Organic Fertilizer Production Line Equipment Investment

Organic fertilizer processing line machine is a kind of farm waste that uses pig manure, cow manure, chicken manure and other animal manure sewage, added various substances, fermented with yeast, rice bran and other raw materials as biological bacteria, under the action of other raw materials, together Fermented biological fertilizer equipment.

organic fertilizer production line

The medium and high version of the organic fertilizer production line is composed of a variety of small equipment: fermentation manure compost turning machine, semi-wet material shredder, horizontal mixer, granulator, drum screening machine, coating machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor, etc. Because it saves energy and solves the environmental problems caused by sewage and feces, it increases the economic income of the farm. It requires relatively few manpower and reduces labor costs. It can be completed by about two or three people, and the equipment of about tens of thousands of dollars can complete farm breeding. Treatment of sewage and excrement produced in the field. Initially, sewage materials from farms such as pig manure and appropriate amount of waste from farms such as straws are required to be added to participate, which can be determined according to the water content of the materials. Then the water content of the materials needs to be about 45 percent to meet the needs of fermentation. There are both general configuration and low configuration. The production line has reasonable design, suitable structure, no choice of raw materials, high production capacity, stable operation, and the cost of organic fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer making line equipment is relatively low. The advantages of high particle rate, smooth particles, high uniform strength and so on.

crawler type compost turner for manure disposal

FPC organic fertilizer processing equipment is widely used in sludge dumps, farms, pig farms and other farms and pastures. Among them, the horizontal mixer can mix various raw materials evenly, so that the process level of the organic fertilizer produced by the entire organic fertilizer processing line is improved. Customers with certain requirements can fulfill various requirements for organic fertilizer in water conservancy and increase income for farms and livestock farms.