Sludge Organic Fertilizer Turning Machine

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The sludge fermentation organic fertilizer turning machine is a kind of trough fermentation turning equipment; the trough turning machine is a time-saving and labor-saving turning and turning equipment among the fermented organic fertilizers. It is divided into: shallow trough turning machine, deep Trough type stacker, automatic lift type stacker.

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Organic fertilizer turning machine is currently widely used organic fertilizer turning equipment. It includes ground walking type turning machine, hydraulic crawler type turning machine, trough type turning machine with high accumulation of fermented materials and turning over. It has the advantages of large throwing output and bottom removal of materials. It is a good choice for large-scale organic fertilizer fermentation, especially for high-cost organic fertilizer manufacturers. The unique track design has not only changed the low output of the traditional light rail-only turning machine, but also overcomes the shortcomings of the high cost of transmission accessories of the conventional rack and light rail drive turning machine.

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Compared with other pile turning machines and fermentation methods, the trough turning fermentation machine has the advantages of high output, small area for turning, material turning and bottom removal, lower moisture in the fermentation process, stable operation of the equipment, and low failure rate. Therefore, it is a common equipment for general organic fertilizer fermentation. The trough turning machine (turning and throwing machine) is an organic fertilizer fermentation equipment, which is suitable for the industrial fermentation of animal manure, domestic garbage, sludge, crop straw and other organic solids. It can also be used for feed fermentation. This product is divided into vertical towers. Fermentation equipment and trough-type fermentation equipment are two series of products; trough-type fermentation equipment adopts a ground trough structure, and can design a series of fermentation products that can be used by one machine and multiple tanks according to the plant structure. It has simple operation, short fermentation period, and sufficient fermentation. , Low pollution and convenient expansion.

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The innovative point of the trough turning machine produced by FPC is that it fully utilizes the deep pool design of the underground space and the long-distance refurbishment process, and utilizes a limited area to make the large-scale harmless treatment of organic waste a reality.

What Equipment Is Needed to Process Organic Fertilizer?

What equipment is needed to process organic fertilizer? Next, FPC will introduce the organic fertilizer equipment that needs to be used in conjunction with the production process of organic fertilizer.

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  1. Fermentation of raw materials

The first step in the production of organic fertilizer is the fermentation of raw materials. There are three types of equipment used for raw material fermentation: manure fermentation tanks, self-propelled compost turners, and trough type compost turners. The purpose of using equipment is to save labor, speed up the fermentation of raw materials, make the fermentation of raw materials more uniform and thorough, and have reached the organic fertilizer content standard. The success or failure of organic fertilizer fermentation determines the quality of organic fertilizer, so the selection of fermentation equipment is very critical.

  1. Raw material crushing

In order to make the fermented organic fertilizer look even and fine, it is necessary to use a semi-wet material crusher to crush the raw materials. After crushing, high-quality powdered organic fertilizer can be obtained. The raw materials that are not thoroughly crushed need to be screened out by an organic fertilizer drum screening machine. Carry out secondary pulverization. If granular organic fertilizer is produced, the sieving step should be continued after the cooling process.

organic fertilizer granulation machinery
  1. Granulation

In order to be more convenient for transportation and storage, the powdered organic fertilizer needs to be granulated. The granulated organic fertilizer has high strength and density, which is more convenient for transportation and more convenient for later use. Generally, a new type of organic fertilizer stirring tooth granulator is used for granulation.

  1. Drying and cooling

The raw material during granulation still contains about 30% moisture, so the moisture in the granules should be removed in time after granulation to further improve the strength and prevent moldy or crushed during bagging and transportation. The granules need to enter immediately after being dried. The cooling system is convenient for further evaporation of water, and on the other hand, it is cooled and shaped. At this time, a rotary dryer and a cooler are needed.

rotary fertilizer screening equipment
  1. Particle screening

In the process of processing, there will be a small amount of oversized and oversized particles, which are screened out by the organic fertilizer drum screener. The oversized particles are returned to the granulator, and the oversized particles are returned to the pulverizer. Realize fully automated production.

Double bucker fertilizer packing machine at work
  1. Packaging

The qualified granules after screening flow into the automatic fertilizer bagging machine, and the finished granular organic fertilizer is packed into bags and transported to the finished product warehouse, and the whole process of making organic fertilizer is finished.

FPC is a large-scale manufacturer of organic fertilizer equipment. What equipment is needed to make organic fertilizer? Each customer has different conditions, different raw materials and different processes, so the required equipment is also slightly different. You can call to inform the details, and we will develop a suitable organic fertilizer production plan according to your situation for your reference.