Notes on the Use of Cow Manure Composting Machines

Cow dung is rich in nutrients, which is a kind of high-quality organic fertilizer. The feed intake of cattle is not fully digested and absorbed. About 40% – 70% of the nutrients are discharged from the body. Therefore, the nutrients of cow dung in all livestock manure are high. Dried cow dung contains 10% – 20% crude protein, 1% – 3% crude fat, 20% – 30% nitrogen-free extract and 15% – 30% crude fiber. Organic fertilizer produced by composting of dry cow dung. It can fluffy the soil, improve the soil hardening, chelate the trace elements in the soil, and improve the soil fertility.

It is a good method to produce organic fertilizer by fermentation of cow dung by biological aerobic fermentation technology. In order to produce organic fertilizer by fermentation of cow manure, it is necessary to add biological fermentation agent and flip the materials. Therefore, it is necessary to use the composting machine. So what should be paid attention to when using the turning machine?

  1. The oil tank of composting machines should be refuelled before use, and it should be noted that the oil should be moderate and not overfilled.
  2. Add grease regularly at the oil filling hole marked on the body of the turning machine, but oil should be applied to the chain part instead of grease.
  3. Operators regularly check the belt tightness of the turning machine. If the belt is too loose, it will lead to the difficulty of ignition.
  4. Operators should regularly check the use of screws and blades of the turning machineto ensure the normal operation of the turning machine.
  5. The operator of cow dung fermentation turning machine should move forward at a constant speed with small throttle during the material turning process, and can not operate with large throttle.
  6. The cow dung turning machine can not be hard started, it should be started outside the material, otherwise it is easy to burn out the motor and cause machine failure.

More information of making cattle dung composting:

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