How to Make Use of Chicken Manure from Small-scale Farms?

According to the research, there are 13.4-18.8 kJ of total energy in the dry matter of chicken manure per kilogram, and the nitrogen content is 30-70 grams. In addition, chicken manure also contains nitrogen-containing non protein compounds. Usually, they are in the form of uric acid and ammoniates.

In addition, all kinds of amino acids in chicken manure are relatively balanced. There are 5.4 g lysine, 1.8 g cystine and 5.3 g threonine per kilogram of dry chicken manure, which are higher than the contents of corn, sorghum, soybean cake and cottonseed. Its B group vitamin content is also very high, especially vitamin B12, as well as various trace elements. It is said that the feces of 1000 chickens a year are equivalent to the crude protein content of 25 tons of peas.

So, how to set up a chicken mnaure fertilizer making plant?

1. According to the situation of large-scale chicken farms and the amount of breeding, estimate the approximate annual production.
2. According to the local site conditions, we can choose to stamp the ground windrows or build grooves for composting process.
3. Select corresponding organic fertilizer equipment to assist.
4. Prepare raw materials, auxiliary materials and chicken manure fermentation bacteria for aerobic composting and fermentation. After three days of tossing, the smell of chicken manure has completely disappeared. After seven days, harmless treatment can be completed, after 15 days, fermentation into high standard organic fertilizer.

The common treatment methods of chicken manure are as follows:

1. It can be dried directly and sold as organic fertilizer raw material, which is very simple.
2. As bio organic fertilizer, adding bacteria fermentation has simple equipment and less investment.
3. Chicken manure was processed by organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment.

The technological process of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line: semi wet material grinder → horizontal mixer → granulator → dryer → cooler → screening machine → packaging machine and other related equipment. Materials are transported between the equipment by belt conveyor or screw conveyor.