Double Roller Compound Fertilizer Granulator

The move expulsion granulator is a granulation gadget. It is created by a sans dry ordinary temperature measure and shaped at one time. The hardware has low speculation, speedy impact and great monetary advantages. The move expulsion granulator is the vital hardware for compound fertilizer granulation.

It has trend setting innovation, sensible plan, conservative structure, novel and commonsense, low energy utilization, and is coordinated with comparing gear to frame a little creation line, which can shape a consistent creation limit, automated creation. The pressing granulator embraces eugenic equation, which shouldn’t be dried, and is created at room temperature.

Fundamental utilization of the roll granulator

1, modern reusing dust materials, for example, iron, dust, lead, zinc, aluminum dust, converter dust, residue, pounding and other residue. The material is constrained pressure shaping by mechanical weight, without adding any wetting specialist, the immaculateness of the item is ensured.

2, the roller granulation measure is short, low energy consumption, huge yield. Direct granulation of dry powder, no requirement for ensuing drying measure, more helpful for the association and change of existing creation measures. The high molecule strength and the expansion in mass explicit gravity are more critical than other granulation strategies.

3, particularly reasonable for expanding the extent of item collection. The activity is enormous and adaptable, and the scope of the squeezing power can be changed by the water driven weight.

Working principle of roller granulator

The roller granulator is an expulsion sliding model, and its working standard is: the belt and the pulley are driven by the engine, communicated to the driving shaft through the speed reducer, and synchronized by the split stuff and the aloof shaft to work in inverse ways.

The material is added from the taking care of container, expelled by a couple of rolls, demolded and pelletized, and went through a couple of chains, moved to a devastating sifter working office of a roll granulator, sieved and isolated into completed particles (balls), and afterward returned. Blend in with new material and grind. As the engine keeps on pivoting and the material keeps on entering, large scale manufacturing can be accomplished.

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