Attentional Things in Deep Processing of Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Scientific and reasonable fermentation can promote disease resistant organic matter in the fermentation process, accompanied by a large number of microorganisms breeding and a series of complex biochemical reactions. Microorganisms produce a large number of metabolic substances in the breeding process, such as hormones, antibiotics, autoimmune substances, which can promote the rapid growth and development of crops, inhibit the spread of soil diseases, and improve the ability of crop disease resistance.

1. After the initial processing of the organic fertilizer production line, the material can be screened by the screening machine to remove the large materials and animal hair. This is conducive to deep processing granulation.

2. When adding NPK trace elements, organic fertilizer equipment mixer should be used for mixing to avoid uneven nutrient elements, resulting in insufficient or excessive content of some particles and failure of sampling test.

3. When the processing capacity of the organic fertilizer production line exceeds 20000 tons, fast drying and cooling should be adopted as far as possible to speed up the production of organic fertilizer and improve the production efficiency of the production line. After drying and cooling, the hardness of the particles can be strengthened, and the moisture in the particles can be quickly evaporated, which is conducive to later bagging and preservation, and is not easy to deteriorate.

4. Organic fertilizer production line equipment is used for secondary screening after particle processing. Unqualified particles and powders will be returned to crushing again and used as powdery organic fertilizer after crushing. Qualified granular organic fertilizer, into the coating machine, add moisture-proof agent, slow-release agent, etc., this can increase the gloss of the particles, improve the appearance of the product; also can avoid in the process of transportation, storage moisture, deterioration.x

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