How to Maintain the Organic Fertilizer Packing Machine?

Organic fertilizer packaging is the last process of organic fertilizer manufacture line and an indispensable part of organic fertilizer production process. If there is a problem, it will lead to a large number of organic fertilizer semi-finished products, affecting production. Therefore, it is very important to do the necessary operation inspection for the packaging machine before each startup.

The following points should be done well in the maintenance of organic fertilizer automatic packaging scale:

  1. The controller and sensor in the components of organic fertilizer automatic packaging scale are precision instruments. Vibration and collision must be avoided during transportation and use. It is strictly forbidden to work in the environment of direct sunlight, close to heat sources, humid places, places with poor ventilation, and near strong magnetic field sources.
  2. The working voltage and frequency must meet the technical requirements of the controller. It is not allowed to share a knife switch with other equipment. The controller casing shall be separately grounded for protection (zero line protection is not allowed).
  3. The complete and effective fastening bolts of the metering bucket ensure that there is no virtual connection and collision between the metering bucket and the fixed frame.
  4. Turn the “manual / automatic” change-over switch to the “manual” position, and check whether the direction of feeding and discharging belts is correct (whether the valve solenoid valve is closed) by manual control mode. If not, please switch any two-phase wires of the reverse belt conveyor.
  5. Confirm the empty bucket, and then turn on the power supply of the controller. After the initial self inspection of the controller, the main display weight is 0. Otherwise, the unloading and clearing should be carried out manually to ensure the accuracy of the zero point of the system.
  6. Place a known weight on any part of the batching hopper, such as a bag of 50kg, the main display should be 50kg. If it is found that the weighing is not accurate, it is necessary to re calibrate it to ensure that the system is accurate.