Influence of Welding Drum Dryer on Organic Fertilizer Products

1. The welding residue shall be removed in time during welding. Pay attention to the drying machine equipment welding or repair welding problem is actually very simple, help to better understand, hope to help you through the high temperature dryer equipment drying materials, sealing drying efficiency and energy consumption directly affect, and equipment due to high temperature, high pressure and cylinder easy to cause equipment corrosion cracking, sealing off phenomenon, so we need to do a good job in welding, welding parts need to clear Except.

2. The corresponding professional welding equipment is more important. The temporary fixed driving device in the barrel shall be welded and cleaned. After cleaning the metal luster, to avoid impurities in the welding, welding effect, and gear, bearing lubrication, ensure the normal operation of the cylinder, welding is convenient, and service life will affect the equipment specification of the cylinder welding.

3. Carry out professional welding inspection. The number of welding repair parts is not more than 2 times, so the selection of professional welding equipment, welding personnel must pass the welding inspection, bending test, tensile strength test, qualified personnel to participate in the welding equipment, so that welding is not only in production, but also should pay special attention to the requirements of production personnel, production personnel only through technical drying equipment production safety.

Most of the dryer equipment should pay attention to the problem of welding, only from the production to grasp the quality, can ensure the quality of the production of products, this is in the production process should pay attention to the problem. The quality of equipment is directly related to welding, and the quality of welding directly affects the quality of drying equipment.

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