Functions of Organic Fertilizer Composting Machine

The raw materials for organic fertilizer production are relatively wide, and the common ones are chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure and other animal manure. Such raw materials need to be fermented by organic fertilizer fermentation and composting machine or turning machine, and then make them reach harmless treatment standards, so as to further produce commercial organic fertilizer.

Taking chicken manure as an example, the chicken manure was stacked in the organic fertilizer fermentation tank, and the special fermentation bacteria agent for organic fertilizer was sprinkled on the surface of raw materials. According to the water content, appropriate amount of dry materials or auxiliary materials were added to mix and compost.

Before working, determine the fermentation site, the ground fermentation needs to be open, the site needs to be flat, so as to facilitate a large number of fermentation production. In general, the moisture content of raw materials is relatively large, so it is necessary to add a certain proportion of dry materials to adjust the moisture content.

The working environment of the new type organic fertilizer overturning and throwing machine is 4m in width and 1.2m in depth. It has the function of mixing and turning large pieces of animal manure evenly and turning over the composting machine. After turning, a new stack is formed, and the new pile is fluffy and loose, which creates a favorable aerobic state for material fermentation, which is very conducive to the production and fermentation of organic fertilizer.

In repeated tossing, the temperature changes. In high temperature, the bacteria and eggs in chicken manure will be killed, and the macromolecular protein will be decomposed into small molecular protein which is conducive to the absorption of crops. Biological fermentation process can effectively prevent the production of hydrogen sulfide, amine gas, indole and other harmful and malodorous gases in feces, and completely remove the odor in chicken manure.

The semi-finished product of fermented organic fertilizer is brown and dark brown with no odor and a little ammonia smell. With high temperature and composting, the moisture content in raw materials will gradually decrease. The general fermentation cycle is 12-15 days. After the fermentation is completed, the pile can be harvested, and the moisture content is reduced to about 35%. Further processing, screening, crushing and granulation can be continued.

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