How To Deal With Chicken Manure In Chicken Farms?

In the past, when the number of chickens was small, we have used chicken manure as farm fertilizer. With the popularization of chemical fertilizers, fewer people will use organic fertilizers. But the number and scale of chicken farms is bigger, so there are a lot of  chicken manure left.  Now it can be said to be a headache problem for all chicken farms. Then how to deal with thoes chicken manure? Click here to learn more

In the past, some people used chicken dung as a feed for cattle, pigs, etc., but it was also due to the complexity of the process. It is difficult to apply on a large scale; some people also try to dry chicken manure, but drying chicken manure consumes too much energy, the cost is too high, and it is not a sustainable development model.

After people’s long-term practice, making chicken manure into fertilizer is still a relatively feasible method. Although chicken manure is a relatively high-quality organic fertilizer, it cannot be applied directly without fermentation. When chicken manure is applied directly to the soil, it will ferment directly in the soil, and the heat generated during fermentation will affect crops. The growth of fruit seedlings will burn the roots of crops, which is called root burning.

Therefore, chicken manure fermentation is necessary. It is divided into traditional fermentation and microbial rapid fermentation.

Chicken manure in vessel compost machine
Chicken manure in vessel compost machine

1.The traditional fermentation
Traditional fermentation takes a long time, generally 1 to 3 months. In addition, the surrounding stench is unpleasant, mosquitoes and flies breed in large numbers, and the environmental pollution is very serious. When the chicken manure is wet, it needs to be supplemented, and more labor is required. In the fermentation process, it is necessary to use a raking machine to turn the rakes, which is a relatively primitive treatment method.
Although the equipment investment of traditional fermentation is relatively low, the cost of using traditional fermentation to process 1 ton of chicken manure is also relatively high under the current high labor costs, and traditional fermentation will be eliminated in the future.

2. Rapid microbial fermentation
Microbial rapid fermentation is to decompose chicken waste complex organic matter into simple organic matter, and also decompose organic matter into more complex organic matter. The organic matter is continuously degraded and decomposed until it is decomposed into organic fertilizer that can be used by the land. The mineralization of organic matter provides nutrients for the organisms. , produce more carbon dioxide, water and other nutrients, the decomposition speed is accelerated, and it is completely and releases a lot of heat. Therefore, the fermentation speed is very fast. Generally, it only takes about 20 days to change from chicken manure to organic fertilizer. SX can provide professional chicken manure composting system for you.

Groove type compost turner for chicken manure processing
Groove type compost turner for chicken manure processing

The principle of rapid microbial fermentation for chicken manure

The biomass reproduces rapidly and decomposes rapidly at a suitable temperature and in a very suitable environment. Generally in the range of 45 to 70 degrees, the generation wave of microbial growth is very fast. Kill bacteria and harmful substances in feces. SX can provide compost machine for chicken droppings to keep temperature at the required level. In a relatively closed small environment, microorganisms can continue to ferment, and chicken manure can be quickly converted into organic fertilizer only through normal feeding, production and output processes.

The chicken manure treated by the rapid fermentation of microorganisms has no odor, and the water content is only about 30%. Moreover, the rapid fermentation of microorganisms can completely treat the harmful gases and then discharge them, and there is no point in polluting the environment. Using the method of rapid fermentation of microorganisms can improve the breeding environment and improve the production efficiency.

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Is composting available for turning organic waste into organic fertilizers?

No compelling reason to discard that aggregating family unit squander in your kitchen any longer. Have you ever thought of what amount of kitchen squander you produce each day? In the event that you have, that is a ton of waste to simply discard without soliciting yourself, would it be able to be of any utilization?

You’re not the only one on this. As per some examination, individuals living in the significant urban areas create right around 1 kg of family unit squander a day. Something else to note is that this waste is made out of natural issue that can be utilized for treating the soil to make manure.

That much said you could utilize treating the soil as the perfect method to discard that nourishment squander in your kitchen. Thusly, you will change over that foul smell from the kitchen squander into an exceptionally natural excrement wealthy in supplements, and you can develop vegetables or blossoms with it.

As you most likely are aware, each natural issue will at long last disintegrate with time. With the fertilizing the soil strategy, it will accelerate the breaking down procedure. Composting gives the best settings to microscopic organisms just as other decaying microorganisms to flourish in, and the last produce from this procedure feels and seems as though a nursery soil that is so ripe.

A little information on this treating the soil procedure is that breaking down microorganisms incorporates growths, microscopic organisms just as different living beings like bugs and worms. These living beings need four pivotal components for endurance; nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, and dampness.

So in case you’re anticipating making your own fertilizer compost, you should simply blending materials wealthy in nitrogen, (for example, domesticated animals excrement) and those profoundly wealthy in carbon, (for example, twigs and dry leaves). You can likewise include a bunch of yard manure if there is no enough stockpile of materials wealthy in nitrogen. To ensure you have the perfect nitrogen-carbon proportion. The downpour gives the dampness, however in the event that it isn’t sufficient, you should cover or water the manure heap to hold the landfill.

You ought to be sharp not to immerse the manure heap. For you to give the necessary oxygen, you should continue blending and turning the fertilizer heap. Quicker disintegration goes connected at the hip with visit turnings.