Five Steps To Speed Up Composting

When composting, many people often do not get the desired results. This article will focus on five considerations and operating tips. If you are looking for ways to speed up the composting process, this article will be suitable for you.

  1. Shred compost material

Crushing and grinding compost materials as much as possible, the finer the ingredients, the faster the composting rate. After the compost material is crushed, the surface area is greatly increased, which makes it easier for microorganisms to decompose, thereby accelerating the material decomposition process. Here, SX can offer you suitable crusher for compost fertilizer.

Chicken manure fertilizer compost making
Organic fertilizer compost making
  1. Proper mixing ratio of brown and green materials

Composting of organic fertilizer is a game of carbon to nitrogen ratio. For example, dry leaf sawdust, wood chips and other components are usually rich in carbon (C), from the color point of view, it is often similar to brown, so it is also called brown material. However, the kitchen waste, grass clippings, fresh cow dung, etc. are rich in nitrogen (N), and are often green in color, so they are called green materials.

Maintaining an appropriate mixing ratio of brown materials and green materials, as well as thorough mixing, is a prerequisite for the full decomposition of organic waste. As for the volume ratio and weight ratio of materials, scientifically speaking, it needs to be based on the carbon-nitrogen ratio of different materials. to calculate. For small composting, my suggestion is to refer to the Berkeley composting method, the basic composition of brown material: green material (non-feces): animal manure volume ratio is 1:1:1, if there is no animal manure, you can use green material Instead, brown material: green material is about 1:2. Based on this, just observe the follow-up situation and adjust. For large composts, adjustment costs are high and more precise calculations are required.

Materials of organic fertilizer composting
Materials of organic fertilizer composting
  1. Humidity

Moisture is essential for the smooth decomposition of compost. Too much or too little moisture both will hinder the whole process. Generally, if the water content of the compost exceeds 60%, it will cause anaerobic fermentation and stink, while the water content of less than 35% cannot be decomposed, because the microorganisms will not be able to continue their metabolic process. It is difficult to measure the water content accurately, but the basic experience of testing the water content is to take out a handful of material mixture, squeeze it hard, and finally drop a drop or two of water, that’s right.

  1. Turn the compost

Do you know how to stir-fry? If you don’t stir-fry, it’s easy to burn. The same logic applies here. Most of them won’t fully compost if you don’t turn them often. The best principle is to turn the pile every three days (Berkeley’s 18-day compost period is to turn it every other day), like peeling onions, turn the ones that were originally on the outer layer to the center of the pile, and turn the ones that were originally in the center of the pile. come outside. Turning helps improve air circulation and distributes microbes evenly throughout the pile, which speeds up decomposition. Go here for the best compost turning machine.

Aniaml manure fermentation with SX large compost turner
Aniaml manure fermentation with SX large compost turner
  1. Add microbes to your compost

Microorganisms are the protagonists of decomposing compost. They are working day and night to decompose compost materials. Therefore, when starting a new compost heap, if some good microorganisms are introduced correctly, the compost heap will be filled with a large amount of compost after a few days. These microorganisms allow the decomposition process to start quickly. So we usually add something called “compost starter”, don’t worry, it’s not a commercial commodity, it’s just a handful of old compost that has decomposed, or compost that decomposes quickly, dead fish or even Urine will do.

In general, to get an aerobic compost that decomposes quickly: chopped materials, proper material ratio, correct moisture content, keep turning, and introduce microorganisms. Just check and adjust the five aspects. If you want to know more about composting, you can visit

Cost of small chicken manure organic fertilizer production line

Small chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment has low price and low production cost. Since the raw materials of organic fertilizer are self-produced and sold by farmers, they do not worry about the source, so it is based on local materials, which is an factor of low cost chicken manure fertilizer making. And small chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment, because the output is suitable for small production, the equipment price is relatively low, and the hardware equipment investment is less. It is usually recommended to use SX series chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment. This series has fermentation technology and granulation technology, which is suitable for small chicken manure processing organic fertilizer projects, so its overall cost is not high. The quality of organic fertilizer products has not been affected, and its profit margin is very affordable relative to investment. Click here for small chicken manure composting machine

Chicken manure fertilizer processing line
Chicken manure fertilizer processing line

In terms of price, the price of small chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment is usually between 50,000 and 150,000 yuan, and the overall price is relatively low. Compared with the equipment investment of medium and large-scale organic fertilizer equipment, which can easily reach hundreds of thousands or millions, the price of small chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment is obviously very low. The price gap from 50,000 to 150,000 yuan is due to the different needs of each user, the configuration of different needs is different, and the process is not the same.

Chicken manure composting machine for sale
Chicken manure composting machine for sale

Analysis on the  cost of small chicken manure organic fertilizer production line

1. Factory construction: four fermentation trench are built, chicken manure composting machine and the land area is determined according to the amount of raw materials;
2. Purchase of light rail in raw material area;
3. Production area ;
4. Production workers;
5. Determine the purchase of forklifts according to the amount of raw materials and needs

In terms of benefits, whether small chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment or a large-scale equipment. As long as they meet the qualified standards, the prices are similar according to the type of fertilizer. So small organic fertilizer equipment can be said to have a very good price and benefit ratio for a small amount of raw material sources and fertilizer processing. More details please check