You can understand the organic fertilizer production method at a glance!

The key factor in the production of organic fertilizers: fermentation

It sounds like the process of organic fertilizer manufacture is very complicated, in fact, to put it bluntly, the main thing is the fermentation of raw materials, as long as the raw materials are completely fermented and decomposed, that is qualified organic fertilizer, what powdered organic fertilizer, what granular organic fertilizer, that is to increase the added value of the product, in fact, after fermentation of organic fertilizer can be used. However, having said that, if you want organic fertilizer to have higher quality and higher profits, it is very necessary to deep process in the later stage.

Key factors for raw material fermentation:

1. Adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio of raw materials to (25~30:1). You may ask, is this a god horse thing? This is what you read in the book, in fact, it is saying: add 30% to 40% of the straw to the raw materials of chicken manure, and add 30% of the chicken manure to the cow manure to ferment. Look, so the raw material ratio of organic fertilizer is just a fixed bill of materials, and you just don’t have a list.

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commercial machine for composting

2. Adjust the moisture of raw materials to 55% to 65%. This is another god horse thing, do I still have to get the water out and weigh it and then calculate it? Good headache! In fact, according to our method of fertilizer manufacturing process , grasp a handful of raw materials, finger seam water but do not outflow, look, it is so simple.

3, the ambient temperature is required to be more than 10 ° C, this does not need to be discussed, ah, everyone understands.

4. How to choose the right organic fertilizer production equipment? However, the organic fertilizer raw material ratio is too much, there are too many strain products, and the flowers are gradually charming, in fact, it is not bad, and it can be used to make a similar one.

Then, just wait, and the fragrant organic fertilizer will quietly produce after a few days.

Oh, after talking for half a day, I didn’t seem to mention the equipment, mistakes. After all, in order to change money early, we still need to use the aerobic fermentation process, that is, to fully combine the raw materials with the air during the process of making compost manure to speed up the reproduction of microbial bacteria.

Organic fertilizer production process:

1. Crush the fermented raw materials into a uniform powder.

2. If there are ingredients, use a mixer to mix the materials.

The production line of organic fertilizer
Organic fertilizer production line for sale

3. Use the organic fertilizer pellet mill to make the powdery material into granules.

4. Use drying equipment to dry the moisture in the particles.

5. Use cooling equipment to quickly cool down and set the shape of the particles.

6. Use screening equipment to screen out unqualified particles.

7. Qualified particles are coated with film process, and this process is traded off according to demand.

8, the use of automatic packaging machine packaging into bags.