Why Choose Our Screw Press Dewatering Machine for Optimal Moisture Removal in Fertilizer Production?

During fertilizer production process, the efficient removal of excess moisture is a critical step that can impact product quality, shelf life, and production costs. Excess moisture not only adds to transportation costs but also impacts the quality and shelf life of the fertilizer. That’s where our screw press dewatering machine comes into play, offering the perfect solution for achieving moisture control in fertilizer production.

Screw Press Dewatering Machine
Screw Press Dewatering Machine


1. Unparalleled Moisture Removal Efficiency

SX manure dewatering machine is specifically designed to extract moisture from fertilizers with exceptional efficiency. By utilizing advanced screw press technology, it effectively separates liquid from solid materials, leaving you with drier and more concentrated fertilizer products. This enhanced moisture removal process ultimately helps improve the overall quality and nutrient content of your fertilizers.

2. Reduced Energy Consumption

We understand the importance of sustainable production practices. Our screw press dewatering machine incorporates energy-saving features that optimize the moisture extraction process while minimizing power consumption. With this eco-friendly solution, you can achieve your desired moisture levels without compromising on your environmental commitments.

3. Versatile Application

Whether you’re dealing with organic or inorganic fertilizers, our dewatering machine is designed to handle a wide range of materials. Its adaptable nature allows it to effectively remove moisture from different types of fertilizers, ensuring consistent drying outcomes across your entire product range. This versatility makes it a valuable asset in any fertilizer production facility.

Material of Screw Press Dewatering Machine
Material of Screw Press Dewatering Machine


4. Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Time is a valuable resource in any manufacturing operation. This machine is engineered for efficiency, enabling faster moisture removal cycles and reducing overall processing time. This time-saving advantage not only increases productivity but also allows for greater production capacity and shorter lead times.

5. Minimal Maintenance and Easy Operation

We understand the importance of uninterrupted production processes. Our manure dewatering screw press is designed with simplicity in mind, promoting easy operation and minimal maintenance requirements. Its robust construction and high-quality components ensure reliable performance over extended periods, minimizing downtime and maximizing your fertilizer production efficiency. Additionally, its durable build and low maintenance needs reduce operational costs, making it a cost-effective choice for your business.

Durable Structure of Screw Press Dewatering Machine
Durable Structure of Screw Press Dewatering Machine


When it comes to optimal moisture removal in fertilizer production, our screw press dewatering machine stands out as a reliable and efficient solution. With its unparalleled efficiency, energy-saving features, versatility, operational efficiency, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness, it is the right choice to enhance your organic fertilizer production process. You can visit: https://www.fertilizerproductequipment.com/manure-dewatering-screw-press/ for more details.

Spiral Solid-Liquid Separator

The dewatering machine is a new type of solid-liquid separation, squeezing and dewatering mechanical product. Spiral separation and extrusion dehydration are completed in one machine, low power, high efficiency, low operating cost, low purchase cost, small area, simple operation, easy maintenance, no vulnerable parts, fast investment recovery, no need to add any flocculant Features.

Manure Dewatering Machine for Sale

The machine adopts screw extrusion working mode to squeeze and filter out the water in the processed material. The screw auger and the filter are made of stainless steel through a special process, which is corrosion resistant and high in strength. The force part of the screw auger adopts manganese alloy wear-resistant treatment (technology), which increases the service life by 2-3 times. The filter screen is made of non-embroidered wedge-shaped mesh. The wedge-shaped strip filter has a good filtering effect, high efficiency, and is not easy to be blocked. , Easy to wash and corrosion resistant.

Cow dung screw press dewatering machine


  1. In terms of automation, the solid-liquid separator is an automated equipment with a high degree of automation, relatively simple operation, and low power consumption. It is a dedicated equipment for wet and dry separation of poultry manure.
  2. From the perspective of wet and dry separation processing, the solid-liquid separator is small in size, low in speed, and easy to install and maintain. It does not need to add any flocculant for wet and dry separation of feces.
  3. In terms of its accessories, the solid-liquid separator adopts screw shaft, corrosion-resistant alloy double spiral blades and screens made of stainless steel, and the spiral blades are treated with alloy, which makes the whole machine have a long service life and stable operation.
  4. In terms of power, the solid-liquid separator uses a pure copper high-power motor, which is very powerful and durable.
  5. From the perspective of environmental protection, the solid-liquid separator is a devicespecially used for dry and wet separation of livestock manure in farms to avoid the odor and sewage loss generated during the drying process of manure in farms. At the same time, the separated dry manure It can also be used as fertilizer and is a green and environmentally friendly equipment.
  6. In terms of performance, the screen frame and screen of the solid-liquid wind turbine are all made of stainless steel, and the auger is made of high-hardness alloy. It has a certain degree of corrosion resistance and is very durable.
Dewatering machine for handling horse poop

working principle

First, the non-clogging submersible pump is used to pump the livestock and poultry manure water into the solid-liquid separator, and then the livestock and poultry manure water is gradually pushed to the front of the machine by the auger, and at the same time, the pressure on the front edge of the machine is continuously increased to force the material The moisture in the filter is forced out of the mesh screen under the action of the side pressure belt filter, and flows out of the drain pipe. The work of the livestock and poultry manure treatment machine is continuous, and the livestock and poultry manure water is continuously raised into the body of the livestock and poultry manure treatment machine. The pressure on the front edge is constantly increasing. When it reaches a certain level, the discharge port will be discharged. Open and extrude the extrusion port to achieve the purpose of extruding and discharging. In order to grasp the discharge speed and water content, you can adjust the counterweight below the host to achieve a satisfactory and proper discharge state. If the livestock and poultry manure water is pumped in too much, it will be discharged to the original manure tank through the overflow pipe, and the manure wastewater separated by the screw extrusion filtration can be directly sent to the biogas digester to ferment the biogas or be discharged to the wastewater sedimentation tank, etc. After the treatment, the COD and BOD in the sewage are greatly reduced, which is convenient for subsequent discharge up to the standard.