High Performance of Fertilizer Composting Machine


According to the production principle of organic fertilizer and the particularity of organic fertilizer raw materials, organic fertilizer must go through a biological fermentation and maturity cycle before it can become a qualified organic fertilizer.

Bio organic fertilizer compost turner is a kind of  fertilizer machine which can make the pollutants such as poultry manure, agricultural waste, filter mud, sludge and domestic garbage into green environmental protection and improve soil quality through the principle of oxygen consumption fermentation. It can be heated in one day, deodorized in 3-5 days, sterilized (can completely kill the eggs and other pathogens in feces), and become fertilizer in seven days. It is faster and more efficient than other mechanical fermentation methods.

Features of Organic Fertilizer Compost Turner:

  1. The whole machine has the advantages of balanced power, low energy consumption and large output, which reduces the production cost of bio organic fertilizer.
  2. The overall structure of the design is reasonable, the performance is safe and reliable, easy to operate, strong applicability to the site, easy to use and maintain.
  3. It has the advantages of short fermentation cycle, saving space and high quality of deep processing (especially granulation).

Technological Effect

The advanced technology of aerobic fermentation has created a better growth environment for microorganisms. It can heat up in one day, deodorize, sterilize in two days (can completely kill the avian influenza virus in feces), dry in three days, and become fertilizer in seven days. It is not only faster than other mechanical fermentation methods, but also has higher efficiency, and can effectively prevent the odor gas in the fermentation process It is an essential special machine in fertilizer making operation.

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