How does the Screw Fertilizer Conveying Machine Work?

Screw fertilizer conveyor is the most economical and space saving solution for conveying powder or granular fertilizer from low position to high position. When discharging bulk materials from silos and hoppers, conveying or feeding equipment may be discharged vertically into a  weighing hopper, one or more multiphase bins or silos, or other conveyors or conveying systems.

The rotating spiral blade moves the material and carries on the screw conveyor transportation. The force that makes the material not rotate with the screw conveyor blade is the material weight and the friction resistance of the screw conveyor shell to the material.

For spiral blades welded on the rotating shaft of screw conveyor, the surface types of blades include solid surface, belt surface, blade surface, etc. A thrust bearing is provided at the end of the screw shaft of the screw conveyor in the direction of material movement to give the axial reaction force to the screw along with the material.

When the length of the machine is long, the middle hanging bearing should be added. Screw conveyor is generally composed of conveyor body, material inlet and outlet and driving device; screw blade of screw conveyor has three forms: solid spiral surface, belt type spiral surface and blade spiral surface. Among them, blade type spiral surface is relatively less used, mainly used for conveying materials with high viscosity and compressibility.

This type of screw suspension surface, in the process of completing the conveying operation, is the same with and complete the material mixing and other functions. Compared with other conveying equipment, screw conveyor has the advantages of small cross-section, good sealing performance, stable and reliable operation, multi-point loading and unloading, safe operation and easy maintenance.

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