Technology of Dry Granulation Equipment

Mechanism: under the strong extrusion force, the solid powder in the closed space is compressed, and plastic deformation occurs, which makes the solid particles occlude, destroy and rearrange each other, and compact to form the particles with the required shape. The specific gravity of the particles is close to the true specific gravity of the material.

The flake materials are crushed, pelleted and sieved to obtain the granular products meeting the requirements of particle size; while the block materials are determined by the concave shape of the dry fertilizer pelleting machine, which can be directly packaged or stored after removing a small amount of flash and entrained powder after screening. The extrusion pressure between the two rollers can be adjusted by the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder according to the needs of granulation operation.

Main features:
(1) the plastic deformation of solid particles under the action of extrusion force forms the rearrangement and combination of particles;
(2) there is no need to add binder;
(3) no drying is needed in the subsequent process.

Main equipment:
The main types of operation equipment are: roller type extrusion granulator, flat die granulator.

High performance parts of dry granulator produced by ShunXin fertilizer machine supplier

  • Material of pressing wheel: it is made of special materials and is quenched and tempered at high temperature, so that the pressure wheel has good plasticity, toughness and strength, and improves the comprehensive mechanical properties;
  • Surface of pressing wheel: the surface of pressing wheel should produce the maximum friction force with the material, so as to produce the maximum adhesion force between the materials, which is conducive to improving the rolling effect and finally obtaining the ideal molding material. Therefore, different surface of the pressing wheel should be selected according to different materials;
  • Surface hardness treatment of pressing wheel: the most advanced surface hard ammoniation treatment technology in the world is adopted to ensure that the surface hardness is more than hvi200, and the depth of nitriding layer is 0.2mm, so that the pressure wheel has strong wear resistance, improve the anti fatigue strength, and make it have good corrosion resistance. Under normal use, the service life of the roller is guaranteed to be 5-12 years;
  • Structure of pressure wheel: unique and reasonable internal structure can make the surface of pressure wheel cool well
  • The material of pressure wheel is made of stainless steel 304-2b.

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