What Equipment Is Needed In Organic Fertilizer Production Line?

The equipment required for the organic fertilizer production line includes fermentation turners, organic fertilizer crushers, mixers, granulators, rotary dryers, coolers, drum screening machines, automatic packaging machines, belt conveyors, coating machines, etc.

Using  these production equipment of organic fertilizers can process organic-rich raw materials into ideal organic fertilizers for sale, so as to gain profits. The raw materials for making organic fertilizers come from a wide range of sources, such as various livestock and poultry manures, urban sludge, animal and plant residues, etc. These raw materials are rich in organic matter, and nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc. provide nutrients for crop production. And the acquisition price is cheap. Click here for organic fertilizer machine buying

The design of 3 t/h organic fertilizer production line for sale
The design of 3 t/h organic fertilizer production line for sale

The working principle of the organic fertilizer production line:

The processing of amking organic fertilizers is mainly to collect raw materials, and then proportion the raw materials according to the required formula, adjust the moisture and carbon-nitrogen ratio of the raw materials, and start fermentation.

Fermentation Turner: During the fermentation process, the raw materials are turned over by organic fertilizer compost turner to provide sufficient oxygen for the raw materials, and the temperature is controlled to make the raw materials ferment more uniformly and fully.

Crusher: The size and state of the fermented materials are not uniform, and the semi-wet material crusher can be used for fine pulverization.

Granulator: The crushed material is passed through the organic fertilizer granulator to form organic fertilizer granules of uniform size.

Rotary drum granulator for sale
Rotary drum granulator for sale

Drying and cooling machine: The organic fertilizer made into granules still contains about 30% moisture. In order to increase its strength, the granules need to be dried and cooled. It is also more convenient for later storage and transportation.

Drum screening machine: After granulation, there will be a small amount of unqualified particles, some are too large, some are too small, use a screening machine to screen them out, and those that are too large will be returned to the crusher, and those that are too small will be returned to the granulator for new After granulation, qualified granules will flow into the automatic packaging machine.

Rotary fertilizer screening equipment
Rotary fertilizer screening equipment

Packaging machine: After the finished organic fertilizer granules are packaged by an automatic packaging machine, the entire organic fertilizer processing process is completed.

It should be noted that the above configuration is a conventional organic fertilizer production line configuration. In the actual production process, due to the difference in formula and production process, there will be slight adjustments. Therefore, if you want to know what equipment is required for your own organic fertilizer production line, You are welcome to visit https://fertilizerequipmentmanufacturer.com/organic-fertilizer-production-equipment/ to call and communicate with me in detail. We will recommend the most suitable equipment for you based on the production experience of many customers.

How To Decide On The Proper Commercial Composting Equipment

Commercial composting enables you to make large volumes of fertilizer. This equipment helps to make the composting process fast and much simpler. You possibly can make a lot of cash quickly whenever you make the fertilizer as well as the equipment is affordable so that you can make a lot of compost fast. Quality compost is essential when you need to help make high-quality fertilizer in quantities.

Compost can be created out of many types of manure. The most common is cow dung and chicken dung. You will find the dung for cheap and even free. Many farmers will donate the dung totally free and you can also buy it for a very cheap price if you want to.

The compost is perfect for making fertilizer. The fertilizer is utilized in agricultural operations to produce the crops and soil stronger and healthier. Dung makes perfect fertilizer since it is filled with nutrients and cheap and plentiful. It is possible to think it is.

Wheel type composting machine for commercial composting
Commercial composting machine for sale

The commercial composting equipment can also be good for environmental surroundings mainly because it takes the dung from the environment and out of the waste dumps. Cows and chickens produce a great deal of dung so converting it into fertilizer is a good thing for that environment.

The development line operates by utilizing the dung and making it compost. The dung needs to be dried first then it might be blended with organic materials like grass leaving. The compost is then left to ferment. In the event you allow it to ferment naturally it may take weeks for that fermentation process to get completed, but when you use the compost turner you may have finished compost within 2 weeks.

The compost turning machine will turn the compost over consistently that makes it ferment faster therefore the compost will be ready to transform into fertilizer faster. You want to ensure that you utilize these appliances since they increase the production process a great deal. Because of this you may make more money.

Hydraulic compost turner for sale
Commercial compost turner for organic fertilizer

After the compost is made it could be converted into fertilizer having a granulation machine for organic fertilizer. This machine will turn the compost into pellets. The production line will provide you with a cost-effective strategy to make large quantities of fertilizer. The machines make pellets of various sizes and so they could be polished.

In order to produce large amounts of organic compost you will need the right commercial composting equipment. These machines are affordable and will be customized for commercial productions associated with a size. If you want to expand your organization and make large amounts of fertilizer you should purchase this equipment so you can produce all the fertilizer you require.

Making high-quality fertilizer is not difficult when you select the fertilizer production line. It is actually affordable and is particularly constructed from the best materials. The machines don’t need a lot of maintenance so you get after-sales service that may last the life from the machine. This line enables you to produce each of the fertilizer you require plus it won’t cost a ton of money to work either.