Working Principle and Advantages of Disk Fertilizer Granulator

  • How does the Disc Granulating Equipment Work?

The material and binder can be thoroughly mixed before entering the pelletizer. This produces a uniform mixture and uniformly disperses the binder.

Most of the moisture required to form the fertilizer balls can be added during the mixing process (in the form of adhesives), so it does not need to be done in the granulator, which can be a long process. Therefore, in many cases, the use of the mixer prior to the pan pelletizer usually increases productivity.

The pre conditioned material is densified by the motion exerted by the mixer. Because this densification is achieved by mixing, less binder is required to produce the same densification, thereby reducing the cost of the binder.

After conditioning, granulation will continue. For processes that do not use preprocessing steps, this is where the process begins. Here, the material is fed to the pelletizer at a continuous rate, and the binder is continuously added to it. Because of the adhesive, the fine powder of the material is sticky. When the granulating pan rotating, it will pick up more fine powder when it drops by its own weight. Its growth mode is similar to that of snowball.

Once the granules have reached the required size, they leave the pelletizer and are transported to the drying equipment by belt conveying machine.


  • Advantages of disc granulating machine:

Its structure is simple and easy to operate and maintain. In particular, since the fertilizer balls in the granulating disc can be directly seen, the replacement and adjustment are convenient and quick.

Low price, small installation area. At the same output, the price of the disc granulator in ShunXin Machinery is two-thirds, and the installation area required is about half of that of other kinds of fertilizer granulators.

It has classification effect. When the required granularity is reached, it will automatically eject from the edge of the disc. The particle size of the product is relatively uniform.

The product has high particle strength and good quality. Due to the gradual increase of pellets in rolling and falling process, it is not easy to be crushed and has smooth surface.

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