, reasonable price, and good after-sales service. It can produce powdered organic fertilizer or hardcover organic fertilizer (that is, granular). The company can specify the equipment required according to the specific situation of the customer, according to your situation to plan the site area, equipment placement, and help you install and debug. Welcome to negotiate and purchase.