Why the granulating rate of rotary drum granulator is low?

Revolving drum granulator, the machine is outfitted with steam, vaporous smelling salts or adding phosphoric corrosive or nitrogen arrangement, phosphorus alkali slurry, substantial calcium slurry, synthetic compounding and warming compound fertilizer granulation measure in the chamber; or supplement a modest quantity of dampness in the compound fertilizer cold granulation measure. The material to be granulated is gone through the pivoting movement of the chamber, and the moving body turns in the chamber, and the ball is consolidated into a ball under a specific moistness and temperature to finish the ball making measure.

What is the way to granulate of the drum granulator?

Rotating fertilizer granulation creation is a cycle of compound fertilizer heat granulation by compound fertilizer gear. By expanding the temperature of the material and expanding the solvency of the salt of the granulated water framework material, the low dampness substance can be accomplished to meet the granulation prerequisites of the material. The measure of fluid stage diminishes the warmth energy utilization of the drying cycle and improves the creation limit of the drum fertilizer granulator. Accordingly, the nature of the granulation execution is the way to decide the yield and nature of the compound fertilizer for drum granulation.

What is the purpose behind the disappointment of the granulation of the drum fertilizer granulator?

The time and recurrence at which the material moves in the granulator is the essential factor in deciding the sphericity and grain roundness. During the creation cycle, we have experienced granulation disappointment because of the distinction in contact between the material and the granulator divider.

1. The inside surface perfection of the drum fertilizer granulator is enormous, which lessens the contact between the material and the chamber divider, debilitates the strength of the material moving upwards, and the material doesn’t roll, so no particles can be created. For this situation, we can tackle this issue by changing the pivot speed of the granulator and introducing a little duplicate board inside.

2. The material in the drum granulator is genuinely thick, the grinding between the material and the mass of the granulator is upgraded, and the material in the machine is lifted excessively high, making the material tumble from the top to the particles shaped.

Not adjusting and an excessive number of huge particles, we accept that there are two purposes behind this circumstance: from one perspective, the material is too thick material, for this situation we utilize the cycle equation to lessen the measure of gooey material to understand; The drum fertilizer granulator isn’t smooth inside. This circumstance is tackled by changing the inward materials and expanding the completion of the granulator.

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