What Is The Best Way To Manage Animal Manure?

As we all know, aquaculture industry in recent years gradually on the right track, large-scale aquaculture has formed a trend, but with the rapid development of aquaculture, more and more feces; In order to better deal with manure, we commonly used manure treatment mode is composting, is also an important link of organic fertilizer processing.

Therefore, before we want to know how to make manure fertilizer, we should first understand the advantages and details of organic manure composting.

Chicken manure fertilizer granules
Chicken manure fertilizer granules

The role of organic composting includes improving the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil, keeping the soil environment in a good state suitable for crop growth, and improving the fertilizer effect of chemical fertilizer. The use of compost can increase the formation of soil granular structure, the soil has the following effects.

1, make the soil soft, multi gap, easy cultivation, increase water holding, permeability and permeability, improve the physical properties of the soil.

2. Ammonia and potassium in fertilizers exist in the form of cations. Because humus is negatively charged, it helps retain soil nutrients and improves fertilizer protection.

3. The chelated components in humus combine with active aluminum in soil, making it an inactive substance, thus inhibiting the harmful effects of active aluminum and phosphate binding. Because the chelating agent in compost can be combined with aluminum, iron and other metals, it can make the fixed state easy to decompose; Promote the fermentation of cow manure, promote the supply of nitrogen and other nutrients; In addition, copper, chlorine, cadmium and other heavy metals that are harmful to crops can also react with humus to reduce its harm and benefit plant growth.

4, humus has a buffer effect. If there is more humus in the soil, the damage caused by excessive fertilization can be reduced; It can reduce the effects of changing climate and water conditions on crops.

Compost is a kind of slow effect fertilizer. Unlike ammonia in thiamine, urea and other fertilizers, nitrogen in compost almost all exists in the form of protein nitrogen. When applied to soil, it is converted to ammonia nitrogen by microorganisms and to nitrate nitrogen on dry land, both of which can be absorbed by crops. The process is a slow and persistent one. Therefore, chicken manure as fertilizer materials will not be short-term effective or excessive fertilization.

Hydrulic composting turner for sale
Windrow type composting machine for animal manure

6, humus organic matter has the function of regulating plant growth, promoting root development and elongation, and expanding the root range.

7. Applying microbial-rich compost to the soil can increase the amount of microorganisms in the soil, and various effective components secreted by microorganisms are absorbed directly or indirectly by the roots of plants, thus playing a beneficial role. Therefore, compost is effective fertilizer day and night.

How Much Money Does Livestock and Poultry Manure Composting Equipment Need? 

Farm livestock and poultry manure composting equipment with fast organic waste fermentation system, horizontal fermentation tank, the tank type flip heap heap machine, wheel machine, caterpillar turns heaps, windrow composting machine, forklift machine, etc., due to domestic manufacturer of composting fermentation equipment is more, by the standards of raw materials and design, manufacturing process, equipment type, the influence of various for composting fermentation equipment price standard is different. If you really want to know the specific price, you can find industrial scale composting machine manufacturers!