What is aerobic composting when making organic fertilizer?

Aerobic composting has the advantages of high temperature, complete matrix decomposition, short composting cycle, small odor, and can be mechanically treated on a large scale. The process of aerobic composting is generally divided into three stages. The first is the middle temperature stage.

The mesophilic stage, also known as thermogenic stage, refers to the early stage of composting. The composting layer is basically at a medium temperature of 15-45 ℃. The thermophilic microorganisms are more active and use the soluble organic matter in the compost to carry out vigorous life activities. These thermophilic microorganisms include fungi, bacteria and actinomycetes, which are mainly based on sugars and starches.

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After the middle temperature composting stage, it enters the second stage, which is the high temperature stage. When the reactor temperature rises above 45 ℃, it will enter the high temperature stage. In this stage, the thermophilic microorganisms are inhibited or even died, and the thermophilic microorganisms are replaced. The residual and newly formed soluble organic matter in compost continued to be oxidized and decomposed, and the complex organic matters such as hemicellulose, cellulose and protein in compost also began to be strongly decomposed.

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Then the third stage of composting: cooling stage. In the later stage of fermentation, only some organic matter which is difficult to decompose and the newly formed humus are left. At this time, the microbial activity decreases, the calorific value decreases, the temperature drops, and the thermophilic microorganism is in the dominant position.

The residual organic matter that is difficult to decompose is further decomposed, and the humus increases and stabilizes. When the compost enters the maturity stage, the oxygen demand is greatly reduced, the moisture content is reduced, the compost porosity is increased, and the oxygen diffusion ability is enhanced. At this time, only natural ventilation is needed.

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