There Ways to Make Chicken Manure Composting Fertilizer

  • Direct drying mode. Its main technological process is that chicken manure is directly spread out in the air by hand, dried in the sun, crushed and directly packaged as a product for sale. This mode has the advantages of low cost and simple operation, but it also has some problems as follows:
    1.It covers a large area and pollutes the environment.
    2.It is difficult to guarantee the quality of the product due to its large volume, low nutrient and secondary fermentation.

  • Dry chicken manure mode. Its technological process is that chicken manure is directly processed through high temperature, heating, sterilization and drying by chicken dung drying equipment. The dried chicken manure with a moisture content of about 13% is directly sold as a product. The advantages of this model are:
    1.Large production and high speed;
    2.The product has stable quality and low moisture content.
    However, there are also some problems, such as:
    3.The quality of the product is not reliable because of its dry surface, bad smell and secondary fermentation after soaking in water.
    4.The organic matter content in chicken manure is lost in the process of processing, which results in substandard.

  • Biological fermentation mode. It mainly has the following three fermentation modes:
    1.Fermentation in fermentation tank. The main technological process is that chicken manure, peat and sawdust are mixed into the cement tank, then fermented with oxygen and mixed with nutrient rich bacteria agent. After fermentation, it is crushed, secondary aging and decayed to increase nutrient content, and then deep processing such as granulation is carried out, and the products are screened and packaged.
    2.Direct composting. The main technological process is to mix chicken manure with straw or peat, pile up about 1 meter high, compost at high temperature, periodically turn and ventilate fermentation, and use it as product after fermentation.
    3.Tower fermentation. The main technological process is to mix chicken manure with sawdust and other auxiliary materials, and then connect with biological agents. At the same time, the tower body automatically turns and ventilates to accelerate the fermentation and deodorization of chicken manure by using biological growth. After a fermentation cycle process, the products basically come out of the tower.

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