How To Make BB Fertilizer

Compared with organic fertilizer equipment, BB fertilizer production equipment is relatively simple, so BB fertilizer has the advantage of small investment, and because of its flexible formula, it is very suitable for the needs of soil testing formula fertilizer that is being promoted in my country. It is a very suitable my country’s national conditions of fertilizer. In developed countries, the proportion of BB fertilizer accounts for more than half of the total fertilizer consumption. In terms of use, soil census provides scientific information for soil testing and formula fertilization, and the rational allocation of BB fertilizer can reduce the blindness of fertilizer and fertilizer use, and ensure that agricultural production can still maintain crop yields despite the reduction in fertilizer use. , so as to reduce the production cost of agriculture and prevent the waste of resources and the pollution of chemical fertilizers caused by excessive fertilization.

BB fertilizer production line
BB fertilizer production line

In the bulk blending fertilizer production process, though adjusting the ingredients and proportions of the formula, a variety of products can be produced by BB fertilizer equipment, so BB fertilizer has also become a choice for balanced fertilization. Click here for BB fertilizer equipment.

BB fertilizer manufacturing process:
Microcomputer control→continuous and simultaneous batching of belt scales→large batches of continuous mixing and continuous discharging→automatic packaging→finished products.

BB fertilizer production line composition:
Microcomputer control system → batching speed regulating belt scale → belt conveyor → screw conveying mixer → bucket elevator → automatic quantitative packaging scale → belt conveying and sealing machine;

BB fertilizer mixer for sale
BB fertilizer mixer for sale

Features of bb fertilizer production equipment:

1. There are many kinds of ingredients. Applicable to 3~12 kinds of materials;

2. High degree of automation. The whole batching, mixing and packaging production process is controlled by computer system;

3. Large production capacity. High batching accuracy, fast speed, 8~40 tons per hour;

4. Accurate measurement. It can print reports at any time and check the accuracy of instantaneous ingredients to ensure the accuracy of ingredients, mixing and packaging.

5. Mix evenly. Cage-type stirring, uniform mixing, reliable operation, preventing stratification in the production process.

6. Reasonable design. Individually designed for your venue with a reasonable footprint and compact structure.

7. The formula is easy to adjust. Microcomputer control, fertilizer formula can be changed and adjusted at any time

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