Why you can’t use the uncomposted poultry for plants?

  1. All kinds of livestock and poultry, including human feces, contain a large number of bacteria, insect eggs and parasites, which can not be directly applied to crops.
  2. Most of the heat will be dissipated in the process of livestock manure decomposition. If the manure is not decomposed, direct fertilization will cause plant root burning and seedling burning
  3. The nitrogen fertilizer in animal manure is in the form of protein at first. Plants can not use protein directly. Only when protein is decomposed into ammonia after fermentation can it be used by plants.

The process of turning over and throwing of animal manure: the fresh feces cleaned up from the farm enter the fermentation workshop, and the auxiliary materials such as strains and synergists are added. After heating, mixing, and secondary aging, they are packaged and sold, or they are directly made into granular fertilizer for storage.

Generally, the composting cycle of livestock and poultry manure fermentation is 7-10 days, so it is recommended that customers use indoor tank fermentation. For example, outdoor fermentation will be affected by the environmental temperature. More importantly, it meets the environmental protection requirements, and there will be no odor impact on the surrounding area during the fertilizer making process.

Animal manure is rich in nutrients, which is the main raw material for the production of low-cost and high-quality organic fertilizer. Traditional composting has some problems such as low fertilizer efficiency and incomplete killing of harmful microorganisms.

Using it to produce bio organic fertilizer is to use modern microbial technology, mainly livestock and poultry manure, wheat bran, peanut shell powder, crop straw and other auxiliary materials as carriers, connected with a variety of high-efficiency organic matter decomposition function, composed of a variety of beneficial microbial strains, with stirring method to fully mix the bacteria and livestock manure, so that the microbial strains can be connected After a series of harmless treatment, high quality bio organic fertilizer is produced.

The organic fertilizer made from the manure of livestock and poultry can not burn or rot the seedlings. The organic fertilizer decomposed at high temperature killed most of the pathogenic bacteria and eggs and reduced the occurrence of diseases and insect pests.

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