Why Is The Quality of Granules Produced By Disc Granulator Good?

1. Controlling water content

The disc granulator controls the moisture content of the powder at about 30-28% according to the composition, fineness, viscosity, humidity, temperature and other characteristics of the powder. Because too much water content, too many balls, the surface of the ball is very sticky, and it is easy to block the screen surface;
How to preliminarily measure the volume of granulated water in the disc granulation production process? The most simple and practical method – the hand feeling method: grab a material ball from the disc granulator, the hand can be a ball, and it can be released by touching it with your fingers. In this way, there are many particles, high output, and it is not easy to block the screen surface.

2. Controlling materials quality

Another advantage of disc granulator is that it can control the quality of various raw materials such as chemical fertilizers in strict accordance with the formula of organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers.

There are some sapects you need to focus on during pelleting by pan granulator:

  • It is strictly forbidden to use iron blocks, stone blocks larger than 10mm, and wood blocks larger than 10mm for raw material discharging and feeding.
  • There are not many quality indicators of rice bran and rice sand, which seriously affect the yield.
  • The powder particle size of organic fertilizer used as compound fertilizer is 70-90 mesh.
  • And it can help you a lot to do a good job in technical training to improve the technical quality and operation skills of workers.

    Disc granulating machine for sale
    Disc granulating machine for sale

3. Designed with spraying device

The working mechanism of the nozzle must be mastered when selecting the nozzle for pan pellet making machine : According to the theory of fluid mechanics, it is proved that the greater the pressure, the smaller the through hole and the larger the droplet diffusion surface. Under the same pressure, the nozzle hole is small, the droplet density is small; the nozzle hole is large, the droplet density is high.

  • The smaller (or larger) the feed droplet size is, the lower (or higher) the yield is.
  • The denser (or thinner) the feed droplets are, the more (or less) the feed liquid is, and the higher (or lower) the output is.
  • Generally speaking, B-type spherical spiral or B1-type basic spiral nozzle is the choice of disc granulator. Click here you can know more about disc pelletizer
Delivery of pan granulator
Delivery of pan granulator

4.  Good blade

It can make the particle size is uniform and beautiful, the blade material must be 16m, the blade is divided into two front and rear, and there is no gap between the two blades.

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