Have you done the daily maintenance of the organic fertilizer tilting machine correctly?

For organic fertilizer toss machine, because there are more dust and sludge in its daily working environment, so daily maintenance is particularly important, if the maintenance is not in place, it is easy to lead to the failure of the toss machine, affect the normal use and the efficiency of the toss operation, and then affect the production of the whole organic fertilizer production line.

If the compost facilities you buy needs to be flipped every day, then it needs to be checked and maintained every day. If the operation is not very frequent, it can be changed to a weekly inspec.tion and maintenance.

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Composting machine for sale

The main inspection and maintenance contents are:

1. Check whether the bolts and nuts of the connecting parts and the bolts of the fuel tank leak oil and so on.

2. Check whether the fixed pins and cotter pins of each part are normal, and replace them in time if they are damaged.

3. Check whether the flip teeth are loose or damaged, and tighten and replace them if necessary.

4, check whether all electrical joints are firm, the insulation of the wire is intact, timely repair or replacement if necessary.

5, clean up the sludge attached to the composting devices to prevent agglomeration.

7, check fuel, oil, coolant allowance, timely supplement, replacement.

8, wheel flip also pay attention to check the tire pressure.

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Compost turning machine for cattle manure

Regular maintenance of toss machine

1. When the compost turners work for 3-4 months, the gear oil in the gearbox should be replaced, the bearings in each running part should be cleaned, and then butter and seal again. If the wear is serious, it should be replaced.

2, remove the dust cover on the turner machine, check and tighten the bolts on the drive rod. Prevent wear and scrapping of machine parts due to loose bolts of transmission rod.

3. Remove the cover of the cab seat and under the seat, check and tighten the bolts on the drive shaft. To prevent the loosening of the bolts on the drive shaft seat and lead to the loosening of the drive shaft, causing the shaft body to tilt.

4. When used in winter, antifreeze should be added to the water tank. If no antifreeze is added, water must be heated before operation. After operation, water must be drained from the tank, fuselage and refrigerator to prevent ice.

5, check whether the electrical components work normally, whether the wire joint is firm, whether the wire skin is intact.

6, check the tension of the transmission belt, if it is found that the belt becomes loose, it should be adjusted in time. Replace the belt if there is wear, tear or other signs of aging. After replacing the new belt, it should be adjusted at two to three weeks to eliminate belt slack.

7. The exposed parts of the compost machine should pay attention to anti-rust treatment, and it is best to cover them when parked outdoors in the open air.

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