Rubber Plate, an Ideal Lining Material for Drum Granulator

The main problem of traditional manual wet granulation is the serious loss of nitrogen caused by adding water, especially when the local nitrogen fertilizer varieties are mainly carbon and ammonia. In addition, it is also required to solve the problem of high efficiency mechanical granulation to promote the deep application of ball fertilizer in large area.

For a long time, many compound fertilizer manufacturers have been troubled by the high viscosity and corrosivity of materials, the adhesion and corrosion of cylinder in the production of fecal based compound fertilizer, ammonia acid compound fertilizer and monoammonium phosphate granulation. Therefore, in order to effectively prevent the material from sticking to the wall and caking, and to prevent the material from corroding the cylinder wall, we have been working hard to research new products.

After a lot of efforts and continuous testing, we have finally successfully trial produced the drum granulator. Furthermore, the efficiency and performance of the granulator in the production of different fertilizer granules were successfully tested, and the problem of nitrogen loss was basically solved. Compared with manual granulation, the efficiency of mechanical granulation is increased by 60 or 70 times, so as to promote the deep application of ball fertilizer in large capacity.

In order to prevent the compound fertilizer material from sticking and corroding the inner wall of the granulator, the rubber lining material must meet three requirements. Firstly, the rubber plate must be acid and alkali resistant to solve the corrosion problem; secondly, since the material generates chemical heat during the reaction process of the tubular reactor, when the material reaches the cylinder wall, the material temperature is still 100-150 ℃, so the rubber plate must have good heat resistance. The maximum heat resistance temperature of chloroprene rubber is 160 ℃, which meets the requirements; thirdly, the elasticity of rubber plate must be used to prevent the material from sticking, The structural design should be reasonable.

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