How to Choose a Complete Set of Equipment for Organic Fertilizer Production Line?

The organic fertilizer production line is used to produce fertilizers with organic content of organic matter processed through multiple processes through a complete set of equipment using organic materials as raw materials. The configuration of organic fertilizer production equipment is based on product positioning and process requirements, so different fertilizer products require different organic fertilizer production lines.

New Type Organic Granular Fertilizer Production Line

Formulation of production process

Making a reasonable production process for raw materials is a prerequisite for purchasing a complete set of organic fertilizer equipment. The equipment manufacturer will design a production process flow chart according to the customer’s raw material and product requirements to determine what processes and equipment are needed in the entire production process. For example, some indicators such as the moisture content and impurity content of the raw materials, especially the hard materials such as iron impurities in the materials enter the granulator, which will cause the load of the machine to increase rapidly and affect the normal operation of the machine. Taking these factors into account, some auxiliary cleaning equipment will be configured to ensure the normal operation of the equipment in each process.

New Type Organic Fertilizer Production Line

According to the development trend of fertilizers, bio-organic fertilizers with active bacteria will be the development direction of high-end fertilizers. Therefore, some organic fertilizer production lines will be equipped with equipment for adding bacteria, such as a coating machine, which can add a coating agent to the finished fertilizer to improve the nutritional value and appearance of the product, so that the product is available from the inside out A qualitative leap.

Configuration of organic fertilizer equipment

According to the process requirements, the type of fertilizer equipment required is determined, and the specifications of the equipment need to be determined according to the needs of customers. Generally speaking, the fertilizer output produced by the complete equipment of the organic fertilizer production line is calculated based on the annual output, ranging from the smallest 5,000 tons to the annual output of 200,000 tons. After completing the market research, you should determine the scale of fertilizer production you need, and determine the appropriate scale of production in combination with the market prospects and the supply of raw materials.

large capacity organic fertilizer granulating plan

Because large-scale equipment occupies more space, it is necessary to make a reasonable plan for the entire plant area, and make a reasonable location layout and area allocation for the fermentation workshop, production workshop, and finished product workshop, so that the production can proceed in an orderly manner. In actual production, the fermentation workshop occupies a large site space, and the supply of raw materials must be guaranteed. If the production line is too large, the supply of raw materials will not be available, which will easily result in idle equipment and waste of funds; too small will cause the equipment to be exhausted and cannot be guaranteed. The supply of finished products.

large capacity organic fertilizer granulating plan

Selection of the price of organic fertilizer production equipment

The production process is the basis for the purchase of a complete set of equipment for the organic fertilizer production line, and the price is an important factor that affects whether the equipment is purchased. Considering the subsequent operation and production of the factory, it is necessary to rationally allocate funds and do a good job of preliminary budgeting. According to the current market, fierce competition has depressed the profits of organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers, and the price difference between various manufacturers will not be too large. We may occasionally encounter several manufacturers with extremely low quotations. We have to consider the quality of the products. Therefore, it is necessary to inspect the equipment manufacturers during the equipment procurement stage.

medium scale organic fertilizer production plan
medium scale organic fertilizer production plan

All in all, the high price of buying equipment is different from buying other commodities. Easy to use is the ultimate goal of buying a complete set of equipment for an organic fertilizer production line. Therefore, I believe everyone has their own opinions on the selection of equipment configuration and price.

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